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Hello ladies and gents! I hope that your weekend has started off with a wondrous beginning. Blogging is all about community, and sharing, therefore I wanted to give you a few links that may aid you in the areas of blog tech, provide you with summer shopping inspiration, and other links simply for your weekend reading bliss.

Enjoy these fashion seasonings sprinkled with love from me to you ...
A Dash of V & E:
Here's an interesting read about acquiring vintage. Is Vintage Fashion an Ethical Epidemic?

In case you're not familiar with my friend Faye of Girl Does Geek check out her blog here! If you're seeking help with your blog's design, SEO, or even have layout questions she's one to bookmark! You may inbox her for rates or find her on Twitter.

Social Impact:
Here's a campaign by, co-founded by Matt Damon that's making a difference by honouring mother's around the world. Read here for more literature on how their impact is changing lives and how you can too!

Loving at the moment:
In addition to the popular solid comfort styles and artfully patterned versions of shoes, TOMS has new summer hues and styles in eyewear! Still having the same mission, TOMS new frame flavours are filled with fun selections for the season.
Kigali imageKinshasa image
      Photos: (source)

Other than my classic cloche hat and leopard patterned luxe umbrella that's probably the extent of my savvy threads for a rainy day. So, I could definitely use one of these chic and sleek cleverly designed 100% waterproof rainwear jackets by Terra New York


Photos: (source)
Shakes of Inspiration:
Glam sparkles anyone? I still adore these images from the March shoot with Katy Perry for Interview magazine. The eye makeup steals the show alongside the drips of dazzling jewellery. You may see the video styled by Jonathan Templer and directed by Mikael Jansson here

 Katy Perry Photoshoot
Spicy Specials that I love:
Surprisingly I do not have any hunter green or many pale pink coloured soles. However, I am in the market to acquire more of these hues soon! Here are a few selections of shoes that I liked, which are also on sale at the moment and available at Shopbop!
           Summer Fashion Heels Shopbop
From left to right: Pour la Victoire, Boutique 9, and Juicy Couture.
Photo: (source)     

I hope you enjoyed this blend of link seasonings. 

I am actually heading out to do some work over the weekend, and I'll be having breakfast for dinner (devouring delicious Belgian waffles) as well as for breakfast, because I love them that much!

  image: (source)

Wishing you a very happy weekend!


  1. GlamChameleon12 May

    So many pretty and versatile things!!! Love love them!!! I'm gonna check those links as well!;) And now to wish u blissful weekend dear!!!<3

  2. Thanks Jelena! Enjoy your weekend. -xx

  3. Ohmigosh the Waterproof Jackets...I LOVE!  :)

  4. love the shoes especially the green strappy heels! so pretty! happy sunday dear!


  5. Those green platforms are making me go weak at the knees! Hope you're having a fab weekend. x

  6. Christel13 May

    The transparent jacket is amazing !

  7. the first shoes... I fell for them... amazing!
    And I'm hungry... those waffles look yummyyy

  8. Love those coats by Terra -- gorgeous! Such wonderful links :)

  9. Thanks. You too!  :) 

  10. Hope you had a lovely weekend!  Those waffles are making me hungry lol :D

  11. Totally love the raincoats!  

    oxoxoxo from San FranciscoAmy

  12. thanks sharing these worthy links! I am loving the shoes and waffles...mmm...they seems to rhyme too.

  13. i like the raincoats!!

  14. I love link shares. Thanks for introducing me to some new finds!! Now to add to my shopping addiction...:)

  15. Jasna14 May

    Loved  your link mix babe and thxe waffles look amazing! x

  16. Punctuation Mark14 May

    Great round up of thing in here... Keep promoting those great charities!!!

  17. Nice links! :) Especially like the sunglasses and second heels - cute ! ^^
    Thank you for the comment! Do stop by sometime again :)

    SatuIndie by heart

  18. I'm not sure if my comment came through since I was editing my avatar at the same time - so:

    Really lovely links, especially love the sunglasses & 2nd heels :) Cute!

    Thank you for the comment & do stop by anytime again ^^

    SatuIndie by heart

  19. Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle14 May

    Love those cool trenches! I have one on my wish list right now and hopefully it will be mine soon! Hope you had a great weekend--Belgian Waffles sound yummy!
    xo Mary Jo

  20. i am loving those jackets!

  21. Oh to Be a Muse14 May

    I love the TOMS mission so I'm happy that they offer sunnies now. This is a great post idea!

  22. Oh my gosh, those rain jackets are absolutely beautiful!!

  23. Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend. xx

  24. You're welcome Mongs! I love sharing fun links. 

  25. Thanks hun. I love supporting charities. 

  26. Thanks for sharing!!!


  27. Well, isn't that a coincidence! My favorite sunglasses just broke, and I do love those pink Tom's. Hmm... ;)

  28. Oooh, yes, they've great colours. Perfect timing 'eh? Hope you're doing great dear. 

  29. Yes, I love (Belgian) waffles very much. Thanks Jas. appy Wendnesday doll. xx

  30. This is a really
    fabulous shoe rack, and I cannot believe he made this for you!


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