Accessories Talk: Happy 2013


Well, it's certainly been a very pleasant holiday for me! With several days left I can honestly say that it was a joy to sleep in and have days where I did nothing except indulge in the quietness of my surroundings, however ... I am now ready to hit the ground running once more! 

As I prepare to go through new changes I wanted to share some inspiration and progress from projects that I had been working on in earlier weeks. 

Waist Treatments:
You're aware of my adoration for accessories, thus an entire crafting session one day was solely dedicated to "the belt." I recently designed two belts before the holidays: one of Baroque inspiration, and the other merely being somewhat of an ornate ode to onyx artful styled piece. Here are the results!
DIY Fashion BloggersDIY Belts Fashion Bloggers sewing DIY baroque belts

Baroque: I used custom running yardage trim, cut, and sewed the piece on my cut industrial elastic, then used a large brass hook & eye for closure.

Ode to Onyx: I used a buckle that I acquired long ago, cut my industrial elastic and folded one side of it around the metal bar of the buckle, sewing it closed. Then, sewed the opposite side of the elastic and attached a metal hook along the edge of the elastic.

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Subtle Edge:
I take note when a garment has a special trim or added feature that surprises you, so a spike or three was exactly what I wanted in this blouse. I added spikes to the collar ends, as well as the shoulder seam for a custom dash of my style! As difficult as it is to say, yes, sometimes less is more! And, in this case the style direction that I wanted to go!

Top Style International BloggersDIY Belts Accessories African Fabrics

Sustaining and Resourceful:
My African wax fabric has surely served its (multi)purposes with me designing a clutch bag, and a bow tie for a friend. But, most importantly after careful cutting I was able to create a midriff bodice piece as well. I believe it's safe to say that I have used all of this fabric's contents for the greater good! Perhaps I may be able to create a miracle out of the lasting remnant of 10cm, but don't hold your breath.   

I will be properly wearing all of these soon, but for now there's the viewing! Next up? A few more finishing touches on several other items.

Here's to looking ahead. Of course, you should have practical goals ... there's also nothing wrong with thinking bigger, and challenging yourself always! Seek after what you want, write it down if you need to, and then just DO IT!

What are some 2013 goals that you have set so far?

Happy New Year!


  1. francesca romana capizzi01 January

    Wowwww I love those belts!!!You did an excellent job!!!Happy new year!
    Don't Call Me Fashion BloggerFacebookBloglovin'

  2. Wonderful post, gorgeous you, my dear madison.
     Happy New year!!!

  3. Lucie Srbová01 January

    Wow, so many amazing ideas!!! love it!

    Wish you an amazing new year!
    Kisses, Lucy:)

  4. That top looks amazing on you!  Such pretty projects.  Happy new year to you!!

  5. Margaret Cruzemark01 January

    Best New Year wishes girl! Totally loved this one, your blog is just the

    Best Regards

    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. love your african top! beautiful!

  7. mademoiselle mode01 January

    Happy new year 

    New post - Kisses ♥ 

  8. Happy 2013!
    Great job on the DIY projects. Love that belt. Came out great.

  9. :) Aww, thanks so much Margaret! Happy New Year! xx

  10. Thanks! to you too dear. xxoo

  11. Happy happy New year, Madison! loving these little previews of the stuff you've been working on! 
    ♥ laurathe blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  12. Fun post.  Happy New Year!

  13. Gorgeous fabric!

    Happy New Year!


  14. Viktoriya Sener01 January

    Fabulous ideas!
    Happy New Year!

  15. very beautiful work! it's unique!

  16. sartorialsidelines01 January

    I love the little stud details - I'm so into studs lately! Happy New Year!

    Courtney ~

  17. I love it all and I also have so many bunch of African fabrics all new, but I am so not the creative type to make any good use of it yet!
    I really can't to see you rock them in outfits and also see your projects for 2013.

  18. Happy New Year! Gorgeous belts :)

  19. So fun!! Great ideas!

    Take Care, Aimee
     DIY Blog: SwellMayde

  20.  Thanks! Happy New Year! :)

  21. Thank you! I'm looking forward to wearing these in the near future. xx

  22. hey madison! happy new year to you doll! so glad you enjoyed the holidays and had a little reprieve. that's always good. i love the belts you made and that bustier is so pretty. i love the colors and print of it. you make the neatest and prettiest things. it's great to be resourceful. have a great day my friend.

  23. I love the spike accents - subtle but edgy!

  24. Emmy MW02 January

    Oh my are so creative! Love that baroque belt:)
    Happy New Year as well.

  25. chris_ed02 January

    Hi dear,
    really great pieces! I love first one! happy new year:)
    kisses chris

  26. Street Fashion PARIS02 January

    Love your top!!!! Happy new year!!!!

  27. A very happy new year to you my dear! What a lovely post, I am glad to hear you have enjoyed your break and have taken the opportunity to have some well deserved you time. The belts are gorgeous and that printed bodice top is truly very striking. It was a joy following your blog last year and I look forward to every upcoming and creative post you have for us all this year. 

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year,

    Daniella xox

  28. Happy New Year to you! May 2013 be filled with good health, love, laughter and happiness! I'm with you on the just do it motto, no need to wait for the new year for such actions, any minute of any hour or day is good enough!

    I just love your crafty creations and re-invention. Which is key to making the most of what we already have!

  29. I haven't thought my about 2013 style goals just yet. The african waxed fabric is amazing!

  30. I LOVE the self-made studding - so gorgeous!  :)

  31. Talent!!! Love how the bodice turned out!

  32. Happy New Year!  I'm glad you had a restful holiday.

    I'm super crazy about accessories and that wax African fabric is GORGEOUS!  The color looks great on you. :)

  33. AMAZING pics in this post:)

    If you want some webshop inspiration, check out my first post 2013

    Happy New Year dear

    LOVE Maria

  34. Thanks MJ! Hope you're doing well. Happy New Year my friend! xx :)

  35. Thanks so much dear! You're so sweet! I do love using every excess piece of fabric, haha! :) x

  36. Thanks Aimee! Happy new year!

  37. So great that you can do all these wonderful DIY! I wish I had the same talent... 

    Have a very Happy New Year. 


  38. I love what you are making. The top is really beautiful :3. I wish I could have set bigger goals on this year, but my goals are more far in the future. Goal 2013 is to live as happily as I can ;3

    x, Lara

  39.  Thanks so much Daniella, So glad to be blogging buddies. Happy 2013! xxoo

  40. Muah!! xx Thanks love! Wishing you the best! :)

  41.  Thanks, that one was a favourite!

  42. Lorena Lorena02 January

    My, you have used your time quite well.
    I have to say that these look awesome and are all very trendy and tasteful - something these don't go together but in your case they do.... my fave is the stud shirt. Just genius.

  43. Rowena Rolala Loves02 January

    Happy New Year Madison! Glad to hear you enjoyed your holidays. Your crafting skills never cease to amaze me as do your fabulous creations.  I would really love to try my hand at some DIY in 2013.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  44. Hi doll...I am in complete awe of your creative talents, wow! You truly are an expert on adding a personally unique and glamourous touch to your outfits!

  45. Fifth N Sixth02 January

    Happy New Year, Hope you have a great year ahead! This is a wonderful post, I love seeing Ideas on how to add details to some pieces, cant wait to see the finished product..

  46. Happy new year to you! Love that first bracelet, lovely!

  47. AlexisGrace03 January

    I love the bodice piece!  You are so creative!

    I hope you had a fantastic NYE and I am wishing you an amazing 2013... can't wait to see what's in store!

  48. Oh to Be a Muse03 January

    I love the baroque details and the spikes. You are killing it! Hope you're enjoying 2013 so far!

  49. Happy New Year and Happy New Creations!! I liked the belts a lot, especially the second one!

  50. Rosa Car03 January

    Ma che bello...!!
    Ci proverò anche io
    Chocolate Rose Style


  51. great idea!
    New Post!Anthea

  52. Christine Tj03 January

    OH! I like the belt, but the studs are also way fun! :)

    I want to invite you to enter my International giveaway! It's super adorable and if you like hello kitty, mustache, accessories, art and inspiration, you definitely have to enter! On my blog, there is a link on the right side to go to the entry post!  Here is the link:    I look forward to your visit!God bless always and happy new year!

  53. Happy new year, lovely! Glad to hear you had such a nice break. My office was closed until yesterday, so I was a total couch potato. It was wonderful! That bodice is seriously amazing. You never cease to impress me. :)

  54. Happy New Year Madison! I love these, can't wait to see the new ones for throughout the year 
    Xo Megan,

  55. I love the belts, great way to add fun and interest to the waist! Happy new year!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  56. Great job Madison!!xo

  57. That's gorgeous!  I got a hand-sewn apron from Etsy and I'm in full awe of people like you who can sew!

  58. Awesome DIY. Happy New years

  59. DaintyDoll04 January

    Happy New Year doll!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!! These are wonderful...really beautiful!! Love the Baroque have a fantastic talent :))) I hope this New Year brings you lots of happy times and love doll & great adventure!! xx

  60. Happy New Year, Madison! I hope 2013 has lots of great things in store for you :) I'm loving this belt DIY, I just may have to try it... if I can really dig deep and find my crafting skills, that is :S

  61. Lola Finn04 January

    Ich finde die Sachen megatoll! :)
    Danke dir für deine immer lieben Worte!!!
    Ich wünsche dir ein wunderbares neues Jahr :)
    xoxo from MUnich


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