Peach Notes, and Printed Melodies

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Whether wearing summer colours or autumn colours it's all about making it your own, and donning a hue at any given time in your way. That's definitely what I think about when selecting an outfit. This dress in particular is an older style that I made years ago from taking different garments apart. The colours in the printed petticoat are my favourite part. But, I also love this dress because it may be worn in versatile climates. And for me, autumn/winter means more layering to achieve a variety of styles.

Originally, I created this for someone else, however could not depart from it during the time I was selling other boutique items. I have several pieces like this still resting in my fashion archives, mostly because I am completely drawn to either the colour combinations, its unique textures, or the simple the fact of knowing exactly what was occurring in my life at the time it was produced.
Oasap OASAP Fashion Street style bloggers

This vintage-style floral tapestry motif is feminine, bold, and almost demands the stare of an artist, because of its intricate details within the printat a closer look there's indigo, rust, and even coral accents of lighter hues that you don't see in a first gaze. But, the dress also caters to anyone who loves to do a stylish twirl with fullness.

I went for this adorable belt, and paired it with burgundy leather boots and my favourite metallic jacket. Once again exciting colours that could want nothing more in return than the reward of a confident smile in a wear. I smiled, I laughed, and only did a mental twirl since time was of the essence. No music was not needed, but I will tell you, it would have been a refreshingly sweet tune!

Music does have a way of expressing one's feelings ... and colours are a way of showcasing one's attitude.     

Autumn Layering Fashion Blogger 
Kenzi Jacket Fashion blogger style

What attitude are you exuding today? Are there any unique colour combinations that seem to fine tune your mood?

The goods: Kissing Scotty belt-c/o Oasap, Dress-Ladyofashion, Boots-Franco Sarto, Metallic jacket-Kensie, Beaded necklace-F21, Bracelets-Gifted, charity shop, and consignment.



Needful Delays and Blue Skies

What a week it's been! Perhaps you may have noticed my slight delay in visits, and even a small social media hiatus. Well, if not, then it's because I did manage to squeeze in a few tweets and reads here and there, but most importantly I have been enjoying life, yet extremely busy. Rest as well as clearing my head from stress was needed. However, it was a progressively delightful week nonetheless.

All Smiles:
My new workout has started to kick in, so happiness abounds! Earlier this week a couple colleagues who recently changed locations moved into a new flat and hosted a small gathering. There was a feast rolled out, delectable food, grilling, and excellent company. It was simply perfect timing!
Above: Grilling time: marinated lobster tails, Break-time: Caffeine intake for the week, flight/bag situation, blackened salmon, potatoes, more food, and unseen vegetables.

Time and Date:
The one and only time I needed to carry on, my bag was delayed and threw my schedule off, but it arrived later safe and secure. We have also been trying to figure out mini-holiday travelling plans and did, only to be alarmed by me having to modify my tickets because of a special work project. As frustrating as it was to change plans it actually all worked for the better, and I was so happy to get amazing customer service on both accounts. Right, then even more news came when a (military) family friend (who is like a brother to me) talked about his wedding dates having to be altered ... now being sooner than expected ...

Count Your Blessings:
But, that's life and as unexpected moments occur sometimes you merely need to look on the positive side of it all; despite how inconvenient some situations may seem initially there is good flowing in the midst. Fortunately, the pleasing part of everything was the fact that I was able to make the changes necessary as well as complete a loaded list of other tasks this week. So, thankfully ... yes, mission: accomplished.

Next on the agenda, seeking birthday gifts for loved onesboth people being very selective ... oh, the fun begins! Obviously, online shops will be playing a huge role in the "suggestions box."

All of this business allowed me to remember an outfit that I wore some time ago for a shopping venture. Layers are always key for my style since I often get cold.  
Additional bonus: being able to bring out my camouflage denim once more.

With simple solid knits layered together I opted for boldness on the bottom of my outfit. I'm not sure how you like to look when you shop, but I always need to be comfortable. Of course, stylish and relaxed absolutely need to be merged somewhere in the ensemble, especially when extended walking is involved!

Wishing you a happy weekend! Do you have any exciting plans on your weekend itinerary?

The goods: Jacket-Thrifted, Boots-Mia, Denim-DIY, Knit vest-Mango, Messenger bag-F21, Beaded paillettes vest-Gap, Layered Tee-H&M, Eyewear-Firmoo


DeMoyo: Ready For Take Off

#WMCFW Demoyo Press Toronto Fashion Week
Welcome to your virtual fashion terminal. Don't worry, as we depart, please allow me to guide you through our new turbulence-free style zone. There's plenty of room for everyone and all may have a window seat to view. Entry stamp location: Canada

Today, I am so excited to share with you the journey of a dear friend and also one of Fashion Tales' official sponsors, DeMoyo. Canadian based brand DeMoyo is founded by fashion designer, Paidemoyo Chideya. You may remember her from my initial feature on the blog during her successful, yet humble beginnings here, as well as the spotlighted guest post on North On Harper.

There's no doubt that passion and dedication is exuded in Chideya's work, but what's really amazing to see is someone flourishing in such a short time span. Toronto Fashion Week has begun and like many fashion shows the audience have high hopes to see the next big designer, emerging talent, and most importantly a worthy showcase.

First Class Textiles
DeMoyo is amongst a pool of designers that will be showing at Toronto Fashion Week. Silk, fine dyed cotton, and the designer's signature hand-crochet embroidery yarns are some of the fabrics used in the With In Spira Spring 2013 collection, which are light and versatile. Items can be layered, yet edgy and bold attributes remain throughout the line.

The collection is inspired by the spiral, with an underlining origin meaning to inspire. "Inspiration is what fuels life for me. The path of the spiral only goes up, yet it winds up the path, from different perspectives the same thing looks different and it never ends," Chideya said.

With a glimpse of what I have seen already there are many under the radar talents deserving a well lit moment or two. So, if you're in the area you might want to pop in to get an experience to see all of the fashionable fun!

Exclusives to Prepare For Landing
Other designers showcasing at Toronto Fashion Week include Adrian Wu, Caitlin Power, and Christopher Bates just to name a few.

You may view the current collection from DeMoyo online. There will also be a stream of the show on her site.  But, you may view all shows this week streamed here as well!

Please unbuckle your seat-belts, and enjoy a first look at your new arrival destination.

Best of Toronto Fashion
Demoyo paidemoyo Chideya Canadian Designer

Top Canadian Fashion Designers
Photos: Courtesy of DeMoyo
To see schedule details or for more information visit World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week

To view the Spring 2012 collection visit the DeMoyo Lookbook.
This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the DeMoyo brand.


DIY: Merlot and Coppertone in Caps

DIY fashion Bloggers Shoes

Copper and metallic tones have been on my mind throughout the seasons, yet I have not had a chance to finish this project until recently. A month or so ago, I started a makeover on my patent leather flats, then had other lovable distractions to fill my time.

The present timing to showcase the result is better anyway given that fact that I added a few bells and whistles. These burgundy flats were simply a pair that I had purchased on my way to a meeting one daystilettos were on, a downpour of rain was definitely happening, and my feet were seeking immediate comfort! But, I have plenty of plain flats now!

Here is my custom version of (copper) cap toe embellished soles. I am pleased with the turnout. The copper colour is extremely unique and goes well with my mixed metal tone obsession.
*Note: This project can be quite messy, so please be careful. Reminder: Ultra chic apparel is not recommended for this crafting session!

Grosgrain ribbon
Heavy duty glue (for fabric and metal)
Pliers Scissors
Spray paint-copper (metal finish)
Spray sealant/
Trim: beads (2)
1 Pair of flats
Needle and thread
To begin, I taped the area where I wanted the cap toe effect on my shoes to be, then used copper spray paint (with metal finish) carefully spraying around the top and sole area. Next, let paint dry for a few minutes then spray your sealant fixative so that the paint won't chip.

Next, I added prong studs around the edges of the shoe and atop the band (optional), then spray painted once more, but over the studs this time. I wanted a mixed metal tone for these so I left the top portion of the studs silver.

Trim Options:
To embellish my flats I created a bow by cutting grosgrain ribbon approx.12-14cm length, folding the ribbon in a loop to desired bow shape. After twisting the ribbon in the back use needle and thread to tighten the bow, you may also attach any other trim that you want on the bow. I used a bead and hand tacked each piece to the ribbon. lastly, glue the bow to the top part of the flats to finish! Repeat this step for the other shoe. *For a no sew bow application you may use fabric glue or other adhesive to attach the bows as well.


September's Style

I don't think I have actually done a monthly roundup of favourite outfits before! Perhaps it's because there usually were not many to choose from in the past. But, just as my style continues to evolve so does my inspiration.

Here are a few of my favourite outfits from the month of September. I can now see that September affected me with obtaining more relaxing style choicesand, so far October has surely been of more structure, but that's the fun with my fashion selections. It eclectic, and it's alright! Which one was your favourite?

Fashion Tales' September Issue: Click images to view entire outfit posts.

Fashion Blogger Lucky MagazineGreat Fashion Autumn Inspiration

      The Casually Calm and Cool!                Autumn Seasoned!
La Redoute Fashion sweater H&M Women's tunic
     Electrifying cobalt!                  Favoured Embellments!

With every waking hour of the day there is inspiration encompassing me in some form or another, so I wanted to share a couple of links that I still fancy from September.

*I enjoyed this entire post by Miss Plumcake via Manolo's Shoe Blog.

*Beautifully expressed post by Jennifer of the blog I know, right?

Get Inspired:
*Fashion Weeks: the fab breakdown. A stylish post with tunes to love from the runway via A Brit Greek

Edible Wants & Old Memories
This recipe certainly reminds me of watching my father's family's own style of Flammkuchen (Flame Cake or some may relate it similar to the French Tarte Flambée) being made. It's highly pleasing and such a treat to create. Of course, now in my version I need to substitute the pancetta. But, check out this orginal recipe from Delicious Days.


 *Now for a brief and charming pause*

Please hold as I lose myself in the stunning couture and RTW AW12 collection by Ida Sjöstedt. Feels like: The romantic warrior cupped in ice with fuses of oak, lavender, ivy, and black tea as a steeping enchantment.
(Source) *Click images to enlarge*

And, lastly, remembering gratitude ...

To always take time out of your busy life to say "thank you!"  Have you said thank you today?


Fascination Street

I am inspired in a multitude of ways, yet often motivated by period influencefrom classic films to popular television favourites. This time around I decided to give you an easy DIY, because my zeal for both period costumes generally speaking are usually based around advanced sewing. However, for this particular project I thought I would cater to the beginner crafting enthusiast!
Plumier headdress fashion

A small amount of sewing is preferred, but you may achieve the same result with patience and a good basic cut and paste attitude!

Are you planning on holiday costume parties and Halloween fun? Well, a dramatic fascinator might do you well if you're into feathers, netting, and other fabulous bits. Your friends will think that you've spent major time on folding and ruffling fabric. Here's the clever and budget-freindly how-to:

1 new loofah small or large
1 Safety pin (optional)
Needle and thread
1 knit cap or felted circle
Sewing machine (optional)
Peacock feathers or preferred Trim
First, I took a woollen knit cap that I already had, placed it on my head to see how I wanted it positioned, and turned the edges up. Next, use pins to mark where you want the netting to be. I decided on an off centered position. After marking, take cap off.

Now, the fun begins! Pull on the elastic from the center of the loofah, (this will show you how even the netting is), then with scissors start cutting away at the net, carefully opening some of the loofah's netting. Now you can start playing with the length and thickness, and set your netting on the cap.

To do this easily, place the cap on your head and start pinning and folding the netting, simultaneously cutting the excess fabric netting. *Or, if you want to position your netting without the cap physically on you, do so by using the elastic band as a way to separate the netting that you do not want for the result. Then, use a safety pin to hold in place as you manipulate the netting. Here's a couple snapshots and mobile uploads.

Next, roll the netting bottom (the section closests to the cap) and start tacking the netting to your cap by machine sewing or with a needle and threadyou may do an easy whip stitch bonding the netting sections to the cap if done by hand. If you prefer gluing use a heavy duty fabric glue.

Lastly, when you have the netting to your satisfaction add trims for completion! I added peacock feathers and a floral feathered trim to the center of my headdress to give it that personal touch!

The goods: Skirt-vintage YSL, Lace neck ruff-Ladyofashion, Sequins top-Express


A Sure Fit: Playfully Printed

I was killing time playing puzzle games with my friend’s son and then he mentioned to me that the outfit I was wearing was "just like a puzzle!" Children can be just the icebreaker to brighten your day. I also needed to have a laugh so it was worth every bit of a chuckling nod to the little one.  

Although my playsuit was no actual puzzle, it did spark the puzzling notion of how we take separate fashioning elements—visually soothing pairings or unlikely contrasts—to fit into our daily styling. I know that from my own personal preferences regarding fashion it has surely changed over time. My influence has even shocked me a bit at times when I compare elements that I once adored in the past or supposedly would not wear—from softer more feminine colours in fabrics to metal hardware worn in daring accessories. 

Aztec Tribal Fashion prints

Sure, maybe eight years or so ago, I would not have been ecstatic about acquiring a printed playsuit in earthy hues, but I am today! And, just like puzzle pieces need to be shifted and tried on for size until the fit is just right, my progressive style has been molded to my tastes year after year. 

I have kept adored favourites, yet have also stepped into new fashion territory at times, challenging the rule book (whatever that is), and creating my own guide that suits me just fine. It doesn't mean that other pieces will not come out to play, nor does it mean that my style is completely one type of category.

Today, the missing puzzle piece was printed, and I found it in a playsuit!


Do your typical fashion pieces fit anymore? Have you been taking risks outside of your usual styling in recent years?

The goods: Printed playsuit-Burlington Coat Factory, Croc boots-Via Spiga, Handbag-Vintage, Belt and Blazer-H&M, Necklace-from Hawaii/gifted


The Thrill of Frills

I wore this weeks ago to a work related charity event, however somehow displaced the images in the assemblage of other high-priority tasks. It reminded me of what I wear in times of feeling uninspired or during moments of not wanting to go toward my bold and bright hues. There are a few fashion elements that brings more than a smile to my face other than bold colour, one is lace (obviously), and ruffles or embellishments whether complexly trimmed or subtly adorned.

This was one of those days when I knew I was going to wear black because let's face it, wearing black can generally go for most if not all occasions.

It was a busy week. Although slightly dispirited, the uplifting part of my outfit was definitely the top. Thanks to the frills, (that semi-dramatic feminine shoulder detailing) my mood got far better. Sometimes the trick is in the details of dressing; you may not feel the outfit speak to you until you completely step into it. 

It was a feel good ensemble, not glamourous or amazing, nor too over the topmerely what was needed for my style situation! When you're in a dull fashion phase just revert to those elements that make you feel good. Perhaps it's your favourite bauble or pencil skirt ... the most important thing to remember is always you! If you like it, wear it. Don't let others steal the thrill of something that makes you happy. If you are feeling confident in something, then wear it cheerfully!

Do you have a feel good top, trouser, jewel, or dress that you occasionally bring out? What makes it special?

The goods: Ruffle top-H&M, Belted skirt-Theory via Bergdorf Goodman, Heels-Charles David, Clutch-Express, Necklace-H&M



There's one thing about my shopping behaviour that I'm certain of and that's the fact that I am a pretty decisive customer, generally speaking. As an avid online patron, I have definitely developed a penchant for taking risks when it comes to selecting bold accessories or even optical frames without them being physically in front of me.

When Firmoo, a global online eyeglass store contacted me some time ago about their range in eyeglasses, I was intrigued and excited. They offer eyeglasses as well as sunglasses at an affordable price range, from retro styles (Think Lennon or Audrey!) to modern fashion frames. Although, months prior I had acquired new spectacles, they told me to browse the styles offered and try them out.

Blogger Eyewear Review Firmoo

The Verdict:
Initially, I thought, "Hey, new specs, let's go for a solid red or dark blue!" But, it's funny how things work out ... the longer I kept browsing styles to choose, the more I was drawn to this pair. After the gazing session, I quickly decided that the marble brown and sky blue two-toned unisex frame was the one! Needless to say I'm quite happy with my choice; they're playful and bold, yet very artistic. Plus, it gives me a different look other than my darker frames that I already possess, which are still fabulous, of course!

 Fashion Rectangle Eye wear Firmoo Optical

Have you tried any frames from Firmoo?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed here are my own. Eyeglasses received- Courtesy of Firmoo. Visit the site to try out a free pair!

The goods: Ballerina bow flats-Ferragamo, Dress-Love Culture, Leather clutch-DIY, Tee-H&M, Earrings-April M.

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