Vanity + Vintage Vol. #02


With the Vanity + Vintage series still being in it's infancy stage, I decided to give it a go and try a weekly installment, or twice a month... of course you shall know by next week. Though, Tuesdays/Wednesdays seem to feel right at the moment.

This week in the FASHION TALES vault of goodies there's a couple of amazing finds, and a random surprise all with fabric involved. I'm a material girl, but not in the sense that one normally ponders her to be, rather a girl who has an undying love for fabrics, and raw materials whether printed, painted, embroidered, or even dyed.

And this to me, is the material-hunt alert. The material-hunt (M-H) alert for the most part is embedded in my mind, (allowing my eyes to react immediately to radiant fabrics, or trims) of a certain period and rests stylishly beside other important thoughts in my head. Albeit, the alert is showcased at typically notable times for example, at flea markets, charity/thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and wholesale shows, however yesterday's eagle eye of all M-H alerts was quite different.
(60s inspired print. I loved it! This was the top & bottom, there's more on one side with a smaller scale of the crowd, although  this remnant is only approx. 68cm+/-. I will find something to create).

After working a not-so-typical relaxed Monday morning my boss started conversing with me about her mother who had a few bags of vintage pieces, old art supplies, and what she called "scraps" of fabric at her home. Her mother, (stylish, and approximately in her early 80s) wanted to dispose of everything in her attic, which also included the bags. Being that many of us in the office love vintage, and fabric in general, I was so pleased that my boss wanted me to have a first viewing.

Consequently, I knew that the M-H alert was about to have the spotlight, so I hoped.

Anxiously I went to have a look at these supposed few bags. Unfortunately, the first one was a disappointment, with only actually finding pieces that I had given away during moves myself. The second and third bags, conversely had several items that were definitely worth the drive over.

Here's inspiration and a brief glance at the assorted bag of goodies, in addition to lists for future creations.
Here's old fabric that I found in the closet, (cotton/acrylic embroidered print). Possibly a pillow for my friend's son, not certain what else to do with this, any suggestions? 
The two fabrics on the end are vintage silks, the middle fabric is a pleated metallic copper material that I cannot wait to use.. I see men's ties and so much more!!
(Above-left) This is a shell that I made as a necklace, given to me decades ago. My mother would collect them in her youth, so I chose the largest one to keep. (Above-right) I loved the colour in this purple African wax print! I want to make a bag, hat, or skirt from this with a solid waistband. Oh my... so many things to do!
This beautiful embroidered fabric reminds me of a men's waistcoast from the 18th/19th Cent. Long ago, I used to work at a costuming center that refurbished materials and designed clothing from those periods for filming. Although, this seems to be a modern version (cotton and silk blend), it reminds me of that!
I also dug up these 90s patterns in my own bin & thought that it was funny, especially since some of the styles are modified & apparent today. Box shoulders, notch & high-waisted pencil skirts, & the ultimate Tartan plaid jacket.
Lastly, I picked this one up because for some reason I am determined to make something unique with this unattractive (poly) fabric! What's in your closet?
Stay tuned for the next installment....


  1. Oh, this is such an interesting post! I hope you'll chronicle on the blog what you make with the fabrics as you go along. I'm always fascinated to see how people work with different materials and what they create. I've always wanted to learn to sew, but I could never quite stick to anything I started!

  2. I really like the embroidered fabric. It would make a gorgeous coat, or skirt.

  3. Thanks Casee! Yes, I do plan to catalogue what I make with some of the fabrics, once executed. I've just realised that I should have done this all along... i'm excited!! I did not always want to sew, but have always been into design, after design school I definitely found.that it was alot more work than I'd imagined...

  4. Hhhmmm, I think you're on to something Vanessa! Thank you! -xxoo

  5. I am a big fan of the purple and gold fabric. I actually would make a boxy blouse with it..... to wear over a pencil skirt...

  6. Ooh so much pretty fabric! I like the purple print, I think it would be great sofa fabric too :D

  7. I am also try to find different types of print, beyond the flowers and check, not an easy job. I love, love the 60s inspired one, ahhhhhhhhhhh fabulous.

  8. I thought i was following you, ahhhhhhhhhhh I just realized that I wasn´t. Now, I am, yeahhhhhhhhhh

  9. I love the 60's and patterns and prints make me happy! :)

    I love your eye for patterns and how you elucidate on what they remind you of. A TRUE FASHIONISTA!

  10. I love the 90s and all these fun patterns are brilliant!!!


  11. those fabric patterns are really neat! very vintage and bright, I like it!

  12. How awesome that your boss gave you dibs!

  13. Oh Sacramento, love you lady! no worries, but so glad that you came to visit my blog! Yeaaah!! -xxoo

  14. Yes, indeed it isn't easy. I was very fortunate to come across these!

  15. Hi Leia, great idea!! there's so many ideas that I have now, thanks you you all! :)

  16. Hhmmm, interesting Alexis! Thank you & I so appreciate the ideas & feedback, I'm excited to work with all of these pieces now! :)

  17. Hi Lauren!
    Ahhh, thank you for the sweet comment! Well, I do love colour and prints greatly! There's always interesting things that fabric reminds me of... in this case it's aided me for inspiration!

  18. Thank you, Mel! I'm into the pencil skirt, & these are pretty fun patterns! :)

  19. So excited that you like them too! Thanks! -xxoo

  20. Hi Ladies,
    I know, I thought so as well! I was able to find some killer fabric there & in my closet = together to create some (hopefully) awesome pieces. :)

  21. Kristina21 April

    Wow! I'm a freelance clothing designer so I got a big kick out of those patterns...I'm pretty sure my mother owns them, too! How crazy is that???!!! =)
    Kristina J.

  22. Oh Kristina, that's great, you're a freelance designer? Would love to see your stuff... Also, very interesting about your mother, I'd love to know which ones she has & what she's done with them... how bazaar!! Thanks! :)

  23. Clarabelle Blog21 April

    Wow! These fabrics are incredible! THanks for commenting on my blog! xo

  24. Hi Clara,
    No problem, glad that you liked the fabrics as well. such bold colours! -xo

  25. Melliott93022 April

    Haha! I love the 90s patterns, that is hilarious and awesome. And somehow COMPLETELY relevant today!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  26. hahah! Thanks Marie, glad that you enjoyed the humour! It's very relevant today, especially in the contrasting colours & modification. Have a great weekend.


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