The Power of Interiors


Above: colours I love!

We have been debating in our home whether or not it's time to redecorate (which I love). There's also talks of a new chair that I've been lusting over these past couple of weeks. Do you know that the details of your home are very important and can definitely influence your well-being and happiness? Our surrounding elements affect human perceptions. 

Think about it! How do you feel when you enter a hospital, or doctor's office? Now, how do you feel when you enter a fine dining restaurant? It's all about ambience: setting the mood and tone by the lighting, colour, intricate décor, or lack thereof! For example, a bright sign, like the one by Neon Mama, it glows and will attract potential customers who might respond to bold colours. The signage has a trendy quality and straightforwardness about whatever text it is saying, so choose wisely! 

Now, when choosing furniture I am quite fussy, not exclusively on style and colour, but comfort also plays a key factor in the decision-making process. I'm the weird one who usually sifts through and reads countless home decor-related magazines (probably around the same percentage as fashion and architecture). In addition, to visiting the local paint store for Pantone colour chips to gear up for "interior design mode."

I also get pretty excited with these abstract and artful projects. I'm not certain "Martha" would approve, but these simple pleasures and complex decisions are a "good thing" and keeps the creative juices flowing!

However, because I've always moved so much in the past my track record in buying furniture consistently had checks beside the questions I'd ask myself:
  • What do I need immediately? 
  • How fast can the company ship?
  • Will I like this enough to put in storage? 
  • Is the quality good enough to sell later? 
Of course, over the years all of those past Q &A sessions have been replaced with what I now ponder about:  choosing furniture that I want to keep for a long time (for me, that means at least over 1+ year), thinking about quality vs. quantity, and incorporating my love for the classics, French Renaissance, and Modern art with technology.

Oh! How could I forget? Lastly, the question of:  "Is this furniture entertainment-ready?" 

We constantly have friends, and family over, and this is something that I truly think about, because there's nothing like visiting a dear friend's home and sitting in extremely uncomfortable furniture... (that's complete agony)!

Somehow, me + the boy must integrate all of these wants and needs for our home interior satisfaction.
Here's what we've garnered so far on colours, inspiration, and a few dream rooms for heavy influence... these tear sheets, and wish-list are hardly finished!

In the meantime, let me ask you... What has inspired your home decor? Do you have a favourite room that you've decorated? Are you encompassed by prints, intense colour, or perhaps more of a minimalist when it comes to your interior paradise?

This is merely for structure influence. I want to keep the balance of architecture and creativity within the flat, since most artwork we have in the living-room is by family members, or architectural pieces by other artists. I also want new bookcases, but that's a separate issue! 

French accent furniture chair (living room) ~  Modern sewing table for my work space (Above)

This Danish chair is a must-have for sewing/creating/sitting! It's so comfortable & exceptional for my back.
I'm in love with this console table!
Large luxury bedroom design with French curtains

Oh, if only I had this much space... I'm loving the French curtain idea, because of the high ceilings. (found remnant fabric at a wholesale market that may be the perfect drape!)
Beige french curtains foyer
This is inspiration for the living area.  Sigh!

Photos: sandersonuk,stockphotos, luxuryhomedecors, nextag, and Davidfrank-hamburg


  1. Zöaeh17 March

    l really like the table and colors.

  2. Jelena17 March

    amazing pics,i like so much that console table,and the bed just under that photo!:)

  3. Stylethroughhereyes17 March

    Excellent post! I walked into a new doctor's office the other day and felt as if I was in a resort! I would have never known it was a doctor's office had I not had an appointment! It was so roomy and beautiful inside!

  4. I would love to decorate my home, but my boyfriend and I currently rent with a couple of other people & it just isn't worth the effort. We're looking for a house and so I look forward to decorating that but until then I try not to think too much about it (it's too depressing that I can't actually do anything!).

  5. I struggle between wanting a laid back, beach, coastal living type vibe and a more modern I've mixed the two in my home!

  6. Very helpful post. Love it.

  7. Thanks Zoaeh, Yes, the table is a favourite. It's a wonderful piece that you can design around. ;)

  8. The console table is something that I've had my eye on for a while. The headboard on that bed is nice as well! Thank you Jelena! -xxoo

  9. Hello there, Carol! Great! I'm so glad that this was helpful for you.

  10. That's wonderful to hear! It's nice to mix two favourite concepts... I'm still figuring out which ones we will choose. But, so far so good! -xxoo
    Thanks so much, K & M!

  11. Joanne,
    I totally hear you about the effort, & is very understandable especially when sharing space with others.
    We used to just begin with our room, then gradually work on common areas. You don't necessarily need to go extreme with painting, etc. Often it's the smallest things that we can modify to change our environment, i.e. different lamp shades, removable wall hangings/art, or moving around the furniture that's already there!
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  12. Oh to Be a Muse20 March

    it would be nice to have so much space in a room because that bedroom is gorgeous. i like your checklist when it comes to choosing furniture; i'm a bit picky myself. good luck finding that perfect balance!

  13. these rooms are divine !!
    i love the seafoam green curtains :)

    glisters and blisters

  14. You are so right about the ambience and the atmosphere that interior decorations set in different places. You have some gorgeous furniture pieces as inspiration. I love the console table!

  15. Thank you & so happy that you liked the rooms... Seafoam green and all variations of blues are some of my favourite colours by far... :)

  16. Hey there Cheryl,
    hehe! Yes, I seem to always have a checklist when it comes to decorating. I'm happy that we are slow choosers when it comes to acquiring the right furniture... Thanks!

  17. I love that French room with all the cream and blue curtains! So pretty

  18. Hi Kara,
    Thanks! French inspiration has certainly been a focus in my last few places.. love the colours! -xxoo

  19. Oh honey, I love love love redecorating! I grew up with my mum the interiour designer who had us painting the tv the same colour as our walls, that we were always repainting. I love your post! Big hugs for you <3

  20. Thank your comment, lovely Anika! I adore decorating as well. Painting the TV? haha! now, that is quite interesting. I do love painting.. it's like craft time in our place everyday after work! -xxoo :)

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  22. Those are some absolutely stunning designs. You have to love how the original architecture wasn't sacrificed.