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This past week has been wonderfully productive for me, and you may have noticed my slight absence here and there in blogland, but no worries, all is well. It might take me a bit more time to get back to you, but I will be periodically checking out your social outlets. I have been taking time off: finishing freelance projects, enjoying life more, and helping a dear friend pack to move. Thanks for your comments and many of your sweet messages, and e-mails, it is always appreciated.

During the work week, typically on my breaks I am always seeking new inspiration, tasty recipes to try-out, and sometimes inhaling a dose of shopping à la browsing sessions. Today, I will share with you few favourite links that have gotten me inspired this past week.

Site Obsessed:
It was a gloomy Tuesday, one of those days with raindrops rapidly coming down like a broken string of pearls. It was at that moment when I stumbled across the website, Food52. It's a site that I have been constantly browsing on and loving recipes from (see below). It's merely (virtual) succulence without the calories, so indulge in a click and be inspired. You can thank me later.
(Source) French Onion Tart
(Source) Fig and Blue Cheese Tart
Cauliflower curry soup
(Source) Curried Cauliflower Soup


I am currently loving several songs from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, which comes out officially November 19th and features some great artists, including a few favourites: Ellie GouldingSantigold, The Lumineers, Lorde covering Tears For Fears (preview), and Sia (featuring, The Weeknd & Diplo), amongst others. The best tracks in my opinion were by Sia's "Elastic Heart," The Weeknd's "Devil May Cry," and Christina Aquilera's "We Remain," Have a listen. You may also pre-order it here.

Holiday Haus // Inspiration:
Ahh, yes, the moment of holiday cheer has come upon us, and if you've been a busy bee then you've probably not yet thought about decorating your home interiors! Well, here's some inspiration for you--a bit of DIY influence and an abundance of marvellous ways to create a festive ambiance without breaking the bank. Let the spray painting begin, shall we?
 (Source) Wooden Hanging Crochet Snowflakes Ornament
Christmas DIY holiday crafts 
 (Source) Easy setting change using twine.
 (Source) Festive stocking pockets for your dinnerware.

Give A Little Bit ... 


I know that on my gifting list it includes a few people who are utterly difficult to buy for. What do you give a person who seems to have just about everything? Not clothing, nor hi-tech gadgets or another giftcard, because they have all of that! Solution: Try something else from the heart and stylishly handmade. Homemade chapstick!

This simple labour of love will surely keep lips hydrated and free from bone-chilling winter chapped lips. It also makes a great stocking-filler, and most importantly ... absolutely packable for holiday travelling.

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  1. KizzyDoll18 November

    That french onion tart looks fabulous, perfect for making this season. Don't worry about being busy, it's life. It can be nice to get away from the blog world now and again really. I love Christmas preparations, it;s all so exciting. I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead xx

  2. MISPAPELICOS18 November

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww all these wonderful food, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    the fig s I must try.

  3. MISPAPELICOS18 November

    I thought I was following you on Bloglovin,and i wasn´t, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Now I am.

  4. Oh my wholly world,I am loving presentation of the cutlery, that was the first thing i saw on my Facebook,bang on, ''eyes popping'' Loving the red traditional Christmas socks,Man! Thanks for the tips.Might be trying this.Your inspirations are so on point!!!


  5. Great to read you had a productive week, Madison:) Thanks for posting these. Those snowflake ornaments look awesome, and will check out Food52.

  6. Lady parisienne18 November

    I love the first phtos It look delicius, pretty post and photos!


  7. Hi Madison! Have enjoyed all the links you shared, especially the French onioin tart. The holiday inspiration is so adorable and never tried to make a handmade chapstick, brilliant!:) Have a good week dear, kisses! xo

  8. Ms Madge18 November

    You're right. Been so busy haven't decorated the flat. Thanks for pushing for it. The Mr and I bought some more Xmas baubles and some pine cones. I plan to have some Xmas candles. Thought of Xmas cushions but the Mr says the flat will look like a showroom. I like the cutlery sock you featured! So cute and cosy. Love the snowflakes ornament too--maybe an alternative to Xmas wreath. Incidentally, the wicker basket containing the pine cones is so similar to my new toilet roll basket (did you see it on Instagram?). I love those types! So far only the bathroom has been decorated. Haha. Your post gave me an idea on how to display the pine cones. Many thanks! Have a good week Madison x

  9. Food52 is one of my favorite sites. I also get their newsletter! I love the idea of of homemade chapstick as a gift. Thanks for these fab links and cheers to your recent surge in productivity. Have a great week Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my BaubleBar earring blog anniversary giveaway!

  10. It's good to take a break from blogging. That's what I've been doing. Fabulous dishes. I love those snowflakes. Decorating with items from nature is so cool. Love those pine cones.


  11. Sandeep Kaur Sandhu18 November

    I love this post so much dear. so many amazing sharings. Can we follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, FB and Twitter? Love

    New Post
    Fashion Talks

  12. Thank you for the links :D I love the homemade chapstick in particular :D. It would made a great gift indeed, hope I have time to try it :)
    Have a great week :) xxx

  13. Great links and I love the great stocking presentation!

  14. francesca r18 November

    OMG!!! I will check out thet food blog!!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  15. Madison, that fig and blue cheese tart looks so delicious! I think I'm going to have to learn to make that! Hope your week is off to a great start!

    xo Mary Jo

  16. nancy @ adore to adorn18 November

    I LOVE Food52! They have become my new go-to for things food related and I really love how easy the site is to use. =)



  17. Sonia Murphy18 November

    The fig tart looks amazing!

  18. the food pictures just made me really hungry :(

    join in on my giveaway! would you like to follow each other as well?

  19. Some great stuff here! I especially adore the Holiday Haus/Inspiration pics! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  20. french onion tart! YUM YUM!

  21. Glad you had great week. Some time off from blogging is a good thing. I'll take mine soon. I have checked out the sites. Esp. love Food52. The recipes look so delicious (have bookmarked it) and I would love to make my own chapstick. Not sure where to get the ingredients. Wish you a happy and relaxed Tuesday Madison!

    xx Mira


  22. ElleSees.blogspot.com19 November

    that soup looks so comforting!i love it.

  23. great post!

  24. Wonderful selection! I am getting excited about Christmas, too and will be getting back to my pinterest folder for some inspo soon. :) And I will definitely browse that foodie website. :)


  25. Erika Sorocco19 November

    Ooh, I have to check out the Catching Fire soundtrack - so many amazing artists!!


  26. Yum, the food all looks delicious! And I can't wait to see the Hunger Games.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  27. Hi Madison, I am very much a kitchen lover so these links are fantastic for me to try out. Great interesting list, intrigued about the homemade chapstick! Thanks for your kind visit sweety!

  28. Oh to Be a Muse19 November

    Food52 is definitely a site the hubs would enjoy since he's the cook in the family. But I'll certainly have to listen to that soundtrack. I love so many of the artists you listed. Can't wait to see the movie too!

    Come enter my $400 Holiday Giveaway!

  29. hannah @ The Braided Bandit19 November

    So many wonderful things here! That fig tart has my mouth completely watering, I really want to make it for my family when they visit next week! Thanks for sharing all your finds!
    xo Hannah

  30. Lola Finn19 November

    omg ... *.* alles sieht soooo gut aus!!!

    Danke dir viel mals für das liebe Kommentar <3
    liebe Grüße


  31. Oh my god - the sock pockets! I can't get over the cuteness!

  32. Vogue and Heels19 November

    Yum the food looks delicious and I cannot wait until the Hunger Games comes out.



  33. krystal/avillagetown.com19 November

    seriously checking out that food blog!

  34. Thank you! Me too, happily following as well. xx/Madison :-)

  35. Yes, I agree life is busy! I love Christmas and festive decor ! :-) Enjoy the week!

  36. Aren't those ornaments so cute? Love them! Thanks Emmy for your comment. x

  37. Yes, busy times indeed. Glad that you liked the post and are inspired. I cannot wait to finish my decorating. xx

  38. Excellent! Yes, I've only recently been obsessde with that site the past month and LOVE it! :)

  39. Oh, the fig and cheese is one of my favourites, I typically make it with Manchego, but blue cheese is also good as well. Do give it a try! Enjoy the week, Mary Jo! xx

  40. I agree, it's a wonderful site and incredibly inspiring.:)

  41. It is ... give it a try, very delicous! :)

  42. I cannot wait to try that one. I love onion tarts! :)

  43. Thank you so much! :-) /Madison

  44. Excellent! So happy that you bookmarked it, as it's such a great site! Have a lovely week Mira! xx/Madison

  45. Haha, yes, the fig tart is a huge crowd pleaser ... one of my favourites! Thanks for your comment.

  46. Aren't they adorable? I may create this for a dinner soon! :-)

  47. You're very welcome! Good luck with making the chapstick, it's very simple ingredients.

  48. Thanks Natalia. Yes, Pinterest is definitely a great inspiration folder to add and pull from. /Madison

  49. Yes, check out the links, there are some good ones on there! xx/M

  50. Thanks Yi-chia. I am really excited about the film too! :-)

  51. Haha, Danke! :-)

  52. Dressed with soul19 November

    Liebe Madison, das war eine gute Idee, dass Du Dir ein bisschen eine Auszeit genommen hast und Du bist so nett, dass Du noch einem Freund geholfen hast. Ich habe früher sehr oft einen französischen Zwiebelkuchen gebacken, danke für Deine Erinnerung, ich werde bald wieder einmal einen machen. Und vielen Dank für Deine anderen guten Tipps :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  53. Thanks so much! Ich bin froh, dass Sie diese Tipps toller gefunden.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche. :-)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Madison xo

  54. It's amazing! :) Enjoy!

  55. Ohhh definitely want to try the fig and blue cheese tart! Definitely going to check out the catching fire soundtrack, love the contributing artists, even though I think it's silly none of the songs will actually be in the movie.

  56. That fig tart!!! Can I just tell you that I am the biggest fig fanatic..ha! This I have to try and make :-) Also...homemade chapstick is the best. I am hooked on this rum flavored kind I found on Etsy, but maybe I really should just make my own.

  57. beautiful inspiration love!
    Kisses from Miami,

  58. DemiMist20 November

    I like your holiday photos! I've just started decorating.

  59. Good for you! I hope you are indulging in plenty of rest, me time and to-do list checking! I have been Pinnning holiday decorating ideas like mad lately! I love the stocking silverware one!

  60. I am checking these sites out ASAP! Yummy!


  61. petra lorietta20 November

    mmm the soup looks amazing!♥ cute pictures!:)


  62. Oh wow, Madison - thank-you for the introduction to Food52. I started reading this post about ten minutes ago then clicked the link and got seriously distracted by all of the deliciousness - it was hard to tear myself away to come back and leave this comment, honestly, but I had to thank-you :)

  63. What a great post! Thanks for introducing me to Food52. I just popped over there. The onion tart and soup are both recipes I shall try. Those little stockings are such a cute idea and seeing the pine cones reminded me to get mine giant cones out - they instantly add a festive touch!

  64. Love the socks for the fork.... so cute!!! :D And the food looks delicious! :)



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  65. Have a wonderful little break! Everyone needs one every now and then! The Fig and Blue Cheese tart and Curried cauliflower soup looks amazing!


  66. This is such a great list!! I need to stop by the food blog! ;)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! Some of the topics you will find there are Personal Growth, Fashion, Health and Motivation between others. <3

    New Post/Outfit Idea: Breaking Rules

  67. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, those are my favourite. So delicious! xo

  68. Thanks for checking out the links and coming back to let me know. I was also distracted, and in love with many of the recipes. Glad that you enjoyed it Cee. xx

  69. Thanks miss b. I am obsessed with tarts so I thought I would share. Glad that you also found the post useful. Enjoy! xx/Madison :)

  70. umm Yumm


  71. Food is like feeding the soul. Always comforting and makes you want to do the happy dance. Yes, i like to eat just a s much a i like to try on some new recipes. The French onion tart sounds interesting. Although, i kinda prefer it as soup but it is always good to try something new. Nice post, love the inspo.


  72. knockingnfashionsdoor25 November

    What a complete post! Love your blog, really!! I invite you to visit my site and to follow each other, if you like. Kisses!!