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Paichideya Demoyo

Are you in the market for a powerful wardrobe that's also stylish in every seam? Meet Paidemoyo Chideya, also known as "Pai," the notable emerging designer behind the clothing brand, DeMOYO.

The DeMoyo collection, mostly produced in Canada with hopes of also adding Zimbabwe to the list, consists of bold-hued silhouettes that play on the art of draping. For example, the Bustier/Cowel dress, or the Princess Seamed/Cowel skirt, which comes in Regal colours with unique style lines. There's also garments like the Princess dress, that offers a contemporary and edgy take on the LBD, a must-have staple item in every woman's wardrobe.
Demoyo Fashion collection
For her Spring 2011 collection Chideya attributes her inspiration to her mother, Mazano (referencing her middle name). "She taught me to be limitless, and thus, my ode to Majestic Mazano," says the designer. Chideya's creations has already captured the eyes of many and for good reason. When a woman wears her garments she immediately exudes confidence, and daring style.

The unequivocal influence of Chideya's travels and eclectic background is one resounding element that attracts women to her clothing, with having lived in places like London, and Sweden. Yet, it's the sophisticated qualities she acquired living in New York that adds depth and eloquence to her designs.

Holding past apprenticeships with fashion gurus like Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, and all American celebratory designer, Ralph Lauren it's clear that Chideya has started off in a dashing path with outstanding mentors. "New York is a melting pot of unlimited possibilities and people," says Chideya. It's her eagerness to learn, proper timing, and tenacity that has immensely helped her in her career thus far.
Paidemoyo Chideya InterviewCanadian Fashion Designers

What does this emerging designer live by? It's this simple motto, Remember thee, remember thee. "We are all created to be magnificent reflections of God. I strive to live by this every day. We all have a great purpose on this planet, it is just that most of us have forgotten," says Chideya.

The DeMoyo collection uses silks, chiffons, and satins, but also provides eco-friendly fabric choices with natural dyes, using broadcloths and sheen cotton, amongst other materials for an added casual elegance. She manages to arrest the essence of a stylish woman, one who wants to make her presence known in a fashionable way. Your closet will surely be revived and freed from boring apparel!

Chideya is an inspiring designer who has high aspirations and will stop at nothing until it is fulfilled. She hopes to expand her brand in the next few years to speciality boutiques located in Europe, and North and South America, in addition to creating a Flagship store in Africa.

What's next? Well, look out for the DeMoyo collection in South Africa Fashion Week next year.

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Photos: Courtesy of Paidemoyo Chideya

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