DIY: Statement Pieces - Old to New


Lady of Fashion
Here's a bit of an easy crafting session for the time-saving fashionista, and a time consuming one too! Well, almost! Bottom line: I had a great costume necklace that broke a while back. It's not exactly like my version of a "Carrie necklace,"  (of course, don't we all have one of those) however it was a unique piece that I bought with a friend. Fun memories and laughs come to mind when I think of it.

I pretty much glare at the broken piece most days, saying to myself, "ah ... I need to do something with that!" I even ponder about ways to use the clusters of other gems in my crafting box of goodness when I'm away. But, nothing happened until now!

Mission: Reuse old items to create something unique. The immediate solution was to create a ring or another necklace with this piece, because the charm that was attached somehow got lost ... so a ring it was!  As for the necklace part, let's just say that I took a slight detour in that department by using more leather and faux scraps, adding silver chain, and then studs as a finishing touch. You know me, before I toss certain items out, I give it a 3 or maybe 4 time glance!
Broken or loose stone/trim
Adjustable ring 
Glue gun or clear cement glue

Leather/ or PU Cut into 4 strips
Loose Studs (with prongs) (6)
Loose chain w/jump rings - approx. 14"
Cord ends (2)
Lobster claw or other closure
Glue gun or heavy duty/all purpose glue
*Wire Cutters/Pliers (both projects)
Fashion Tales DIY Ring
For the ring it was simplicity at its best. I cut off the excess attachments where the chain used to go through, and also cut off the extra charm that was attached to the chain. Afterward, I used my bought adjustable ring and placed a generous amount of metal glue in the center of the base top. Lightly push down. Let dry. Finished!
Fashion Tales Braided Necklace
*Click image to enlarge*

Braided Chain 'n' Stud Necklace:
I cut 4 leather strips approx. 3/8" - 1/2" wide and length desired (15-17") Using a flat surface for stability, place tape on the top of the strips (a paperweight also works as an extra aid so that your strips do not move. Basically do an easy four strand braid with your leather strips.
Lady of Fashion Braid and Studs necklace
I folded and stitched my final pieces so that they would be chunky, but you may use them flat, depending on the look that you want. Sew together the end of each side of your braid and attach cord ends on each side by squeezing the fabric inside of them, close securely with pliers. Next, attach lobster claw. If your braid is large you will need to buy extra large cord ends.

Afterward, add your trimmings! I went for studs and wrapped chain around the braid, using the jump ring (at each end) as an easy way to pierce through the leather. You may add glue to secure chain ends in place. Mission accomplished!

Enjoy your week lovelies.


  1. THe braided pieces is soooo cool!  Well done!!!!!

  2. Oh, these are amazing! The braided necklace looks phenomenal, and the ring looks so easy to do. I've begun to acquire a collection of broken costume jewelry I always intend to fix or reuse somehow; you've definitely inspired me to look at it with a fresh eye!

  3. You are such an inspiration! I love these. Makes me want to hunt out broken jewellery at charity shops and get creating. x

  4. sartorialsidelines11 March

    That necklace looks so amazing!

    Courtney ~

  5. GlamKitten8811 March

    I love your necklace.  It's so edgy and unique! :) You're a DIY genius.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  6. :-)  aww, a big thank you! :)

  7. Thanks love! I know you will have fantastic pieces with your superb  charity finds. so glad that you were inspired. -xx

  8. I am in love with your necklace! I seriously love your DIY's. They are the best. 


    That's hot ad something i plan to do for my accessories line. THanks for stopping by my blog. now following you on FB hope you follow back.

  10. You're so creative! Great idea for the necklace, and I'll have to use that ring DIY soon. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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  11. I totally want to do that chunky necklace situation...and as for our date how about Wednesday?! 

  12. Amazing job, darling!
    Love that necklace!


  13. You are making me want to give DIY another try! The ring and necklace are positively gorgeous!  :)

  14. ooh thats a creative idea, and I always love recycling old stuff into something new! hope you have fun in toronto, it's still a bit cold but not too bad now!!

  15. Brilliant DIY. The ring is amazing. Xxxx

  16. You are such a DIY queen. 

  17. haha! Thanks doll! Resourceful times! :)

  18. Yes, quite easy to do ... I like recycling and getting other uses out of items once broken, now fixed into a new style. I'm happy that you were inspired. Thank you Casee! -xo

  19. Thanks J! haha. 

    Sure Wednesday works for me will DM ya info soon!

  20. aww, that makes me smile. Thanks dear! I try to do unique DIY's not from the glossies.  :-)

  21. Yay! Do it, do it! 
    Have a great Monday. :)

  22. The Dainty Doll's House12 March

    Love the stud necklace, that is awesome!! So cool you are :) xx

  23. Great Ideas, I love these.

  24. That is amazing! Love it. I wish I were more inventive! Thank you for checking out my blog. Any friend of Sacramento's is a friend of mine. Following you through Google+! Kiah

  25. Oh to Be a Muse12 March

    so i did my DIY wedges and then decided to diy some oxfords, but i just can't seem to finish them. now i just look at them every day like, "i need to do something with that" lol--so hopefully i will soon.

    gorgeous diy necklace!

  26. This is awesome!!!  I feel like it's totally doable, too.  Normally I don't have the patience for DIY, but this looks easy and therapeutic -- something I need right now. ;) You're so lovely and creative.  I'm inspired by you.

  27. Da Paura13 March

    WOW I love these ideas, and I'm always in the need for new crafting and DIY ideas!!  I'm not the best at coming up with them myself.  I adore these, especially the necklace!  Motivates me to go see what I have in my closet to use :)

  28. ooooh I really love how you made that studded necklace! So creative!

  29. That necklace is amazing! Great job.

  30. This piece is exactly my cup of tea! It's amazing and I'm so impressed with the final result!

    Thanks so much for your suggestion, I've heard of lulu and will have a peek at MagCloud!

    Have a fab week!

  31. Brilliant!!!

  32. i like how u created the necklace!!

  33. ;-) Thanks sweet Lauren. x

  34. Thanks so much! -Great! I'll be sure to pack the usual scarf/ jacket combo! -xo

  35. Thank you!. and great glad to help out. I just suggested those b/c I've used them and a few friends as well. Good luck! -xx

  36. Yes totally doable. I like t throw in easy DIY's as well. glad that you were inspired. It's very much appreciated!  ;)

  37. haah, yes I do remember your cool wedges. Hopefully you will get motivated dear. *sending you inspiration now*  Thanks! -xo

  38. GlamChameleon16 March

    I already told that, but I'll repeat- U'RE SUCH A TALENT!! For any DIY project!!! Love this one!!! Happy Friday dear!!!