The Recycled Art of CeeBee

The same mentality of admiration and discernment of the fact that our clothing tells a story does not only apply to apparel! The finishing topping for any outfit is thereby classified to be a complete look with the right accessories; those items too may carry a history beyond the "it season" or vintage era. I am talking about recycled handbags!

Enter CeeBee, the Italian based ethical luxury handbag and accessories brand founded by designer Carmen Björnard. The Ceebee collection is Björnard's way of expressing her awareness of waste disposal, and her innovative fashion thinking for the recycled soul.
She cleverly uses materials such as, ancient pages of periodicals, vintage magazines and newspapers to create functional bags with artful and dated visuals. There's also styles with bamboo-made handles, and bags where both the front and back newspaper panels are entirely visible, which immediately catches your attention.
Ceebee Press Italian Handbags
I remember coming across this label some time ago, but had never shed the spotlight on the collection. I think the concept is brilliant  a sustainable mission that aids culture as a whole by providing labour to workers without harmful surroundings.

From the collection you'll find items from printed clutches and iPhone cases to film inspired placemats and large totes. With the use of natural and organic materials CeeBee's environmentally sound ethos attracts women from diverse lifestyles.

Above are my top pick's from the CeeBee collection.

*Also, check out my press interview with runway model Jessica Lewis here.

Casual Fashion Messages

It was a day of necessary tasks, one that could not be put off any longer. A time where the scheduling for the week seemed to only be a pinpoint direction of ending the day with yet another brief scribble onto "the list."   
Fashion Blogger Style oscar de la Renta
There was a slight urge to make an extra effort for comfort because I knew that heavy walking would be involved. And that's when the wedges came into the wardrobe thought process. I decided to gravitate toward easy stripes for a quick casual meeting and what seemed to be a mountainous errand run. 
For times like these a favourite blazer seems to work for most wardrobe problems calling your ears to listen to the little styling voice inside of you. The message was an easy solution to a fashionista's ensemble dilemma. And the answer was simply in the wearing versatility. 

What's your casual outfit for running errands? 

The goods: Blazer-Oscar de le Renta, Sandals-Seychelles, denim-Express, Belt-Michael Kors, Striped Tee-H&M, Necklaces-Ladyofashion, Anchor necklace-Urban outfitters.

DIY: From The Girly Files

Fashion Tales DIY
It's a notable fact that I enjoy everything from an edgy outfit to donning lace, ruffles (frills), and sweet feminine infused accessories.

Occasionally when I'm travelling I bring an inspirational bag with me, but this particular of bag is filled with needle and thread, scissors, glue, and a few random notions from my steam trunk of crafting goods. You never know when someone may need studs, an extra button, or a wire cutter on hand, right! And as a bonus this was the perfect simplistic punch that I needed to get my motivation back!

Without too much time available I decided to take some lace, grosgrain ribbon, and a handful of adorable bears to create a belt. I'm not certain if I was subconsciously influenced by the fact that my good friend recently had a precious baby girl or what? But, pale pink hues and nude delicate trimmings have been on my mind this week.

Note: Sparkle was additionally given to the belt for good measure.

Lace yardage
Grosgrain ribbon
Trim (microfiber bears)
Glue-(for fabric or beads)
Hot Glue

Needle and thread
DIY Fashion Belt
I cut the grosgrain ribbon at my preferred length (including waist + measurement tied as a bow) approx. 37in./94cm +/-  Then, I placed lace atop the grosgrain, gluing it to the ribbon starting from the center to the outer edges with small dot amounts. Playing with the placement of the bears I finally positioned them around 3-4 finger widths apart. Next, I dabbed bead glue to adhere the drizzle of shine that I wanted, which was the love of sequins placed across the length of the belt to add the elaborate touch that it needed. Complete!

I also found a few d-rings that I used to make a scarf belt. When you're in a pinch and want to rock your scarf a different way just take circular rings or d-rings and wrap about 2.5" of your scarf or any fabric around one side of the ring. If you don't have rings you may also use your bangles. Thinking on your feet will never feel better for those scarf-to-belt moments!

Lastly, make a double straight stitch on the inside of the folded end (where rings are) securing the fabric together. The opposite end is left free to wrap your scarf as a belt to your special styling as seen below. You may do other wonders with just a couple pieces of hardware. Hope you enjoyed these quick and easy belt options!

Have a wonderful weekend!


No Song or Dance Required, Just Plaid Baby

In some otherworldly life I'd think of myself as a drummer in a great band with both artistic and fine tuned lyrics. The rhythmic patterns that "we" (you know, my fictitious band) might have made would be subtle with memorable interludes. There would be enticing embraces of colourful arrangements that would also make one ponder happier thoughts ... perhaps even influence a future ensemble of sorts.

Well, I am not in a band, and yes you may have guessed (obviously) neither a drummer! But, I used to want to play the drums, hence the training-wheels of drumsticks seen below. This is what enters my mind when I wear these Tartan trousers, because it's just too easy to make them look like clown suit pants. Therefore, I decided to taper the trousers, and given the roomy space that it had initially it completely made sense. Excess may also be let out easily if I prefer a looser fit.

When wearing any type of plaid it's either you commit to it or not. Usually a tartan pattern lover is committed to wearing it and doesn't mind standing out considering its daring aesthetic, because there's a proud plaid moment that eventually happens.

They can be as intimidating as wearing flashy brights or colour blocking to some people. However, the beautiful part about expression in one's clothing is that even a very shy person can wear bold and bright colours or enormous prints that scream "hey, I am in control!" The same goes for an assertive person who dons a soft delicate palette of muted tones. I tend to like the nice surprises that are hidden in the melodies of people's clothing style.

In every thread, silhouette selection, simplicity of jewellery or shoe choice we create our character flow of style. We choose who we want to be daily: the dapper gent, a biker chic, the romantic, bohemian beauty, or even the classic sophisticate. Yet, still in our own way we add note after note by our selections to exude the ultimate score ... our style.

Though we may all wear the same colour or pattern on any given day there's nobody who wears it exactly like you! You don't even have to walk a certain way, just merely wearing it on your body makes all the difference. Hi, I am casually wearing plaid today and loving it!
I also paired this look with my new messenger bag from Oasap!

I hope your week is filled with sunshine!

The goods: Handbag-courtesty of Oasap, Tartan trousers-charity shop, Heels-gifted seen here,Top-H&M, Braces-American Apparel


Wishing, Hoping, Praying: Spend-Friendly

Wanting/Wishing ...
The retail fairy would send me these ... just. because. 
Styleboard by ladyofashion

   Click photo to enlarge.

Photos: Donna Karan/Bergdorf Goodman, Carven/FarfetchJoli Jewelry/Creative Contrast, Kenneth Jay Lane/Creative ContrastJil Sander/My Theresaedited by Ladyofashion

But, I'd gladly be just as content with this desk station ...
Restoration Hardware style
       Vintage appeal: Office space from Restoration Hardware 

  This Vivienne Westwood plaid iPad case!
Ladyofashion top ipad cases
           Derby Plaid iPad case via Selfridges

Hoping ...
To unplug: taking more time-off so that I can enjoy the cabin we never go to or the beach, and much needed days of relaxation ... but more importantly remembering to appreciate those long conversations without feeling the urge to check the inbox, social networking, or other sharing site (during non-working hours). I like to absorb special moments on private holidays. 
Holiday vacation spots

Praying ...
-For gorgeous weather to follow me wherever I go. Of course, with a wish and a spoonful of hope from the items listed above anything is quite possible, so why not expect the best!

-To master this new system for work since it has me thinking like an IT person. But, hey, I haven't been stumped yet and I must say ... things are looking up!
How's your week going? Wishing you a joyous day lovelies. 


Block Party: Hue-Rocking

Dearest colour, I adore the sweet emotions that you evoke when I'm wearing my favoured hues. Though, some days I must admit it may seem that I am biased between you all (likely because of seasonal transitions), but I truly love you all the same. But, yellow? Well, that's on an entirely different level of admiration.

I've actually always adored the colour yellow, and blue since I was a child ... not a heaping amount has changed except for the simple fact of being more experimental with hues in general, throughout my wardrobe regardless what's in fashionably.

Do you wear colours that bring happiness to your stylish soul?

Here's a fun ensemble that I wore recently. It's also a part of Jill's "How I Wear My: Colour-Blocking" event. Do check out the other bloggers here, who are showcasing their colourful style in diverse and brilliant ways.
Here's to rocking your favourite hue and wearing it confidently!

The goods: Sandals-Seychelles, Cardigans-H&M,Express, Retro gauze dress-Antique thrift shoppe, tea pot- Anthropologie, necklace-SF Flea market.

DIY: Easy Tricks To Give your Garments a Kick

I've had a few items buried in my closet that needed to be kicked up a notch or two. Naturally, as you may know I always want to get the most usage out of my garments, hence the revamp of this lovely textured turtleneck. This cropped knit has been a favourite solely because of its colourful detail, but I honestly have not worn it in years.

Although the beautiful yarns throughout this knit appealed to me, the silhouette is actually a bit constricting when worn. I decided to put these threads through minor surgery; I made a small incision in the center of the body to create a cardigan.
DIY Bloggers lace appliques - how to revamp clothing
        Click image to enlarge

To secure edges fold over and stitch. (you can use twill-tape or binding if you don't want to fold over the edges) ... I used binding as a facing and added top-stitching. I finished with adding 2 different styles of buttons for an artsy edge. If your'e not sure that you'll like the buttons that you've chosen try taping them to the garment to see a good visual. A semi-autumn knit transformed into an accessible spring piece. End result: very satisfied!
DIY Tutorial Fashion Tales
       Click image to enlarge

Buttons or snaps
Needle and thread
Top DIY fashion blogs

There are times when you need to donate garments that have not been worn in a while (I fully support that)! However, there are also moments when I get inspired to give an item one last glance to decipher if there's anything that can be done for future wearing. Little tricks to freshen up a garment always provides me with other inspiration for new projects.

If you love tank-tops as much as I do then you probably have a plethora of colours and styles. Here's an easy way to liven up a simple tank: Take an appliqué  or crochet piece and sew it to the top edge of your tank. (Make certain to press your trim flat before application.) I used cotton crochet pieces that I already had, and hand-dyed them black.
Fashion Tales - DIY Tops Knit
         Click image to enlarge

Many crochet pieces will come in natural or white, so this allows you to custom dye any piece.  If you don't fancy dyeing, buy an applique or beaded trim piece to achieve the same result. I also use this trick on printed garments. It works wonders and gives your tank a complete face-lift!

Appliqué or crochet trim
Needle and thread
DIY Ladyofashion Fashion Tops


Pops of Style: Dressings and Trimmings

Pop of Style Fashion

Have you ever gazed at an article of clothing (similar to being served a bland entrée), perhaps looked at a simple jacket or a classic silhouette pondering to yourself, "If it only had a special button or eye-catching trim then I'd buy it." You might purchase the item anyway hoping to digest it with ease over time. But, the flavour didn't change did it?

The allurement of garments are not always because of its fibrous structure or rich colour. It may also be the paired dressings (trim selections) that trigger our hungry fashion appetites.

We're all struck by diverse elements when it comes to clothing details, and you know that I love foxy embellishments! With a love for detail, (even in simplicity of scale) I've found trims have the ability to carry a garment to it's highest degree of wow-factor! The outfit to match these shoes! (Though, maybe you don’t want to be so matchy ha.)

From a designing perspective trim selection (just like acquiring the perfect shoe) is essential to making or breaking an outfit or garment rather. Most certainly there are other factors to consider: one's independent style and how those trims are worn.

This can be difficult for me at times, as my love for accessories and garment embellishments tend to want to play a balancing act like the weighing of a healthy meal. Apparel trimmings to me are like proper table settings for the main course of an outfit  the dressing for a fashionably low carb. vs. high protein devouring. The charger plate speaks for itself.
Fashion Trims

A shift dress in a solid colour of taupe or purple could be deemed as very basic because of its hanger appeal. A needed trim in this case may not be an obvious bauble, instead the novelty might be within the actual material or print. For example, glitter embedded within a print or metallic thread displayed as pick-stitching. These are all embellishing attributes that give a garment the ability to stand out.

Some people may think embellishments may have their place only for special occasions, however in today's fashions we see "day-glam" ensembles, and "night-on-the town" looks that anyone can don at any given time. Don't be deceived by the word "trim," because it can be interpreted even in the smallest details like a contrast placket made of lace fabric on your woven shirt.

All things considered whatever trimmings, and dressings it is that you select choose them because you love them, not solely because it's the trendiest thing to do. Nevertheless, that love may in fact be the latest craze of the moment, and that's okay because it's YOUR pop of style that should be represented. And if it happens to be an artistically exaggerated trim or an enormously studded dressing, well there's only one thing to do ... OWN IT!

What are some of your favourite trims? Do you have a signature embellishment that you love to wear?
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