DIY: Rock of Ages


I have been wanting to play around with creating something from a few broken beads that I had in my crafting bin. I decided to break more of them recently to make a rock-candy inspired ring. Growing up I was not able to eat rock candy, since it was pure sugar, but my family used it from time to time. I was basically a sugarless hyper-energetic child, but in a good way! However, food in general to me is much like arteven now I can see the art in various forms of rock candy.
If you've never had this classic confection it's made from crystalled sugar and may come in a diverse range of colours by the simple addition of food colouring during the creation process.

Rock candy, (not to be confused with sticks of Rock/Blackpool Rock) has been widely used and enjoyed for centuries. It is also referred to as candy sugar, better known from its origin of India and Iran since the ninth century. In some cultures it is used in teas, for medicinal purposes, and even as a sweetener in certain cuisine.  

Have you had rock candy before? Now that you know a bit more about rock candy, view my version of it below worn as a playful and uniquely styled ring. I am so excited to wear it and already making a few other colours for friends!

Glass Marble (1) per ring
Acrylic Beads approx. 10 pcs.+/-
Heavy Duty Glue
Adjustable ring (1)
Glitter Glue or Dried Glitter
Scissors to cut excess (optional)


To begin, take a handful of acrylibeads and place them in a cloth (a face cloth size works fine), then hammer away at it until breaking the beads in smaller pieces. After the preferred size is achieved start to glue the beads to the top of the glass marble one by one.

If you use the clear acrylic beads like mine, they have a mirror-like film on the backside of each bead. As you hammer the beads be mindful of this so that you may have some of the beads scratched more than others on their backsideTo do this, turn some of the beads on opposite sideas you hammer away. The rubbing against each other with thcloth creates this effect.

To give my ring that extra sparkle and more depth I used the backside of the beads as I glued them, creating somewhat of an asymmetrical raised shape. By using my technique when the light hits the ring, it now has a sparkling effect with the mirrored edges dispersed throughout the ring. 

Afterward, I added dried glitter-glue atop the now formed rock. You may also use loose glitter to carefully drizzle small parts of the rock. Let dry. Lastly, attach the rock to the adjustable ring. Let dry, and wear!

*Further reading and fun facts on candied rock here. 
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  1. kim bim17 March

    great idea, i love it, its a beautiful ring!!!

  2. Lucie Srbová17 March

    Wow, this is extremely beautiful!!!! love it so much!

    Style Without Limits

  3. Lilli C.17 March

    Seriously Madison, you have been so good! Great job, really love the result, too precious!:) Kisses dear! xo

  4. I am in love with this DIY! I couldn't wait to see the final product when you posted it on IG. This is such a brilliant idea. I might try it!

  5. Emmy MW17 March

    That ring is pure awesomeness! And I do have rock candy at home coz I bought it for this chinese dish recipe I wanted to make (but haven't yet):)

  6. Thanks! I am very proud of this one and so glad that it came out the way I wanted. xx

  7. That's great Emmy, yes, a friend of mine uses it also for a Chinese dish, hope it's delicious. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Girlie Blog Seattle18 March

    What a fantastic idea. yes, I've had rock candy when I was a kid, but never thought of wearing it as jewelry. Great idea.

  9. oooooooooo, came out beautiful! i love the idea of crushing those little guys to make a crystal situation. came out gorgeous!

  10. mosamuse18 March

    oh i like this!!
    nice inspiration


  11. francesca romana capizzi18 March

    Naaaaaaaaaaah you genius!! I can't believe you made a ring with brokend beads!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  12. Daniella18 March

    That ring is so striking my dear. You've done an amazing job :)

    Take care and have a wonderful week,
    Daniella xox

  13. You always come up with the best DIYs, Madison! I would never have guessed you made this ring yourself, it looks like something you could buy at any accessories store. Well done! And such a creative use for broken beads, too :)

  14. Madison that ring is so awesome! HaHa I love it! What a sparkly statement piece! Looks great on your hand. Great job and beautiful work doll.

  15. Dainty Doll18 March

    It came out beautifully!! I have lots of pieces that have been broken, I really should sit down sometime and re-create something from them!! This looks like something from the store, it's awesome. Well done you :)) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  16. I am so in love with this DIY!!!

  17. Oh to Be a Muse18 March

    Never had rock candy before, but I do like your version of it with the ring. I need to be more creative! :)

  18. Thanks so much Cee! This was one of my recent favourites! xx :-)

  19. Haha! :-) *blushes* Thanks for your sweet comment. Glad you liked it too!

  20. Thanks doll. Yeah, I have a few friends who want some, so I may sell a limited number soon. :-) xx

  21. Thank you Jamillah. x Enjoy the week.:-)

  22. Whoa! I love it! So pretty and super creative!!!!

  23. miranda18 March

    Great DIY!!!


  24. What a great idea for a DIY. I love how it came out, so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  25. Amazing DIY, darling!
    You are so creative!


  26. krystal/avillagetown.com18 March

    that is awesome! i would never think to do this...but great diy

  27. seaandswank18 March

    What an awesome idea for a DIY – the ring is gorgeous.

    Sea and Swank

  28. Rosalind Jana18 March

    That's such a creative use for broken (or purposefully smashed) beads and the end result is stunning.

  29. That ring turned out so beautifully! Great idea!

  30. mochaccinoland.blogspot.com19 March

    great diy! the end result is pretty amazing.


  31. tia_cherie19 March

    This is so pretty. You amaze me with your DIYs every time.

  32. Erika Sorocco19 March

    I can't tell you how much I love this, Madison. And how much I've loved it since spotting it on Instagram. This is such a brilliant creation! :)

  33. Street Fashion PARIS19 March

    Always love your DIY!

  34. Omg, Madison! This looks awesome!!! i was just thinking about what to do with all my glass beads that I don't need anymore, and this is the perfect solution! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Akinyi Ragwar19 March

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I would to follow you, I'm going to follow you now on Bloglovin' and GFC! I hope you do the same!
    For your post, What a beautiful ring, your so creative! You should seriously sell that on pinterest or your blog! So coool!

    xoxo Akinyi
    Keep in touch!

  36. Thank you! x Glad that you enjoyed it.

  37. xxoo :-) Thanks so much lovely.

  38. Maria Bastida20 March

    Cool idea and very easy to make. Thanks for sharing it :)

  39. What?! This is awesome! lol Sweet looking ring and seems fairly easy. I got a ring in my Julep box that you were supposed to paint the bottom with and put that clear stone over it (sorry... name is popping up right now). I totally could have used that to create this look instead!

  40. Alexis Grace23 March

    You are so creative-- never would I think to turn broken beads into such a pretty ring!!! Great DIY!

  41. Margaret Cruzemark23 March

    Great idea. I love this ring.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark