Style Notes: Emerald and Tangerine


I decided to remix these wool shorts that I have not worn in a while. This is an outfit that I wore to go shopping for work, which is always fun and never droning. Thinking on my feet, I put my colleague to work to take some fun styleshots literally within minutes, since we really had no time to spare! Yes, how very ... "blogger" of me!

When it comes to shopping, generally I’m quite disciplined because ...
#1-I really don't like to carry loads of bags with me, and if you've not noticed by now this is one reason why I always have a carry-on and never check luggage!

#2-I tend to analyse garments, often wondering how well the clothes or accessories can fit in my wardrobe, amongst a multitude of other things. For me, workable pieces that have texture and colour will typically win the battle of those “what do I wear,” type of days. This is especially the case if staple items, like jeans and a Tee aren’t within reach!

A Summer, “Good-bye” and Autumn, “Hello”
Are you ready for the season transition or are you happily holding on to summer? I am definitely ready for autumn to the point that I’ve already pinned my favourite coat and boot styles many weeks ago! And, although, it may be a bit too early to don coat styles, I will simply enjoy the comfort of my plaids and (possibly one last time to wear) shorts sans tights.
Autumn outfits wool plaid shorts

Project Updates:
I have a demanding week ahead; however I will update you soon on a new project that I’ve been working on. Think leather! I purchased some new leather yardage, and very pleased to work with these special cuts! Hopefully, I will have more info and a few snapshots of progress on that in the near future. For now, just enjoy my pre-autumn greetings in emerald and tangerine.

Did you have an exciting weekend?

Wearing Plaid shorts style blogger Outfit ideas
Lucky mag Autumn Inspiration Plaid 
The goods: Tartan/Check shorts-Charity shop, Shoes-Anthropologie, Earrings-Deborah Grivas via April M, Belt-DIY, Leather jacket-Thrifted,Clutch-DIY, Tank-H&M.

*I am also linking this post with the lovely Bella, of (The Citizen Rosebud) for her "Shoe Shine" event. It was a tough decision, however I chose these shoes, although they aren't sparkled, because I love how comfortable they are. They are handmade made from Spanish leather with cut-outs, but with closed toes, making it excellent for all seasons. Check out other bloggers sport their favourite shoes here.

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  1. Ivana Džidić02 September

    gorgeous gorgeous shorts! I really love them..and made of wool? that just makes them perfect for autumn/winter..You look great!

    ...I have started thinking about it (winter/fall) but as it is still warm here I'm still enjoying the comfort of warm weather, bare legs etc...

  2. Vix Brearley02 September

    Those shorts are fantastic on you, I love the colours.
    Summer's back in the UK this week and long may it last. As soon as that Autumnal air hits I'll be checking out flights out of here! x

  3. Really cute shorts and pictures! Love it! <3


  4. KizzyDoll02 September

    You look great. Love the mix of colours, green is gorgeous. I do love your shoes as well. I am already needing fall items here in Scotland as it's a bit chilly, but it tends to go up and down. I hope you have a fab week doll :) xx

  5. I Love your combo, Great shorts, You look so Glam.

  6. Adeola Naomi Aderemi02 September

    This shorts are so amazing for a fall transition look!!
    Plaid is also just so great on you!!!
    I guess leather jacket season is here!!

  7. Sam @ Frills & Thrills02 September

    What makes this outfit even more impressive are all the finer details and stunning accessories that you so smartly added. Adore! Happy September Doll!

  8. Couture Carrie02 September

    Lovely and very chic look, darling!
    The print on the shorts is perfection!


  9. Chrissie02 September

    OH!!!! Die Shorts sind toll!! Vor allem das Muster und Material!

    LG aus der


  10. tia_cherie02 September

    I love this print!!! The colours are really wonderful too. Wishing you a wonderful week

  11. Lady parisienne02 September

    your short is so pretty! I want the same! you look perfect

  12. I'm holding on to summer but sadly the weather isn't. I have to face it's fall again. Another fabulous outfit. Love the shorts and your diy clutch. Glad you guys had fun shooting these pretty pics. Happy Monday Madison.

    xx Mira

  13. Can't wait to see your new project, Madison:) And I must admit I'm not really looking forward to the end of summer, but am glad to wear some of the jackets I got on sale awhile back.
    Love this outfit, btw:) Great mix of colours:)

  14. Ms Madge02 September

    Emerald and tangerine--love the combi and love the shorts! Still holding on to summer, but I've started checking my wardrobe for what's to go and what's to be added. I'm also on the lookout for boots and coat. Have a lovely week Madison!

  15. Wonderful outfit! I am still holding onto summer a little, since the weather has been so beautiful, but I did pull out my jackets and a couple of jumpers. Love this time of year! x

  16. Beautiful!


  17. Shybiker02 September

    What a pretty outfit. The shorts are great. I'm looking forward to Autumn 'cause Summer seems to cause people to stop caring about fashion.

  18. Hi Madison! When it comes to shopping I am really careful as well, so I get you! What a nice combo dear, I think is perfect to say welcome to Sept, the shorts are very cool and go perfectly with the jacket! Good luck with the new project, just curious to know what is about! Kisses and happy Monday! xo

  19. Oh to Be a Muse02 September

    I like how you got up on that wall to take that photo. It's super cool. And I love your shoes too. Looking forward to your upcoming leather project.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  20. Nicky mywishstyle02 September

    Hi Madison, you made a good combo. Perfect to begin the month of September!

  21. Margaret Cruzemark02 September

    Αmazing style Madison. I love your black leather biker's jacket.....And a beautiful pair of legs!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  22. Madison, your colleague took so awesome pics girl! I am loving those shorts. The color of the plaid is so pretty and looks great with that top & leather jacket. We're still in summer mode here in new orleans. I've been purchasing things for Fall though. Can't wait for some cooler weather. Can't wait to see the leather products you came up with! Have an awesome week.

  23. Katerina02 September

    Süße, danke dir für dein tolles Kompliment!

    Du hast so eine Hammer Figur und coolen Style!


  24. That skirt is perfect. Love the colours.

  25. MISPAPELICOS02 September

    Love the plaid and leather so much.

  26. Chicago Chic02 September

    What a gorgeous outfit! You look amazing!

  27. Wonderful shorts and nice pics ♥

  28. mosamuse03 September

    u look great

  29. Daniella03 September

    I love your shorts Madison! And the way you styled them creates a perfect transitional look. :)

    Take care and have a great week,
    Daniella xox

  30. Thechilicool03 September

    You shorts are so cute!
    Video outfit YOUTUBE

  31. looove the plaid Xo, Megan,

  32. Sam @ Frills & Thrills03 September

    Hi sweety, thanks for sharing your fashion verdict with me on my last post :)

  33. Erika Sorocco03 September

    Now this is a color combo I am absolutely digging. You look fabulous, Madison!! :)

  34. Thanks Kim! Yes, it was fun taking these pictures. Looking forward to finishing my projects ... hopefully soon! Enjoy your week as well.

  35. Thanks Ms Madge! This is one of my favourite seasons actually! Take care! :-)

  36. Thank you dear. Wishing you the same. xx

  37. Liebe Chrissie,
    Danke! :-) Ich liebe wirklich Plaid! Liebe Grüße, Madison

  38. Hi Sam, thanks! So glad that you loved the details as well. Hope you're transitioning well into autumn. Have a lovely week. xx

  39. Thanks for your lovely compliment. :) /Madison

  40. Haha, Thanks love! :-) xx

  41. Vielen Dank! :-) xx

    Liebe Grüße.Madison

  42. Thanks Mira! Enjoy your week.

  43. Thank you Adeola! I agree, plaid is such a classic pattern and great for fall season.

  44. Jackets! Yes, leather for me ... alwaysm lol. Thanks for your comment Emmy.

  45. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the lasting bits of your good weather! :) x/Madison

  46. Thanks Lilli. Soon more projects will be unveiled. xx

  47. Haha, perhaps that is true to some extinct. Thanks for your comment.

  48. Ahh, thanks for your sweet comment dear. Enjoy the rest of your summer. xx/Madison

  49. Thanks doll! Yes, I am looking forward to autumn breezes to be honsest! :) Take care. xx/M

  50. the shorts look great, Madison! They're the perfect transition piece. I'm like you when I shop-- definitely analyze to make sure it fits with my current wardrobe!

  51. This colour combination is one that I would never dare to try myself, but you make it look so beautifully subtle and elegant, Madison! I'm always so impressed by the way you combine unexpected colours, and this look is no exception :)

  52. Looks very fall inspired. Wow we are having a major heat wave, you guys are getting ready for fall. The colors remind me of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.

  53. I'm totally ready for autumn! I think I love my blacks and greys too much and I'm itching to get my chunky knits out of storage. I'm even more excited as I'm moving soon and will have an entire wardrobe to myself, which means I can invest in even more clothes!

  54. Thanks! Yes, I love Halloween colours as well. Hope you stay cool with air conditioning. . :)

  55. Aw, thanks so much Cee. I really appreciate your comment. It's fun for me to play with interesting colour, much like an artist's palette of expression. xo Enjoy the week. /Madison

  56. those are some great shorts - i love them with the leather jacket.
    I am of course holding on to summer for as long as I can!

  57. That is such a cool skirt! Love the colors in it. You look gorgeous :D

    Dragonfruit Diaries

  58. I always check luggage, even if it's a cabin-size suitcase :) Lovely outfit, very nicely combined.

  59. Sounds exciting about your new move! Yes, having a larger closet is always a plus! :) Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, so I am also happy to bring out my heavier knitwear soon.

  60. Oh, really? Yes, I rarely check baggage, I travel too often and I'm impatient, haha. Thanks for your comment. xo

  61. Hi dear, thank you for your sweet comment. :) /Madison

  62. Thanks! Good thinking Vix! Go on holiday when seeking good weather. :) xx

  63. Stylish ByNature04 September

    You are So stylish !! Awesome post !! Love it :)

    New Post up...

  64. Those shorts are fabulous! And the color combination of this outfit is one that I wouldn't think would work but you styled it to perfection Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  65. Maiken M04 September

    gosh how beautiful emerald looks! I can't think of anything I have in emerald and that's kind of sad. anyway, your shoes are really pretty too and so is the classic leather jacket. nice early autumn look overall, Madison!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  66. Lola Finn04 September

    I loooove your outfit!!! So schön kombiniert :)
    Those short are very amazing and absolutly stylish!
    Kisse and hugs from Munich

  67. Dressed with soul04 September

    Liebe Madison, Du gehst sehr klug an Deine Einkäufe heran! Und Dein Kollege hat tolle Fotos gemacht, mir gefällt Deine karierte Short sehr gut mit der Lederjacke, super schön kombiniert. Langsam bekomme ich auch Lust auf Herbstsachen, obwohl es bei uns jetzt wieder warm geworden ist :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  68. Jamillah04 September

    LOVE these pictures! You look so ready for the changing season...I'm in the holding on to summer team. I already miss the beach!

  69. Great look. I really love that leather jacket and those booties!


  70. Liebe Lola,
    Vielen Dank! :) Have a great evening.xx

  71. Thanks J dear! Hope you enjoy the lasting summer climate. Or, perhaps you're on your holiday already? xx/Madison

  72. Liebe Rena,
    Ahh, Danke! Ja, das war mein Kollege Smart nehmen diese Fotos. lol. Haben eine tolle Woche! Alles Liebe, Madison xxoo

  73. Blond Duck05 September

    I love that leather jacket and plaid skirt!

  74. sandyalamode05 September

    ohhh i love love that skirt!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  75. That emerald color peeping out from a dark moto jacket looks just great! I can't believe you're dressing for fall already--here it's indian summer and I'm waiting for the ac repairman this morning- haha! You look lovely Madison!
    xo Mary Jo

  76. Thanks! They're shorts, just full vintage shorts. :) xo Madison

  77. Audrey Allure05 September

    Those plaid shorts are amazing! Can't wait to wear my fall clothes!

  78. I am so happy that you got to wear these adorable shorts before summers end! The plaid pattern rocks! I am not quite ready for summer to end here as winter is way too long so I hope it stays a bit longer! I can't wait to hear more about your leather project!