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Earlier artworks by hand: Flamingos-Pastels & graphite, Big Coat-Charcoal, Fast Test-Markers, Old Man-Marker & colour pencil, Costume sketches-Marker & graphite on Mylar.

The past month or so, during my off days, I have been sifting through artworks, random sketches, and renderings from the past, grabbing different pieces of influence for two new projects that I will be working on. There were many moments that entailed opening stacks of extra large manila envelopes and re-naming categories with my handy Sharpie than I would care to share. But, the task is somewhat finally complete.

The initial perusing session was meant to search for a certain piece that I wanted to mount and frame, however it immediately turned into an awe-inspiring reminiscing parade of humble beginnings. 

It’s funny to occasionally go back and view things that you’ve done, and reflect on the progress you have made or even just to have a laugh (at yourself)! I actually found myself doing both: appreciating pieces of the past and having small doses of comedy injected as I was trying to read old artsy Post-It notes that I had written in what now seemed to look like some sort of cypher.
Horse prints animal prints dresses -Forever 21 Bloggers

This outfit is inspired by those manila envelopes encompassed by ink drops or aptly, my magic Sharpie that miraculously still works after many years of using.

When I initially bought this dress I was in love with it and wanted to wear it all of the time. Now, since it’s technically still winter, layering this summery dress was an obvious choice. I was also keen to couple the outfit with boots and lace elements, so it was a naturally comforting pairing all together. Who knew office supplies could be so inspiring?

How to wear bold prints Forever 21 Fashion Bloggers
Fur coats inspiration fashion
Are you ever inspired by peculiar elements or occurrences from your past?

The goods: Dress-F21, Boots-Love culture, Ruffle necklace-DIY, Skirt-Ladyofashion, Lace tights-Express, Suede and Faux fur Jacket-Thrifted, Tee-H&M, feather/chain bracelets-DIY*This outfit is also linked up to Elena of DCinStyle's Link-Up Party here!


The Four Seasons of Sunglasses

As we prepare to trot into spring climate and don lighter threads, there’s one fashion element that everyone can wear year round … sunglasses! 

And, just like we need sunscreen eye protection is also necessary. Whether you wear prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses protective lenses are important and the frames that you choose can say a great deal about your style!

Smart Buy Glasses (SBG), an international optical store online provides a mound of designer eyewear styles including Gucci glasses, Prada, and GiorgioArmani glasses, amongst many others. From snowboarding to tennis, Smart Buy Glasses has a variety of selections for just about any occasion and sport. But, aside from designer frames there are other fashionable lenses to choose from for the entire family as well, and with free shipping!

Smart Buy Glasses Ferragamo
In addition to the quality of goods, the company’s giving back efforts is all the more reason to love the brand. With SBG’s Buy One, Give One programme, each customer purchase helps those who are visually impaired, providing eye-wear to people globally. To date, SBG has donated $1,000,000 worth of glasses. 

If you’re looking for more options in eye-wear styles this season, here are just a few of my favourites at the moment!

What sunglasses style suits you best?

Smart Buy Glasses
Smart Buy Glasses Designer Sunglasses 
Click here for more Ray Ban Sale styles. Photos: Courtesy of SmartBuyGlasses, edited by Fashion Tales. This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Water Waves, and Peacock Impressions

This week went by very rapidly, yet it was such a productive one for me, so I was grateful. Now, the time has come for me to actually go through those low-priority mails, and very old magazines stashed away especially for moments like these. 

The colours in this outfit reminded me of the waves and ripples of water, as well as the beautiful colours of peacock feathers.
How to wear pleated skirt - Fashion blogger
Spring Fashion Cobalt Pleats

Similar to many of my favourite skirts (with tulle) this skirt has that charming swoosh effect when walking. You know, that gorgeous drape that you get with chiffon or the girly princess-like layers in tutu form on a garment? Although there was no tulle involved this time around, I still felt the same ... happy!

What are your plans for the weekend? I will likely be house-sitting over the weekend for a friend, which will be a nice change in environment and somewhat, respite from the busy life. Drawing and painting time may even commence, since I don't seem to get a chance to that as much as I used to.

  Wishing you a bright and joyful weekend!

Style blogger street style Oasap

The goods: Pleated skirt-c/o Oasap, Shoes-Debenhams, Embellished knit top/jumper V&G-SF, Ombre necklace-F21, Quilted bag-Old Navy. Buy the skirt here.


Spring Style Diaries Part: 2 With Gudrun Sjödén

Come sit with me and step into the sprightly hues of Gudrun Sjödén's oasis for spring. As you have seen previously in Part: One, the 2013 spring collection is filled with wonderfully vivacious colours that will make any dull day brighter in a glance.

This skirt is a fun combination of geometric patterns and contrast colours that was also fitting to add a playful assortment of styling elements. Here’s part two’s lookbook of the spring fashion jumble coming together–it’s a slight nod to the Nouveau Bohemian for the modern fashionista!

Recommended: Relax with a good book, a favourite snack, and inhale spring's enchanting whispers of inspiration. 
Gudrun Sjoden Spring 2013 UK Scandinavian women's fashion
Gudrun Sjoden Gudrun's Good Deeds Charities Sustainable Swedish Designers

The Gudrun Difference:
Aside from uniquely defined patterns in tuneful colours and their forward-thinking approach, the Gudrun Sjödén brand stands out for many reasons. But, one empowering effort in particular that we love is Gudrun’s Good Deeds (GGD). The GGD initiative donated 120,000 SEK (just about 20,000 USD) to the Hand in Hand project, an organisation that fights poverty through the endeavours of women. Hand in Hand's success have resulted in creating one million jobs, including the countries India, Africa, and Afghanistan.

Gudrun’s Good Deeds makes a way for 150 women to have the opportunity to start their own business. The brand's contribution will specifically aid women in textile-producing areas. With that in mind, it’s inspiring efforts like these that make me appreciate the clothing and designer behind a brand with a mission even more! You may shop the new spring collection here.

 “Sometimes we think that what we do is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be smaller without those drops.”     -Gudrun Sjödén 

Clothing: Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén. "Cirkus” skirt in eco-cotton & lyocell, Striped microfibre footless tights. Buy this skirt here.


Brow Beauty: Anastasia's Bold and Beautiful Kit

It's the beginning of a new week and first off I would like to congratulate the three winners of my giveaway with Tic Sweden: the fab lovelies, Vix, Cheryl, and Kimbim!

Bold & Beautiful Kit:
Secondly, I decided to give the new Bold & Beautiful (eyebrow) kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills a try. Like most of their brand marketing, there's a visually appealing instructional booklet with well-guided tips for various uses. But, this time the brow kit included mini tweezers with the complete set.

You may remember the See and Be Seen kit last season or the Beauty Expressthis version is a simple followup to define your eyebrows, freshen up your lids for spring, and learn a bit as well if you're not too savvy in the brow shaping and colouring business.

What To Expect:
The kit is cleverly styled like a beauty novel case set. In Vol. I: Bold Brows it includes a mini duo brush, tweezers, and tinted pomade and Vol. II: Beautiful Eyes includes matte and shimmering eye shadows in neutrals and a peach pink colour. The shadows may be used wet or dry to create a subtle look or a more intensely preferred look.

To be honest, I have recently been going to my friend who does an amazing job at threading eyebrows, so I had to wait to use this kit so that I could get the full effect. I started slowly tweezing away, which I don't usually need to do much of because I actually like the natural arch of my brows. Then, I just followed the outline of how I wanted to define the shape of my brows. Mobile uploads below:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Product Reviews
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Beauty Bloggers

I love this kit's version of bold brows. I find the powder and pomade to be richer and easier for grooming, resulting in a nice smooth finish. The shadows are nice, however I like the neutrals more this time than the colour (see more below). Shade four was also my favourite. This kit would be great for travelling, as the size is perfect and compact as well..

None ... Well, it's really more of a preference! I prefer the deeper eye shadows of the "Want you to Want Me Kit" for creating my version of "A Catty Eye," smoky eye, or merely in general. But, that might be because my eyes are very almond shaped and I tend to play upon that best. 

The Verdict:
All in all, this gets a 7 out of 10. A worthy palette and likely versatile for most people! 

This kit is available at,  You may also find it at Sephora and Nordstroms.
Product: Bold & Beautiful Kit: Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills.
All opinions expressed are my own. 


Gudrun Sjödén: Spring Style Diaries Part: 1

It’s only mid-February and although spurts of spring climate will be approaching in the next month or two,  fashion-wise, spring has already begun.

About a year and a half ago I shared and introduced you to a favourite brand that’s known for their use of brilliant hues and joyful patterns. Of course, as one who personally favours colour blending, unique layering, and versatile garments in general, it was fitting this time around to put you in the attitude of spring.

Fashion Tales is excited to collaborate with designing label, Gudrun Sjödén, to share with you an exclusive glimpse of their new spring 2013 collection. Clothing with personality is what it’s all about, especially when the grounding concept is driven by a green-thinking perspective! The collection stays true to its contents of having interchangeable pieces with wearing longevity.

Inspired by nature and its traditional Scandinavian roots, the Swedish company produces sustainable clothing with a natural ethos that is built around creating individual style. It’s also a very exciting time for the international brand, as they prepare at this very moment to open a new store in New York coming in March! If you're in the area stop in to view the collection.

Gudrun Sjoden bloggers  model styles  

“The Store in Greene Street will be my green oasis.” - Gudrun Sjödén

Stay tuned for Spring Style Diaries Part: 2. You will be served a harmonious canvas of
vibrancy. Artful impressions will accompany your spring palette as a glossing brushstroke
of styling bliss. But, there's more! If you want additional inspiration for your dwelling,
view the Gudrun Sjödén spring home collection here.
Gudrun Sjoden Fashion Tales Ambassador
Clothing: Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén. Striped microfibre footless tights,“Ziki” dress in modal & elastane,“Hanna” favourite eco-cotton sweater. Shop the collection online here.


Changing Patterns

I took a slight break, which I needed so that I could get work-related things in order. Nevertheless, the week has already started off quite good: on the weekend I had the chance to finally catch up with close friends from former jobs and even art university. Then, I went to a delicious home cooked dinner, and with the rest of the night being much infused with laughter, a variety of hearty soups, and cold sips that were all good for the soul. 

I also found out that I was a weekend winner for photo of the day, in addition to winning a giveaway with Singer22. How wonderful! Right, well with all of that being said, it really is the little things that matter. This year I decided to change a few routine patterns, including the blog somewhat, life, and even my workout schedule. These simple pieces of happiness seemed to brighten my weekend, especially this one in particular since I don't usually win many contests or enter too often for that matter, so I was very pleased!

I hope your week has begun with a dose of inspiration, but in case it hasn't here's an outfit that I wore a few weeks ago after a meeting. Classic patterns like houndstooth, chevron, and as you may have guessed by now, Tartan really becomes marvellous staples in my closet to style basics with. I dug out my vest and added colourful tights to liven up this winter look. Although many of us might be daydreaming in spring colours you can definitely go bold and bright during autumn/winter seasons as well.

Stay tuned, I have a couple of stylish treats up my velvet sleeves awaiting to share with you!

Lastly, don't forget, you have several days left to enter (if you haven't already), the Tic Sweden Giveaway here or enter through Facebook.

The goods: Silk blouse, Vest-F21, Handbag-Vintage, Vintage silk scarf-Charity shop, Tights-Miss Selfridge, Boots-Dorothy Perkins, Skirt/Necklace-Express, Bracelet-Thrifted, Bangle-Oasap, Jacket-Michael Kors.

Insta-Beauty Shares

Time does not wait for anyone! Oh, how true that statement is and since I already knew that, like any task, I had to set aside a moment to gather a few gifts and items that I purchased some time ago. New beauty and items are always a pleasant treat for me.
Although, I don't typically do a beauty haul I wanted to share these items, since I have been frequently using them. Additionally, there wasn't a vast sum of product to upload via my mobile, which has also been an excellent aid for my Instagram snap-to-fashion moments for visual reminding

The Somerset Toiletry Company I have only used the soaps from this brand in the past, but my sister gave me this moisturising shower creme a couple months ago and I love it! Gifting bath items can be tricky, I don't tend to buy specific ones for others unless it's a very close friend or loved one. I'm just happy that my family knows me well and also love quality products.

Pulanna Green Tea Eye Gel: This is something that I picked up before Christmas as I was travelling, I forgot the actual name of the store that I bought it from, but I found a link with more info here and also here. So far, I like it. It has a nice refreshing and cooling effect when used as well, not as sticky or thick as some eye contour gels can be.

Luxo Laboratories Argan Plus and Phytorelax: If only these came in smaller size bottles! I have been using these and pouring them inside miniature travelling containers. I was a bit Argan oil obsessive since I already had the actual Argan oil, but then decided to try these two brands: one is a body wash, the other is a shower gel. I haven't tried these brands before, but both seemed to work great as well as smell really good! I think my favourite is the Phytorelax Olio Di Argan (above, on bottom) shower gel.

Yves Rocher has been a long time favourite, as you may know! I picked up their Wrinkles and Radiance Day Creme, but don't be judgmental of the title. Of course, I am not at the wrinkling stage yet, but that's beside the point. I found this to work wonderfully as a facial moistening creme for sun protection, and with over a month of using, (in addition to healthier eating habits) providing a healthier glow to my skin.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion: I normally don't use too many other toner brands, but when you are in various climates sometimes you need to give your skin a revival gift and change your beauty regimen accordingly. Clinique is a brand that I have used continually in previous years, but recently have tried this clarifying toner the past few months or so, which has worked well for my seasonal beauty transitions.

Spa Treatment-Sea Kelp Purifying Clay Facial Masque I bought this on Amazon. A friend of mine told me about this mask so I thought I'd give it a go! I loved it, however when you apply the mask it's quite stingy, I thought somewhat more than average. Afterward, it was smooth sailing, and my skin felt the way that it said it would: deep cleansed and soft complextion. Bottom line: I like it, and only use it once every two weeks, because I have another facial mask that I like to use once a week.  

The Green House Lavender and Citrus Bath Salts: 100% Natural ingredients. I cannot put enough emphasis on how much I love this product. I received this as a gift and already want to buy more! I really do love lavender, even though personally, sometimes it can be overpowering. Not only is the aroma in this addicting and refreshing ... it's also very relaxing! It definitely feels amazing after a labourious day at the office or if you are slightly stressed, and need to unwind. This will calm you right down.

Have you acquired any new beauty products (skin creams, makeup, facial masks, etc.) lately? What's your favourite of the moment?


The Heart of The Matter

Spreading the love is FASHION TALES' middle name, especially when it comes to stumbling across cutting-edge items!

There's plenty of unconventional and affordable options that are both stylish and simple. So, here's a curated list of my top 5 favourite gift worthy Valentine's Day alternative selections: for you, your sweetheart, or darling "friend." We have a marvellous box of goodies, including an excellent giveaway waiting for you, so take your time and enjoy these useful, and charming items below.
Tic Sweden Fastens Shirt Buttons 
(Above) 1-Quality leather gloves Ted Baker and Dents, 2-Etsy handmade soaps made in the likeness of chocolate nut brownies, and other sweets in oatmeal glycerin and heart shaped dead sea salt soap, 3-Unique small jewellery: thinking beyond diamonds? Give the Monserat De Lucca "Ducks-in-a-row" bracelet and Tuleste Market-Tulip earrings. 4-True Fabrications: vintage inspired hi-tech bottle stopper in the form of a gear shift, it's very 007! 5-Tic® by Tic Sweden.

It's such a delight to partner and collaborate with Tic Sweden (Tic Sverige AB), the Gothenburg-based company behind the brilliant no-sew button fastener. The brand created the patented product tic®, which allows anyone ... that's right, anyone, to permanently fasten a button on their shirt. Male or female, whether you need a two-hole button or four-hole button sewn, don't fret fashionistas! You needn't worry about having sewing skills at all to use this item!

Tic® Talk: Sans Needle & Thread
Have you ever had a button fall off your shirt or blouse at the most inconvenient moment? Tic® instantly solves that problem! It's a fine quick-fix solution, and an even better backup plan to keep handy in your briefcase, handbag, or in your travelling case. Watch the video below to see Tic® in action.

Why we love Tic®
Aside from the obvious clever design, tic® is at the vanguard of no-sew innovation. Tic® is also made entirely from high-quality recyclable plastic. 

The Best Part
We are giving away 3 Tic® packs, that means 3 winners will receive this new creationGo ahead, tell your friends, strangers, neighbours, and sweet-lovers because this is one giveaway that everyone can use!

There's no insurmountable hurdles to jump to enter this baby! Just sign-in below and choose the 1 mandatory way or select all ways to gain extra entries. All three winners will be contacted via email and announced on the blog. The giveaway is open internationally. Good luck!   This giveaway is closed.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Extras
Here's also an amazing discount code if you want to grab some of these for family and friends! Spend 15 EUR/ approx. $20 USD on Tic® and get 33% off, use the code: FT2013-SWEDEN. This generous offer lasts for 2 weeks so get started here!
*This offer has now expired.
Tic Sweden - no sew Button Fastener - Swedish Design


Plaid and Tartan: The Double Feature

How to wear Tartan Style Blogger
I was exhausted, the weight of the week had finally caught up with me and I needed somewhat of a style wake-up call, but not exactly. A splash of joy and inspiration really was all that I was after. But, I found more within seconds of perusing the underside of my carryall tote and the depths of my closet.

Sometimes bringing out a favourite pair of (patterned) trousers is just what a girl needs to do! I did exactly that when I needed to stay warm in happy layers.
Plaid Tartan trousers Sammydress Model
Artful Style
The overall tone of the outfit was bold, and a fashion jumble of hues quite like the grain on a canvasevery colour weaving in and out and blending into the next, yet also with structure and much needed liveliness.  

I decided to bring out my vintage fur that I cut and made into a collar, the same coat that I cut my hat from. Then added a Tartan crest flannel shirt, and trousers to seal it all in as a finishing touch.

Instead of combat boots I opted for a vintage ankle-styled pair that I acquired years ago. I love pattern and colour, so outfits like this tend to bring me the right amount of inspiration that I need. Pattern doubled with even more pattern, certainly not for everyone, but it's well-suited for my style, especially for a nice dose of colour explosion for a Monday. Now, I am fully awake and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Military inspired outfits Inspiring Fashion Bloggers

The goods: Tartan trousers-charity shop, Tartan Shirt-c/0 Sammy dress, Fur collar DIY/Vintage, Jacket-Zara, Epaulet chain trim-DIY, Boots-Vintage, Ruffle necklace-DIY


Life: Food, Fashion, and Inspiration

Can you believe that it's February? Well, I am very excited and bursting with motivation, having started the new year off with a scroll of ideas and new ventures, some of which that I have prepared to share with you. Stay tuned for even more style treats in the works. But, until then, here's a little inspiration to help you enjoy your fantastic Friday, sleeping-in Saturday, and your savoury Sunday moments!

Pssst ... did you hear? There's talk about spring being near ... right, at least on the runway!

I adore chunky knitwear, layering, and have actually enjoyed winter for the most part, but here are two pieces, amongst many others that have me becoming slightly distracted from colder climates. Print, sheers, and contrast seemed to catch my eye regardless who designed the garments.

Erdem Spring 
Erdem SS2013, (Source)
Roland Mouret Runway
Roland Mouret SS13, (Source)

LIFE: Drink up!

If you've been swamped with work, life, or simply worrying in general, STOP! We must not get overwhelmed with things that we cannot change, of course this is easier said than done. However, what you can change is your environment. Take a long walk. Find a peaceful spot to sit, go to the park, bring your favourite tunes or a sketchbook, and take a d-e-e-p breath inhaling your gigantic load. Now, exhale it all out so that you can see, feel, and think with a clear mind. Repeat if necessary.

Prabal Gurung Target collaboration - River Island Rihanna

Although everyone is overjoyed and anxious about the Rihanna/River Island or Prabal Gurung/Target collaboration, I was firstly excited about new makeup colours! But, don't get me wrong, I will likely be at least giving casual glances over Team RiRi and Team PG as well later on. Which one are you most excited about, if any? 

Lancome Makeup 2013 Trends

(Above) 24H Crease-Free Luminous Eye Shadow in Tremendous Turquoise, Baume In Love sheer tinted lip balm in Coral Electric-Bright Orange, and Vernis In Love nail laquer in Peach Mélodie. Photos: Lancome, edited by Fashion Tales.

Lancome's spring 2013 In Love collection features a charming palette of the romance of rosy hues, tones of tropical fruit emitting peach tints, and even a turquoise colour that will have you smiling at your computer screen before buying! There's also tinted lip balm and a "Dewy Mist" that's suppose to help you achieve a beaming complextion. Spring is in the air, and even though I cannot feel it I still get incredibly animated and delighted when I see happy hues of pastel and teal ... sometimes with yellow as well!


Lastly, but certainly not least of the thoughts for today, here's the Friday food choice. There's nothing like a nice homemade sandwich. Recently, we have been cooking old favourites and diving into family recipes. Aside from that, one thing that's delicious and always easy to make is this: aubergine and grilled vegetables, with roasted peppers. The inside ingredients of a sandwich is important, yes, but you know what's even more essential? The bread that it goes on! Inferior bread can ruin a beautiful culinary medley.


Happy weekend!

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