Daydreaming Casually With Glam Visions

Well, for my last post of 2011 I leave you with a casual ensemble that I loved simply because of the easy colouring. I slipped into this outfit for crafting comfort. The colour block aspect was an afterthought, nonetheless it inspired me to don my DIY fringe chain necklace.

I have been truly blessed with new ventures this year, and as mentioned before also looking forward to the New Year, one that will hopefully include conquering fears, new exciting responsibilities, and allowing more of those daydreaming thoughts to manifest into a triumphant reality.

Of course, as majority of people tend to do, the making of promises to ourselves, some may even have resolutions that they may hold, however I prefer continuing to create personal life/career goals that I know will be practical for my lifestyle. I do challenge myself with some new goals, with the hope of succession. Yet, if I also deviate away from them I know that it is still okay.

I hope that whatever you choose whether it's a long term or short-term goal, (or merely considering the thought of what you want to accomplish during the year) that you do it in your own way. Your plan, your time-line. Without comparison of others ... your goal cannot be wrong, because it's your's and your's alone.

Here's relaxed and casual me, and my version of a modernised vintage-glam twist; also better known as, what I wore to a holiday dinner with friends. 

Have a Happy New Year lovely readers!

Fringe Necklace How To: 
Materials Needed:
Fringe trim/running yardage
Metal chain
Metal embellishment-Trim2 (optional)
Jumpring (2)
Wire Cutter

Fringe necklaces DIY 
Prep: With measuring tape calculate how long you want your necklace to hang overall. This number will be divided into 2 parts, one measurement for (neck) chain, and the other for the fringe trim. This necklace is a pull-on style. My measurement was approx. 29" total. I wanted 13" for the fringe trim, and 16" for the chain. This measurement can vary depending on how long or short you want your necklace.

To start: Cut metal chain at 16" long. Next, add a jumpring to each end of metal chain, slightly leaving an opening. Set aside. Take the fringe trim cut at 13" long, on the face side of the trim fold back each end at 1/4" in toward wrong side of trim. Use needle and thread to sew the edges together (by creating several loops and knots) to reinforce each end. Cut excess threads.
Fringe jewellery DIY Bloggers
Take the metal chain with attached jumpring end and use the slightly opened area to insert one jumpring into each side of folded fringe trim end. Use pliers to securely close the jumprings. Voila! You have a fringe chain necklace.

*To add a second embellishment to the necklace lay a strip (exact amount of fringe measurement minus 1/2") of trim#2 to the front top-edge of the fringe trim. Attach each end of trim#2 to the jumpring of metal chain of necklace. Lay necklace flat, and mark where you prefer trim#2 to be positioned. Use needle and thread to sew every 2-3 links of trim#2 along the front top-edge of fringe trim. (See images)
DIY Fringe Necklace

The goods: Tank-H&M, Fringe necklace-DIY/Ladyofashion, Charcoal skinnys-rolled up Express, cardigan-F21, Wedges-Debenhams -(similar,) Vintage fur lapel-SF, Patent leather boots-Diba/gifted, Dress-China showroom, Bangles-vintage, Vintage brooch-seen here, Tights layered- Selfriges, H&M.

"Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position."
- Mohandas K. Gandhi

A Visual Hello

I hope that everyone is having a joyous Christmas holiday. Here's wishing you a wonderful New Year, a visual gift from me to you! Lights, Christmas, and inspiration!

(Click images for source)
  Great idea for sending cards with a handmade touch!


I love when things look this special and sweet!
Stunning and clever capture!
Beautiful lights!
 A dream of lights.

Enjoy your weekend dear lovelies!


Style: Me

There's a moment when you have a funny memory, one that's reminiscent of how you used to dress in your childhood or a mere 5 years ago? Of course, you'd find the humour in it now, because perhaps you don't mind donning a particular colour anymore ... you don't wear spikes or chains the way you used to, or maybe you're very happy that mixing patterns today is appreciated on an entirely different level than when you were growing up.
Fashion Tales Style  Description
Nevertheless, looking back on how I used to actually dress even just a few years prior, as far as the attitude of dress, not too much has changed. Certainly, I've acquired new tags, and have allowed embellishments to become one of my neighbouring companions, however I am still me! Still a fan of altering details embedded in the seams; still a progressive fashion pupil, yet would believe to have inspired some who've stumbled across my journey.

This is one of those outfits that I probably would have never worn in my childhood typically, given the fact that I used to dislike dresses. I loved skirts, tailored pants, jackets and boots. During those times I'd wear loud colours, uniformed attire, and sometimes art influenced concoctions of my own creations. With each year and decade variety became the norm. "Hhmm, you're an eclectic sort," I'd hear ... yes, it may have been true, but during that period it wasn't actually a compliment!

Though tamed on the outside at times, I am still fashionably wild at heart. I am refined, artistically inclined, and complexly seasoned.  I am modern and dated. There are days I am shaken, and some days moved and inspired by others. My fashion sense plays a melody of classical, and jazz, with a rock and soulful interlude. But, grace remains within my individual style.
Horse Prints

I am still me, choosing to wear my ensembles at the risk of not blending in ... whether on-trend or off-trend my stride reflects the forecast of my wardrobe: A romantic unity of price-points, humbly held by one timeless piece.

When I wake up in the morning my style happily says one thing to me, "to be continued..." as I am always evolving with my fashion selections. And you know what, that's just me!

Describe your style, what does it reflect? 

The goods:  Riding boots- Banana Republic, Tights/Printed dress-F21, Jacket-thrifted, Leather clutch bag-DIY-Ladyofashion


Winter Wears: Def-Shop

The time has come when the slopes are urgently awaiting to be graced by a fashionista's presence, the fresh powder wanting to be hugged by a luxe knit or, for some, it's simply a season to bundle up from the bone-chilling climate. 

Which ever it may be for you, here's a few winter garment items from the Def-Shop. The shop has been under my radar awhile, however I recently came across a diverse assortment that I liked for the winter sportswear wardrobe.
Winter Street style
Don't let the name fool you! The Def-Shop carries everything from urban streetwear to active sportswear ... and inclusive ranges of footwear. Additionally, they offer children's wear, men's garments as well as women's apparel.

The Berlin-based fashion and streetwear store has tapped into a style manifold and booming market, providing branded sportswear and accessories at affordable prices. In fact, the company even prides themselves at giving their customers absolute low pricing with a bonus service of price matching (any item of the same color or brand, including an additional 10% for all EU patrons).
DefShop German Fashion Boutique
Shop more at Vero Moda 

The fun and youthful vibe of the store makes it easy to browse online like flipping the pages of a catalogue. Sure you may have a vintage, charity-loving, or high-end sass of style, and the world loves to see you rock it! But, if you are also an active [winter] sport devotee like me, then you know that when it comes to snow, staying warm and layered up is essential. Why not have a hint of chic in your free-styling gait of authority! Or, if you just like to shop and find new fashions, it's another hub to view.

Here are some of my favourites from the DefShop; several winter wears and also a few elevated fashion selections ... for the intrigued. Happy holidays!

*All opinions expressed are my own. This is a sponsored post.
Images: Courtesy of Def-shop, edited by Ladyofashion
English site here.
German site here.

Links à la Mode

Cooler Weather Brings Haute Fashion: That’s How The Saying Goes Right?

Edited by: Jessie Thorpe of Denimology
Cooler weather has made it’s way in and it leaves me feeling a definitive need to dress up lavishly. Some girls have been frocked fancifully for the entire month of Dressember. I think it’s important to make the effort to look extra stylish in the Winter months.  I’ve been decorating myself glamorously in festive jewel tones: emerald, crystal, ruby with gold making and appearance every now and again also. My wardrobe has definitely become darker as I use lots of navy and black basics letting my accessories do the talking.


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Holiday Twirls: Gracefully

Hello lovelies! Are you all about ready for the holidays? Even though life, work, and, well a few last minute shopping moments have been quite hectic I did manage to find time to just relax. The other day before wrapping, shipping, and packing items (preparing for the impending festivities), I'd forgotten about how much fun it was to twirl around in an outfit. So, I took a few snapshots to let loose in the day's ensemble. 
Topshop UK Trench Jacket
I recently spoke to a few long-distance friends and it was so nice to catch up on each other's lives; the details of new traditions, and even new engagements being told. But, there was one thing that I kept hearing from a couple of others ... the stressful season had began to take a toll on a few of my friends and co-workers.

Forget about the chaos of "buy, buy, and buy them even-more" mode for a minute! Breathe and just relax for a moment. Fretting will only take the fun out of it! It is understandable, especially with being bombarded with displays of red and green, commercials luring one into acquiring the latest gadgets, and views of what a perfect holiday tree should look like deluged with gifts underneath.

But, don't let it steal your joy and more importantly take out the beauty from appreciating the holiday. 

Today, I was actually supposed to pick-up a few items for an upcoming Christmas party. Instead, I chose to unburden myself from battling the crowds. I wrote cards, made ornaments, and browsed succulent recipes I naturally found time to make a few unnecessary twirls in this skirt! It felt good and it also took away any edge of holiday stress that was there.
Fashion Bloggers Holiday Style

If you're like my family and love shopping and giving anyway, then you know that this time of year really is no different then any other time when you find an item to purchase that reminds you of someone. We do occasions: holidays and even birthdays a bit differently. Sometimes, we merely give a gift during the year for no apparent reason a ...  "hi, this reminded me of you and I thought you'd love this," type of gift.

This time of season to me means that I just may do the gifting a bit differently. I may ponder about it more, seek out a specially unique item, and even wrap it beautifully! 

However, my favourite part of the season is the holiday decor, the stunning lights (some of which may bring an overwhelming smile to my face), and watching classic holiday films ... by the fireplace of course!
Tulle Skirt Fashion Blogger
What's your favourite part of the holiday season?  How are you managing everything this time of year?

The goods:  Trench jacket-Topshop, Floral tights-Hue, Skirt/Necklace-F21 , Lace tank-H&M, Heels-Anthropoligie, holiday joy=priceless!  

Men in Fashion: Maryland's New Entrepreneurs

Times have surely changed if I ponder about the early days of when I was attending universityreminiscent of only having to be concerned about academics, attendance, or having a few assignments would seem quite boring these days, especially when some youth of today are as innovative and technologically inclined as any seasoned CEO might be.

With an evolving industry like fashion, being tenacious, resourceful, and truly passionate can aid one in any economic climate. And new on-line boutique owners Antwan Jones and Chet Robinson are two men in fashion who know firsthand about using their passion to start a business from the ground up. Their new on-line shop, TRVISTIC [Truh-Vih-stik] is quickly becoming a must-stop and browse cyber destination! The inspiring duo have taken what was once a mere business concept and successfully executed their vision into a viable reality.

Trvistic ClothingTrvistic Feature

I sat down to chat with the Baltimore, Maryland-based gents (who are both in their early twenties) to talk about their new venture and the future of their on-line shop.

Just nearly three months old and initially called the Iconic Boutique, Trvistic was born. So what does this Trvisitc word actually signify? "It's a made-up word and centered around all of the qualities of fashion ... it's artistic, unique, bold, and stood out to me, said Jones."  Hhmm ... catchy word with an interesting sound of pizazz ... Well, it works!

Robinson, co-owner and fashion merchandiser of the shop credits Jones for being the master force and energy driver behind Trvistic's business. But, the continuing excellence of Trvisitic definitely has proven that having a solid trustworthy partner is essential to the growth of their business.
Young Entrepreneurs Maryland Fashion boutiques Shoptob

The store has already carried known brands such as Whitney Eve, Amanda Christine, and Hellz Bellz, amongst many others. However, the boutique also caters to the emerging designer and actively supports local and independent talent.

From jewellery to party dresses, Trvistic offers handpicked fashion and beauty merchandise (with worldwide shipping), and all ranging from $20-90. You'll find edgy items such as the Monet inspired shawl jacket, King Kong spiked earrings, and even Laruicci Jewellery. The eye-hooking affordability of Trvistic's selections will certainly keep you staying current in playful fashion! 

These entrepreneurs carefully choose labels that they feel share an adoration of providing diverse products for the modern woman. "We're open to feedback ... and designers can contact me to collaborate with different ideas," said Robinson.  For Jones and Robinson the dream may have only begun, however they're currently working on expanding Trvisitic by adding men's wear and children's wear to the genres of the boutique very soon.

Something tells me by the time of their collegiate commencement these two may in fact be on the rise in a few other territories as well.

You may follow Trvistic on Twitter to keep up with the latest deals and newly stocked items!
For more information visit:

Photos: Courtesy of Trvistic, & edited by FASHION TALES
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