In The Know: Designer Spotlight: UEG and ZoFA


For this portion of the Fashion Tales "In the Know" spotlight of designers, we're taking a different route. Today is about exploring unisex accessories and garments, as well as the usual art infused and avant-garde driven inspirations. This exclusive set of designers exemplifies originality, passion, and a distinct message behind their design.  
Above: Paper Parka-Unisex, Women's Half Paper Cotton Shirt

Warsaw based project, UEG is a clothing brand for women and men that collectively plays upon the concept of consumerism as well as symbolism in text. The concept of UEG came from Lojewski, Kuczynska and Przemek Nowakowski, a screenwriter and author of drama plays from Poland. 

They visually narrate the motive of making the wearer conscious of discrepancies in the world today—the intentions are to show similarities in everything and each person. The brand’s project name essentially means “use and throw away,” (Usa e Getta), which is also the basis of inspiration for this entire mission.  

The collection features everything from multi-functional scarves, in the UEG Flags collection to patterned/scripted unisex parkas, from the Between Water and Stars collection.
 Images: UEG  Above: Famous Paper Blazer (100% Tyvek), Paper Case with magnet closure: made with water-resistant Tyvek. For Ipads, Macbooks Air, and Macbook Pro.

“Similarity is characteristic of everything that is. Everything that is, is similar. Each of us is similar to someone else. Do not be solitary, be similar. Similarity guarantees cleanliness. Cleanliness is the new love,” the designer says. 

Elina Dobele
Architect and shoe designer, Elina Dobele of ZoFA footwear produces handmade shoes for men and women with fine details. Dobele uses her architectural background as inspiration as well as the design perspective. She sketches, designs, and develops each style—all of the craftsmen who make the shoes are equally passionate about taking part in the manufacturing process. The shop is based in Riga, Latvia, and every bit of each style is made by hand. 

With Dobele’s designs she silently triggers several questions to the wearer, including, “What are our shoes thinking when being worn?” The collection consists of many styles that can easily be seen as art, using leather, satin, and unique seaming contrasts as the sole voice of expression. It’s sheer fashion play on comfort and style. From over-the-knee boots to a modern graphic nod to oxfords … in this line the use of leather certainly adds to the overall aesthetic!
Images: ZoFA Above: 1-Captured Beaks, 2-Tender Pony Pale, 3-Sharper Sharps in Navy, 4-Rough Cut Brown Shoes, 5-SS2013 Collection, 6-Tender Ripped

What do you think of UEG and Dobele’s designs?

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  1. KizzyDoll30 August

    Love some of these shoes, they are marvellous :)) Super pieces. Have a gorgeous weekend doll, I hope your week has been great xx

  2. francesca r30 August

    I am really impressed by the paper parka!! i kinda love it!

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  3. Couture Carrie30 August

    Amazing designs!
    Love the shoes!


  4. Oh to Be a Muse30 August

    I really like #5 in the footwear collection. I would love to just try them on. The concept of these brands is pretty cool though.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  5. I love the art meets fashion concept! Thanks for the intro Madison!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. Great feature, Madison. Dobele's shoes are unique, and that UEG paper parka is all kinds of amazing!
    Have a great long weekend.

  7. miranda30 August

    I can see the architectual influence!!


  8. I love that you always find such interesting designers to highlight. That white laptop case is just beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend Madison!
    xo Mary Jo

  9. Couturetrend30 August

    Love this shoes!

  10. Unisex clothing is very popular. I really like that paper shirt. I wouldn't mind a skirt like that. haha I love the second pair of shoes. Great post! Wishing you a wonderful weekend Madison.

  11. Daniella30 August

    Wonderful post Madison dear! That paper blazer is insanely cool and those shoes are just instant love! No.1 especially :)

    Take care and have a lovely weekend,
    Daniella xox

  12. alessia milanese30 August

    the paper blazer looks really beautiful ! love also the shoes, so cool!


  13. Hi MAdison! Both designs are really cool, I like the fact that the garments are unisex, especially Dobele's shoes are to die for, n. 2 and 3 are my fav, the line is original! Kisses dear, have a great weekend! xo

  14. Sam @ Frills & Thrills31 August

    You always introduce us to such innovative artists and designers! These are such amazing ideas. Thanks for your kind thoughts, have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Stylish ByNature31 August

    I just loved every single aspect of this collection.

    New Post up...

  16. Haven't herad of both brands before. Really love the concept of UEG and the shoes are gorgeous. My favorite number 2. Have a wonderful weekend Madison !

    xx Mira

  17. Erika Sorocco31 August

    I love the funky vibe of their creations! :)

  18. Diana Ashuayem31 August

    love the collection!

  19. Dressed with soul31 August

    Liebe Madison, ich kannte diese Labels bisher nicht! Aber, die Teile, die Du hier zeigst sind sehr interessant vom Design!

    Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes und glückliches Wochenende :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. AlexisGrace01 September

    All of the shoes are so interesting and I LOVE the laptop case! Thank you for once again introducing me to new designers!!

  21. Lola Finn01 September

    I loooooove those shoes! Number one and three are soooo cool!! *_* The fashion is interesting, too! Very interesting post again :)
    Liebe Grüße aus München <3

  22. Thanks Emmy. So glad that you enjoyed these designers. x

  23. Thank you Lola. LG/Madison xx

  24. You're very welcome. /Madison

  25. :-) I loved that one too!

  26. Thanks so much for your comment Lilli. Yes, Dobele's shoes are pretty unique! :)

  27. So happy that you were able to read post! Thank you.

  28. Thanks Kizzy. Hope your weekend has been great! xxx

  29. You're very welcome. xx Enjoy your Sunday.

  30. Thanks Kim! I agree, and have been seeing more unisex garments in recent years. Have an enjoyable Sunday. xx

  31. Thanks Jilly! I liked the "outside of the box"mentality of UEG too! /Madison

  32. Thanks very much Mary Jo! Enjoy the weekend. :-)

  33. Hi Rena,
    Danke für deinen Kommentar. Ich bin froh, dass ich über diese Designer schrieb und Labels. :-)

    Haben Sie einen guten Abend! xo /Madison