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DIY: A Spool of Earrings and Glitter Shoes

As you may have seen from my previous post, I did have fun with glitter recently. Here are the results and process of my glitter heels. I actually loved them so much that I may make  a second pair in black with my ballet flats!

I've been working on a few other design projects for new clients and friends that I'm beyond excited about ... some previews may be posted at a later date on Instagram. This DIY is a very easy project that you may even create during a television programme! In the spirit of appreciating the needle and thread profession I also decided to make spool earrings with neon hues! 

Wooden or acrylic spool pieces
Earring pin + fish hook earring wire (pair)
Thread (gauge of your choice) 
Fabric glue, and a waterbased sealer- glue finish 
Foam spatula
Needle-nose pliers, and wire cutter

Sole glitz:
Glitter Fashion Projects

A fun project that you've probably seen from many others, this glitter glam project was so much fun to do, and very quick! With mixing the glitter and glue together I carefully painted my shoes one side at a time. Within 5 or 6 minutes I started to see the glue dry and started on the next coat to completely cover the shoes. For both shoes I ended up using approximately slightly less than 14 gms., from a small container and painted about 4-coats for full coverage.

According to your preference of coverage, i.e. scattered effect of glitter or entirely saturated with glitter (like my version) start with more glitter than glue, because my glue covered quite well in a simple coat, however there's a different effect when actually dried. I also glittered my heels side, and used a sealer. Once you achieve the result wanted, let dry, and then you're ready to wear your glam heels out!

Spools of colour: 
DIY Fashion Tales

By using a metallic pen or gold paint I brushed the tops and bottoms of each spool- let dry for a few minutes. Use a brush to carefully paint fabric glue on the body of the spools, then wrap the thread around each spool to desired thickness, and cut the end with scissors at a stopping point where you can tuck the end inside one thread.  Glue in place. (see images)

With needle-nose pliers and wire cutter, attach earring pin by inserting it into the center hole of spool. Tuck metal end until flat. Atttach jumpring of fish hook earring wire to opposite end of spool.  Now you're complete!
DIY Spool Thread EarringsPin It

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