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The Birdcage Song

It's a beautiful sunny day and nothing to stress over, just enjoying the brisk morning wind that hits my face waking up - listening to the birds sing as my wake-up call, and pressing the off-button on my mobile device. Well, not entirely... a tweet here or a tweet there, still with room to experience thanks.

I hope that you're enjoying every minute of today, appreciating mother nature, possibly having a bbq, staying in if you are always on-the-go, or spending time with loved ones who may be the essential parts to your happiness. I'm going to take it easy this weekend reading my favourite magazines, blogs, and even work on some new projects with the enthusiasm that has been bottled up from a long work week.
A birdcage's purpose is to confine the animal. Today I'm releasing my birdcage so-to-speak - just because we have a long week does not mean that it has to merge into our weekend. Just because your regular blog visitor hasn't made an appearance this week doesn't mean that they aren't reading. Life is short, days are busy, but we can always find something good if we are in the market of seeking.

My birdcage says, it's summertime, commanding the joy that's in my heart and finding the positive songs that I write daily with each step that I take, and by each seam worn.

What does your birdcage say today?

The goods: Dress- Victoria's Secret, Birdcage-gifted mother, Sunglasses- D&G, Sandals-AE, Beaded necklace-thrifted, Clock necklace-Etsy

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