Holiday Style Concoctions


I wasn't going to do another gift guide, but with just under a week in counting for Christmas holiday festivities to commence, there’s still a few of my friends who have yet to start their gifting agendas. Whether it be for buying fabric or baking supplies to make something homemade, or wanting help to acquire something special at an online store—behold, just a few last inspiring suggestions.

For Her: Go Glam! 
Dazzled by jewellery and all things that sparkle, yes indeed! Especially during this time of year, well it couldn't mean anything but right! Thanks to wishful wants and tote bags of holiday cheer, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming a little bit too.

Here are a few stylish items for the luxury-driven leading lady and budget-friendly fashion guru. Hopefully, reading between the lines or your hint-dropping isn't such an uncompromising demand because … it is the thought that counts!
1-Brilliant party starter accessories: Martini Cufflinks, 2-Shiny Aqua Candlelight Holder, 3-Leather Whisky Tags, 4-Glitter Pump by Minimarket, 5-Salt Creek Mini Wallet by Mary Jo Matsumoto, 6-Book of (drinks) Caribbean Potions, 7-Stu's Bloody Mary Mixology Kit, 8- Diamond Drop Star Earrings by Mary Jo Matsumoto.

For Him:  A Shot of Style
Puzzled for finding gifts for the boyfriend, husband, or special friend? When excellent clothing and the latest touch-screen gadgets are already in his life, there are other choices! How about going a different route—enter, “bar-inspired” gifts.

Skip the cable knit jumpers! Keep him busy with these one-size fits all gifts, which are hands-on.
The best bits: unwrapping these alternatives will make him feel nice and toasty inside, before you can say, “Jameson!”

I have a couple more posts for 2013, but I am now officially on holiday. Here's wishing you a wonderful ending week!

Happy Holidays!

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