Spring Rolls


Things have been quite hectic as of late and, to be honest, I haven't been feeling so great the past few days. But, no worries. I don’t have a cold or anything, and I am truly thankful that I really never get sick. It’s likely a lack of sleep and the hustle and bustle of the week being the culprit. I am eagerly trying to keep up with everything, including running errands that seem somewhat frivolous, but aren't.

Aside from having the usual weekly checklist in order, making a dry cleaners pick-up, re-stocking on skincare items, and just buying more stamps, were amongst several of the things to do on my list. Fortunately, everything is finally completed, which will make for a restful coming weekend.
The goods:  Cardigan and Dress-H&M, Rings and Bangle-c/o Born Pretty, Boots-Kenzie, Organic Cotton/Silk Scarf-c/o GudrunSjoden. Save 10% off on Born Pretty Store with code: TNT10
Everyone around me has been talking about spring, and I cannot blame them since the weather around the globe has been pretty volatile this winter. Although, not entirely wearing or rolling into the spring spirit myself, I am definitely ready for it!

I’ve had this dress for years and occasionally bring it out for moments like these. I wanted to wear this lively and feminine printed floral, which also had a darkness about it to appreciate. 

Lastly, here are bits of blooming inspiration that have gotten me excited for an early spring greeting. It’s a little flora and fauna to be obliged in nature’s undeniable beauty.

Image credit: Pansies, Tulips-Shutterstock

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