Copper and Cobalt: It's Electric


The Blues:
Cobalt is one of my favourite colours. To be honest, most all (colours and) shades of blue are some of my favourites. I usually go for muted tones when it comes to a trench jacket, but I thought why not go for the bold! Especially, since I have not found a perfect tangerine mac yet that doesn't cost a fortune.

I am always up for a bit of wearable art, so I decided to try this Tutankhamun 3D printed sweatshirt, which I thought was beyond amazing. It also sort of reminded me of family tapestries that my parents had hanging on their walls when I was little, much like a miniature gallery of art. In passing the walls there were framed old photos and artwork of various mediums, it was often the right amount of inspiration that I needed as a push to produce my own artwork.

I decided to layer this look with a satin draped skirt that I had made years ago, and then I cut up pieces from it again to create a wrap skirt. The other remnants are being used for another project, because you know I never waste any fabric.

Holiday Thoughts:
I’ve not even begun to acquire Christmas gifts yet, but I have attempted to make a lovable list of holiday ideas, and stores to visit. When it comes to holiday shopping I refuse to get all stressed out about buying gifts, which is why I used to pretty much shop throughout the year for Christmas gifts.

However, nowadays, things have severely changed—these are much busier times and filling an online cart at the click of a button is far better to me than battling retail chaos and crowded streets. Not to mention, free shipping, gift wrapping, etc. How can I decline such sweet music to a fashionista’s ears?

Certainly, everyone is different though, I have friends that absolutely love the holiday crowds. I do remember when I was younger not being affected at all by the mayhem during the Christmas season. 

How about you? Are you more of an online shopping person at this time of season or do you enjoy the crowds?

The goods: 3D printed sweatshirt and Cobalt trench-c/o Oasap, Shoes-Debenhams, Denim-Southpole, Satin wrap skirt-Ladyofashion design. Copper leaves-Arts and craft market, Necklace-c/o Oasap.

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  1. KizzyDoll22 November

    Gorgeous doll, I do love Egyptian inspired pieces...the colour is perfect on you!! Well, I love going to shop for presents, but these days I prefer online shopping because stores are not like they once were, so it's not an enjoyable experience, haha. More Christmas Jeer than Cheer! Haha! I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll x

  2. Nicky mywishstyle22 November

    the coat is wonderful as the tee!
    have a good friday!

  3. You look all glam up, This is one of my favorite look so far, You look so rad, that top is totally swag! Chikitodiva you rock!!!

  4. Mariela Sugasti22 November

    Que bonita ,me encanta los zapatos , la camiseta y el abrigo !!! hermoso look !! La verdad tengo que organizarme con las compras navideñas ja !! besos

  5. Love that top, Madison! And you know, when I was younger, I used to love the thrill of the last-minute Christmas in shopping the day before. Not anymore! I think I'm getting too old for the crowd:P

  6. Ms Madge22 November

    I'm an online shopper Madison and even got an annual delivery paid for in one site :D I don't enjoy the crowds at all! Love your Tutankhamon shirt, and the cobalt blue coat and shoes. It's pme of my favourite shades of blue. In fact, I'm wearing a fleece rollneck in that colour now! Great for adding a pop of colour on a grey day in London. Have a lovely weekend! x

  7. Daniella22 November

    The colour of your trench coat is so stunning Madison and the Egyptian print sweater is so different to anything I've seen. I still haven't bought any Christmas presents yet either and i'm trying to stay calm about that fact but sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming :)

    Take care and have a great weekend,
    Daniella xox

  8. Stylish ByNature22 November

    Copper n Cobalt ... WOW !! You look awesome :)


  9. minnja style22 November

    Looks fantastic;)



  10. alessia milanese22 November

    that tshirt is beyond gorgeous and love how it looks with blue!





  11. That sweatshirt makes such a lovely statement on it's own but you really take it to another level topping it with that gorgeous cobalt trench. Truly a striking combination!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. The different shades of blue are also my favorite colors! This cobalt blue blazer looks amazing with that top. Love love your style!

  13. Oh to Be a Muse22 November

    The King Tut print on your top is really vivid and I love that. All shades of blue are my favorite colors too. And I'm totally an online shopping kind of gal.

    Last day to enter my Beauty & Jewelry $400 Giveaway!

  14. I love your top so much. It looks so cool!!

  15. king tut! what a fun print. i love how it looks paired with the royal blue trench!

    cute & little

  16. I can see why you love this colour - it looks great on you!

    Have a great weekend,

  17. Maiken M23 November

    Madison, this is an absolutely fabulous look! I adore the sweater and the perfect combo of your coat and heels. actually I love everthing about that outfit. each and every detail.
    when it comes to Christmas I use both variants. I have ordered some stuff online but have also bought stuff from the regular stores. and still need to get some more stuff!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  18. The print on the top is stunning, really bold! I love how gold and electric blue work so well together and this outfit illustrates that perfectly. The print in fact reminds me of Mary Katrantzou.

  19. Gracias chica! :-) Que tengan un buen fin de semana.
    xx Besos./M

  20. Yes, online is definitley my answer, but I do love holiday decor in the city streets! You too, enjoy the weekend! :) x

  21. I understand, Lilli. Thanks so much for your comment. xx Happy weekend.

  22. Thanksk Mira, it's really one of my favourite pieces at the moment, I love it so much. Yes, i think this year I will just stick to online shopping. It just works for me, especially since my family is all over the world. :)/ Madison xx

  23. Dressed with soul23 November

    Liebe Madison, ich mag kobaltblau und blau überhaupt auch sehr gerne, nur sieht es an Dir viel besser aus als an mir! Dein Shirt ist so toll, ich habe mich eine Zeit für Ägypten und die Pharaonen sehr begeistert :) Der Rock, den Du Dir genäht hast, ist klasse!

    Und ich kaufe viel lieber online ein, das ist viel einfacher für mich, weil ich ja untertags in der Arbeit bin und abends habe ich Zeit zum Einkaufen.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  24. Yes, online seems to be a good decision for me as well. Thanks Yi-chia. Have a great weekend. xx

  25. Thanks very much Arash! Yes, the print totally caught my eye, I just loved it!

    Enjoy the weekend. :)

  26. Thanks dear. what a sweet comment.

    Yes, I can understand you loving both ways: going to stores and shopping online. It's that time of season, so I better go attempt my long shopping list. Take care,
    Madison xo :-)

  27. I've not seen a top like this either, that's why I loved it so much! You're welcome Sam! xx

  28. Thank you Marie! I appreciate your comment dear. :)

  29. Hi Daniella! Thanks so much dear for your lovely comment. Yes, I will stay calm too - that's why I love online shopping, hehe. I hope you enjoy your weekend! x

  30. Excellent, Marj! Annual delivery? That's amazing! I think I can only commit to montly and 3-month subscriptions, haha. I travel too much otherwise. I am a true blue lover too. Thank for your comment dear. Enjoy the w/e. xx/M

  31. Nope, you're not old ... just being smart. Online shopping is and excellent no-hassle way to go during this season. :-) xx

  32. I agree, no agenda without the stress is entirely workable. Thank you Natalia! x

  33. Haha, you sound like my sister. She's been an avid online shopper for sooo long as well. I love it! Sometimes, even when I have to do shopping at the grocer I will go very early, so that's a smart way to shop. No crowds. Enjoy your weekend too! :)

  34. Liebe Rena,
    Ich bin froh, dass du mein Outfit gefallen. Auch ist das T-Shirt mein Favorit.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende. xx
    Liebe Grüße,
    Madison :-)

  35. I have been seeing friends hustling through their Christmas shopping, I will rather make some few clicks too.
    Your coat is amazing and I love cobalt too!

  36. I love the printed sweatshirt - especially that it actually kind of looks metallic and 3D, nice combo with the cobalt!

  37. what a cool print!

  38. Def an online shopper! I don't mind actually shopping, but some people take all of my holiday spirit out of me with their whining and shoving.

    I'm big on the new printed sweatshirts--this one is so great! And I never thought of myself as a fan of blue, but I noticed lately that I have a LOT of blue in my closet!