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A Paperboy Gem and Animal Clutch

Today's inspiration comes from my adoration for paperboy hats. I've had this one for quite a long time, and caught sight of a handful of marbled gems from the crafting bin to give a hint of glitz to the style. Don't worry, this hat DIY is probably the easiest that I've done so you needn't rapidly scroll down just for fabulous results! Instead, enjoy the tutorial as well ... anyone can do this!
Inspiration board;  Ladyofashion

Materials used:
Hot glue gun/fabric glue
Glue sticks
Scissors Obviously!
Sewing machine
Loose gems, beads, or other adornments
Clasp or Button
35 minutes out of your day to do both DIY projects!

A Crown of Gems:
I'm constantly finding a reason to use older items that I haven't needed in the past few years. These marbles were no exception! I simply used tape to see how I wanted my marbled-gems positioned and used hot glue to create a different effect. If you're certain about your design skip the mock-up and simply hot glue it to the hat or in this case it was adhered to the ribbon band of the hat. I have tons of hats including a few of this style, so I wanted a version that would make a unique impression when worn. Enjoy!
I also decided to embellish my notions handbag. Although I only use this bag to carry my sewing supplies from place to place I felt that it needed a bling-boost! (Below)

Savvy Safari:
This is an old bag that was actually free from a grab bag that I received probably more than 7 years ago. The actual bag has that awkward strap measurement where you can't wear it as a satchel nor could you use as a proper shoulder bag. Either way it would be too short or a bit weird to hold by the handles alone. I decided to make it into a clutch. It was the logical option for me, and since I loved the print it completely worked!
I started by cutting the straps, then measured how long I wanted my clutch to be. This particular bag had separating lining, therefore it would need to be joined later. I used pins to tack in the new lining, and then sewed around the edge of the bag. Turn inside out and begin to sew the bottom seam (=bottom of your clutch). To finish the inside seams you may fold and sew them or place binding on the edges and press. I used binding for a finishing. Turn ride side out, you're almost done!

For the embellishments I used wooden beads that I had from a bracelet that was going in the tossing bin. I also decided on a versatile clutch, making both sides (with trim) differently.

On the opposite side I used beaded running yardage on mesh that I cut to the measurement of my chosen length. (for me it was the width of my clutch 11.5 minus .25" per side =around+ 11"/28cm). For both applications I used a small amount of hot glue, in addition to fabric glue for the beaded mesh.
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  Of course there will be an outfit post showcasing this soon!

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