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Fashion Cassettes: A Random Mixtape

Dear lovelies, there's new inventory hitting stores from a lovely boutique that I wanted to share with you, and also a few links that I loved. Essentially, a quick mix-tape of style to get you pumped up and ready to dash out the door to any [imaginary] tune; whether it be for a mellow Monday night or that sassy throwback Thursday. Here's a personal fashion inspirational tape created just for you!

Heel clicks of your favourite stilettos confidently walking down the hallway, but interrupted by a careful sip of the perfect hot beverage needed on a bone-chilling day. Yes, your bold lipstick is still intact!

You're hopeful that the sun will continue to shine, however the birds were not chirping this morning, instead the sound was similar to the anxious chatter of an audience before a runway show. Only this time you didn't mind, because you knew inspiration was in the bag of goodies coming up. But, shhhhh, silence is golden and the music is about to start.

VERSES: Clothing, Happy Links, and New inspirations
Nostalgic Boutique
1. Check out Nostalgic Boutique's newest collection, and sales on separates. Receive 20% off with the code: FASHIONTALES20%. This independently owned label is run by my dear friend Rebecca, who shares her passions transforming them with a vintage flair and modern styling. You can expect a playful melody of colour, tailoring, and threads of structure in the garments produced.
      Photos: Courtesy of Nostalgic Boutique

2. The Northern Light: Here's a blog that I've been viewing at the moment by Norwegian fashion blogger, Hedvig Opshaug. From street-style photography to runway shows, it's a personal blog that I found a little different from my normal pit stops. Simplicity was the key.

3. When I read this Fast Company article tweeted by Bonnieand others weeks ago I thought more people should read it. Since the economic downturn we have seen many people at highs and lows... this post is enlightening and may even make you feel a bit stronger. There's also inspiring bits of a modern way of thinking for your financial and career goals  how evolving with the changes of our times can aid us in the long run.

4. Food! Yes, we all need it, but indulgent treats are on an entirely different level aren't they? The delightful pastry infused blog by flight attendant, Laure of Buttercream and Chantilly Factory is one that I came across recently. You'll find wonderful recipes and shares to give you influential culinary sweetness with a French touch.

Laaah, dah, de, dah, Oohhhhh!  Why not put some love in your closet! Wearing a new silhouette in your favourite hue or finally take those special shoes (that are still freshly stored in the box) out for a spin! Perhaps even pump up your ipods ... ahem or similar "mp3 players" full blast during a browsing session online, but with these speakers!
Synchrony S surround - Front -   Home theater speaker
The Synchrony S Surround Sound- psb speakers
*(Caution: Bop head moderately. Finger snapping allowed) - What to do: Read links again, purchase favourite on-line items, come back for more and ahhh, there's fashion satisfaction. (Repeat if needed)

BRIEF PAUSE FOR:  >>>>>>>>>Nail painting break <<<<<<<<<
Colours that I'm loving at the moment:
        (Photos: Butter, Zoya; edited by ladyofashion)

(Enter: Drum and bass interlude. Interruption: Strings to soften the hit of brights for the coming season!) "Look out! There's orange, yellow, and mint colour awaiting for you!"


   Philip Lim (source)                                                 

The tape is ending so I shall leave you with a final moment of inspiration. I have not had too much time to pop into a store in a few, therefore online shopping has been extremely helpful this week for me to heavily browse new spring items.

When the going gets tough, the tough ... goes SHOPPING of course! Whether thrift/charity, vintage or simply from your own closetwhatever that means to you go do it!  (Now, cue your special dance in high heels or loafers!) And take time to enjoy your own fashion beat even if it happens to be 1 mouse click or finger tap at a time.

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