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Earlier artworks by hand: Flamingos-Pastels & graphite, Big Coat-Charcoal, Fast Test-Markers, Old Man-Marker & colour pencil, Costume sketches-Marker & graphite on Mylar.

The past month or so, during my off days, I have been sifting through artworks, random sketches, and renderings from the past, grabbing different pieces of influence for two new projects that I will be working on. There were many moments that entailed opening stacks of extra large manila envelopes and re-naming categories with my handy Sharpie than I would care to share. But, the task is somewhat finally complete.

The initial perusing session was meant to search for a certain piece that I wanted to mount and frame, however it immediately turned into an awe-inspiring reminiscing parade of humble beginnings. 

It’s funny to occasionally go back and view things that you’ve done, and reflect on the progress you have made or even just to have a laugh (at yourself)! I actually found myself doing both: appreciating pieces of the past and having small doses of comedy injected as I was trying to read old artsy Post-It notes that I had written in what now seemed to look like some sort of cypher.
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This outfit is inspired by those manila envelopes encompassed by ink drops or aptly, my magic Sharpie that miraculously still works after many years of using.

When I initially bought this dress I was in love with it and wanted to wear it all of the time. Now, since it’s technically still winter, layering this summery dress was an obvious choice. I was also keen to couple the outfit with boots and lace elements, so it was a naturally comforting pairing all together. Who knew office supplies could be so inspiring?

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Fur coats inspiration fashion
Are you ever inspired by peculiar elements or occurrences from your past?

The goods: Dress-F21, Boots-Love culture, Ruffle necklace-DIY, Skirt-Ladyofashion, Lace tights-Express, Suede and Faux fur Jacket-Thrifted, Tee-H&M, feather/chain bracelets-DIY*This outfit is also linked up to Elena of DCinStyle's Link-Up Party here!


  1. Dainty Doll27 February

    Love that whole outfit, it is marvellous!! And the colours and tones are perfect!! It's fun to go back and see things you did and see how it compares with now and how far you've come. It helps in gaining perspective and what you may still need to do and accomplish now!! I hope you have a super day doll xox

  2. Isn't it wonderful how inspiration strikes from all directions - I love the idea of ink-embossed manila envelopes providing your outfit theme here.
    Lovely artworks too, especially the flamingos.

  3. Such a great and interesting outfit!

  4. Lilli C.27 February

    Yep I am, many times!:) You look very classy Madison, great dress and coat!:) Kisses!! xo

  5. Luna Tiger27 February

    Wow ! You make beautiful drawings ! And I love this outfit with  this marvelous coat !

  6. That coat is SO fun, and I love your dress! The drawing looks great too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Daniella27 February

    I am always intrigued by how your unexpected and creative combinations always look so good, I find it so inspiring. I love how You've combined print with texture, I especially love your coat and how it completes the look so perfectly :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  8. Amazing work, darling ~ you are so talented!
    And I love that dress!


  9. Sam @ Frills & Thrills27 February

    I love how much thought was put into this and how you've been inspired, it proves that fashion has so much creativity to it. Love the dress, you looks stunning.

  10. Haha, it happens to me quite a lot actually, the reminiscence of the past, and  then my husband would just wonder why I suddenly laugh out of nothing. I love the print of your dress, can´t wait for summer.

  11. I love, love, love the print on your dress. And that coat. And those tights. This is such an incredibly playful {yet oh-so glamorous} look. Stunning Madison!  :)

  12. Whoa!  Amazing outfit.  The colors suit you so well.  And the bold designs mixed together?!  I don't have the balls to do that. :)  They look great on you.  Kudos.

  13. As I've spent the past few months at my parents' home (as we prepare for the next big move!) I have had many opportunities to sift through my personal history.  It is so interesting to see where I have grown from, what has impacted who I am today and to wonder where I will be next....

  14. So chic!
    Beautiful!oxoxoxox from San franciscoAmy

  15. Lady à la Mode27 February

    love your dress and your unique styling! fun tights and booties and that coat is just so amazing! 

    xxxLady à la Mode

  16. simple and stylish no stress, you look stunning girl. i want that dress.

  17. AlmostStylish27 February

    Love your dress and coat!


  18. Oh to Be a Muse27 February

    It is very interesting that this dress is inspired by office supplies. By the way, your artwork is great and I love your coat. Oh, and I received my giveaway win in the mail the other day!

  19. francesca romana capizzi27 February

    That dress is supercoo and I love the coat!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger




  20. You look amazing, I love this dress on you. And I love the inspiration behind this outfit, so creative!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  21. madison, you are super talented! I love the flamingo one a lot! And that dress is so darling. the print is so cute!

  22. Love the pretty printed dress! I also love your approach for going through old art/ handwriting/ notes etc - sometimes you have to appreciate, and sometimes you have to laugh! Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  23. The past is always a good source of inspiration and jokes as you said.
    Wearing my High School uniform now as a trend says much I guess.
    Love the dress and how you have layered it.

  24. Oh my gosh! You are so talented! And I love how you find inspiration in the random things around you:) Love love love that dress.


  25. You are incredible creatives and as many creative people you express yourself in many forms!
    Love this outfit is a bit of Marni mix with some Betsy Johnson.

  26. Yes, it's all so very exciting. I'm sure you understand. Good luck on the next big move! :) xo

  27. Thanks! And, great, glad you got it! :)

  28.  Thanks Laura, I'm always a bit hesitant to show my art, but in small doses may be more in the future. Have a great day! :)

  29.  Sometimes inspiration comes in the oddest of forms ... love that though! Thanks for commenting.  x

  30.  :-) Thanks so much. Happy that you could to view them. xx

  31. LOL, I know exactly the feeling. Hope you're doing well Glee. :)

  32. that dress is it! Xo Megan,

  33.  Thank you Ofelia. Such a sweet compliment. :-)

  34. cute dress!

  35. SACRAMENTO Amate28 February

    You always layer so beautifully, my dear Madison.

  36. tia_cherie28 February

    Love the dress and the coat with the amazing fur collar.

  37. The dress is super fun...has almost a whimsical retro feel to it. You did a good job incorporating into your winter fashion ;)
    As for the past...I love finding writings or drawings I did in the past...often times I feel that I was more free back then.
    Perhaps as you get older you lose that free-spirit a bit.
    But we gain a bit more control in our it's a ying-yang kind of effect.

  38. Street Fashion PARIS28 February

    Super beautiful!!! looking forward for more!!!

  39. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places Madison. I've done the same thing. You look very pretty doll!

  40. I love looking back at old work (you're right, sometimes it is funny & gives us a laugh). For me, it always inspires me to do better and puts me in a creative mood :)

    You look great in that dress and love the jacket you paired with it.

  41.  I agree, thanks for your thoughtful comment. /Madison

  42. Thank you dear Sacramento. xx Happy weekend.

  43. The coat is a fav oldie piece. Glad that you liked it as well. xo

  44. Thanks so much for the compliment. Yes, I guess I've always just loved mixing patterns together. I'm sure you will find your own way of doing it! :)

  45.  I agree, it absolutely helps tonks  put me in a better mood. Thanks. xx

  46. Margaret Cruzemark02 March

    Such an elegant lady, such a great outfit!! I love

    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  47. LA Lynn's02 March

    Just found your blog & I'm glad I did!!!! You have such great style! Can't wait to see more posts! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Another day and another gorgeous look! Thank you so much for being a part of link up party!!!

  49. Veshoevius05 March

    I love that dress! It's so cute and I love the way you've toughened it up with the biker boots and lacy tights.  The fur collared coat over it looks wonderful too.


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