Versatile Sportswear


As I have not had too much time to share style posts, I thought that I would share with you a look that I wore weeks ago. Also, a massive "thank you" goes out to you dear readers for the overwhelmingly lovely birthday messages, comments, and wishes.

For this outfit, I needed to change quickly into something presentable right after working out, however I didn't need to be fancy or anything. My only destination was meeting a friend for coffee after a long work day and a gym session. I swapped my clutch for a utility messenger bag and my heels for a more sportier shoe, a colourful running cross-trainer! Comfort and style was the overall tone that I was going for.

I changed into this linen utility skirt that I have actually had for a couple of years, then added a cardigan knit that I designed and sewed many years ago. Therefore, much of this outfit is a considerable amount of remixing versatile pieces that I've not worn in quite some time.

There you have it, an easy transition for casual wear. For me, versatility is everything these days! 

The goods: Messenger bag-Delias, Trainers-Saucony, Cardigan-Ladyofashion design, Linen Skirt-H&M, Belt-Vintage, Jewellery-Love Culture/Nordstrom

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  1. KizzyDoll22 July

    Hiya doll!! You look great. I think sometimes outfits that can be versatile and easy are needed! Sometimes when I have school runs and errands to do, I wear sneakers with my dresses, so I can zoom on by and get things done and then back again. It is needed. I hope you have a wonderful week to come doll :)) xx

  2. Adeola Naomi Aderemi22 July

    Gorgeous outfit and I like your blue top!

  3. You look fabulous - I love wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses xo

  4. francesca r22 July

    Those sneakers look great with the pencil skirt!!! I love the color combination!!

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  5. Gorgeous casual chic. Well you look fancy and I love your blue cardigan. You were at the gym too!! How can you manage all that :D

    Have a great Monday Madison!!!

    xx Mira

  6. Hi Madison! Hope you had a great bday! I like how you changed the look into a sporty casual one! You look very lolvey, congrats for the cardigan knit, it is so cute and the color suits you! Happy Monday dear, kisses! xo

  7. Sam @ Frills & Thrills22 July

    Hi sweety, I like your more levant take on the sportswear trend, the belt is so pretty and works really well with the lovely cardi. Hope you had a wonderful bday!

  8. Ms Madge22 July

    Did you make the cardigan yourself? That's really impressive :D I love the look. I've not worn trainers casually for a decade (excluding Converse) so it's like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a lovely week! xxx

  9. Ivana Džidić22 July

    love your skirt and I like the cardigan!

  10. This shade of blue looks awesome on you, Madison:) And hope you had a fab bday celebration!
    Happy Monday!

  11. Sharon22 July

    Love how you transitioned your work look to sportswear! Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

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  12. Couture Carrie22 July

    Love the sneaks!


  13. Stylish ByNature22 July

    Absolutely fabulous !


  14. kim bim22 July

    So sporty, I love....

  15. Hiya there Madge, yes I designed it sewed it all the above. I used to be a fashion designer. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

  16. Thanks Em, yes it's been a wonderful one. xx:)

  17. Thank you Kizzy dear. Exactly, it makes it quite easy to get around especially when you're on the run. Take care, /Madison :-) xxxooo

  18. Love the transition to casual wear! You look so cute.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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  20. Daniella22 July

    Hello dear, hope you enjoyed your weekend. I love the sporty and casual tone you've bought to this look and I also love how the khaki looks against the blue :) wonderful look as always dear.

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  21. Vix Brearley22 July

    Lovely colour combo and that bag's cute! x

  22. Thanks Mira, lol. It's tough at times, but glad that I can manage it all. :-)

  23. It's a great outfit Madison. It's simple, comfortable, yet looks pulled together. Love your sneakers!

  24. Happy belated birthday :)
    I like your outfit as always. The bag is super lovely. I want one like that too :) xxx

  25. You know, Madison, I haven't been totally convinced by the sneaker trend... and then I saw this look. It's so perfectly put together, I wouldn't even have realised that you were wearing sneakers if you hadn't mentionned it! That's what I call truly mixing comfort and style :)

  26. I really love the cut and the colour of the cardigan! So great that you made this yourself.


    Great shade of blue.
    I always carry a bag very simila when I travel

  28. Erika Sorocco23 July

    That messenger bag is fantastic; and I am absolutely loving your trainers! :)

  29. Sam @ Frills & Thrills23 July

    Hi dear...I appreciate your kind visit :)

  30. versatility indeed! I know what you mean. Some days, I wanna just change one thing up with what I already have on and then out the door again! :) Your self made cardigan is cute! I LOVE the color!

  31. Natalia23 July

    wonderful outfit! I absolutely adore the cardi! x