Data Disruptions


I had originally planned to upload a few other images, but instead my special USB decided to break and entirely ruin that novel idea! Yes, break as in port. stick. in shambles ... how lovely! And, between the countless whispers of, "well, you did back everything up," from what seemed to be everyone in sight, and a brief sobbing session, needless to say it did not matter at that point!

Sure, I had loads of things backed up, however the files that I really wanted were on said USB. Just before the switchover the wires were in tatters. Yes, it was one of those days! But, the day wasn't complete crap, after a good calm down I managed to have a worthy IT guy take a look at it and he miraculously collected what he could from it. Watching him in action was quite like a present day episode of MacGyver, and obviously a very hi-tech version. 

The same feeling you get when you think you've lost your handbag or wallet ... you know, that deep belly of heaviness and stomach dropping sensation, sprinkled with high increased heart beatsthat's how this felt.

Since the only thing I could think of afterward involved a shot of something, I decided to pair that concept with a few fashion items that I've been loving at the moment. I imagine normal programming will resume shortly, but until then enjoy these inspiring gulps of style.

1. A refreshing basil and mint mojito and  Baublebar mint cuff bracelet, 2. Mandy Flats with tassels-Madison Harding and Cranberry Mojitos, 3. Dalmore 18 year old single malt scotch whisky and vintage-inspired drop-waist dress-ASOS, 4. Chained on Love bag-Urbanog and a White Russian. Alternative Probiotics recipe here.


  1. Lyosha20 March

    very nice picks!


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  2. Sam @ Frills & Thrills20 March

    Hi dear, sorry to hear about your USB data drama, I have lost much important information too that way before. Love the ladylike rusted orange dress, so pretty!

  3. Dainty Doll20 March

    Sorry to hear about that doll, I believe I'm having one of those moments as well. But, the day is new, so I'm trying to let it all go and enjoy it anyways. I hope things will get sorted out & be just fine.Love the shoes and dress...gorgeous colours!! Have a sweet day xo

  4. Daniella20 March

    Aw so sorry to hear about your USB, I would be in bits if it were me! I hope things get better and sorted out very soon. Lovely post my dear, those flats are gorgeous and those drinks look so tasty :)

    Take care and stay positive :)

    Daniella xox

  5. Sorry for your tech troubles, darling!
    Love this collage ~ so fun and creative!


  6. Lilli C.20 March

    Hi Madison! Sorry for the data, hope you can fix the trouble soon! I had a similar experience last year, horrible!! Btw, I like the items you are loving at the mo, especially the flats! Have a good day, kisses! xo

  7. kim bim20 March

    defo!!! understand how you feel about this, so sorry about the loss of data, beautiful picture dear.


  8. Denise20 March

    Hope everything is OK soon! I loved the orange dress and the bag (4)! Don't know if you'd remember me, but I had a break from bogging due to a stalker. Scared me... now I'm back with another address! Hope you are doing fine! XXX <a href=">Denise<a>

  9. Denise20 March

    oh, sorry, it's the same name of before, not the URL, but the blog's name in case you want to see it - easy:

  10. Aw Madison, I'm sorry to hear about your USB :-(. I've been there before, except I didn't have an IT guy to help me save even a little bit. Nonetheless, this post is so cute! I love the mint bangle and snakeskin loafers!

    1. Thanks Rocquelle! Well, at least he managed to grab most of the data for me! Have a great day dear! :)

  11. Oh no Madison! That's happened to me at work. Very frustrating! Aren't IT guys amazing? They can do wonders girl. HaHaHa I'll take one of those refreshing drinks any day. Hope things get better for you soon doll

  12. Those drinks look good! Sorry to hear about your USB drama :( Sounds like you need a drink yourself ;)

  13. Erika Sorocco20 March

    This is such a cute idea, Madison - LOVE # 1! :)

  14. Thanks! :) Feeling slightly better now. :)

  15. Oh wow, that sounds horrible, hope you're alright now. Thanks for visiting.

  16. Emmy MW20 March

    So sorry to hear what happened:( I think we all know (and been there) what you're talking about. Gad your IT guy was able to salvage some stuff.

  17. Oh to Be a Muse20 March

    So sorry about your USB. I don't have all my stuff backed up so the thought of this is already freaking me out. I love the mint mojito and mint cuff and the white Russian.

  18. Thanks Daniella! :) All is getting better now... slowly! xo

  19. Thanks CC! Turning lemons into lemonade. xx :)

  20. SACRAMENTO Amate20 March

    Great stuff!!!

  21. This post makes me want a cocktail :)


    The Other Side of Gray

  22. I know that feeling all too well! The situation where a mojito or whisky could act as a remedy.


  23. the dress is perfect. would love one like that.

  24. Oh sorry for your tech and USB issue.
    Lovely collection of items dear!

  25. oh, interesting, I back things up on another hard drive but this was right before the saving moment! *Definitely back up everything lady!

  26. Thank God someone was able to recover the info! I freak out when stuff like that happens. I love the Baublebar bracelet and the bag. I've been obsessed with mint green lately.

  27. Sam @ Frills and Thrills20 March

    Thanks for your visit sweety, hope your week is going well :)

  28. Lyosha21 March

    I love those inspiring items, dear! esp theidea of pairing it with drinks - looks so cool! I also love the shoes a lot. xx

  29. Oh, I know just how you feel, Madison - once, years ago, right at the end of university term, my brother and his friends downloaded a program that wiped our computer hard drive... which meant all of my end of term essays were lost! I was devastated. A miraculous IT guy managed to get most everything back, but the initial shock was pretty awful.

    You managed to get a lovely post together in spite of your set back - I just love that orange dress!

  30. Sorry to hear your usb broke but I really like your cute post. I wouldn´t mind that cranberry mojito right now :-)




  31. oh noessssssss, Madison! That's awful. I'm sorry that had to happen to you! I really should be better about backing things up, too :(

  32. Thanks Cee, yes a similar thing happened to my friend at university. It's a horrible feeling. But, so far I was able to get the bulk of things. xo

  33. Yes, Thank you Jen. I love the cuff too. Mint is just a pretty colour!

  34. Lucie Srbová21 March

    I absolutely love this idea!!! those shoes are simply gorgeous. Sorry about the loss of data.

    Style Without Limits

  35. Da Paura22 March

    LOVE it all! Especially the cuff, and my husband would love that scotch!

  36. MOSAMUSE22 March

    nice post!

  37. Alexis Grace23 March

    Ugghhh.... technology!!! How it has us completely dependent on it!

    Fortunately, from the ashes has come this lovely inspiring post! 1 & 2 are speaking my language!!!!

  38. Thankfully, I was able to get a portion back, but still lost data. But, I guess this post was meant instead. Thank for your comment! xx/M

  39. Yes, backup everything, haha. I do that and it still happened, but better times are ahead. Thanks.

  40. Yes, I could have used that mojito as well at that moment, lol. Thanks for your comment.