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I love technology just as any style enthusiast, especially when it comes to my Smartphone. But, I decided to take a risk and walk on the not-so-wild side. Instead, I was quite spontaneous (I am that at times) and did the opposite. I chose a sleeker styled iPhone case versus a bold colour or vibrant print of any kind.

I have two Smartphones, one which I have to use strictly for professional work purposes and the other for personal use. Both phones have cases, although for my personal iPhone I actually have several different cases that I like to use. However, I noticed that I do not have a booklet style mobile case.

This prompted me to look into more accessories produced from the CalypsoCrystal brand. You possibly will remember the post that I did about their GPS travel tag, from the Smart Travelling Series, which was very useful. 
Calypso Crystal Luxury accessories
High-Quality: Get on Board!
When choosing a CalypsoCase, it’s important to think about several aspects—your lifestyle, whether you want a unique colour that says something, and where your Smartphone will be located the most. I selected the CalypsoCase Book in “Seattle Story.”  It’s a rich purplish and deep wine colour that has a distinct sophistication about it, which I felt would go with my handbag and other tech gadgets. 

This case is for my work mobile, so it’s usually used in professional settings. I also thought about when I would use it in public (crowded areas particularly), so having something similar to a luxury dust cover type of protective case seemed very smart and versatile for my diverse surroundings.

 To be honest, I would say that anyone that has the patience to use a stylus would likely love a book style of case. It’s dissimilar to having an all-in-one case, but definitely for a certain Smartphone user. I love the quality of the actual case (which is handcrafted in first-rate Italian leather) and I've become a fan of this style, as it’s entirely different than my other mobile cases.

“Everything is produced locally. No overseas mass production. Precision handcrafted.”
  Calypso Crystal Cases
Savvy Options: The Zest of Tech
I was intrigued by observation one day on my lunch and I randomly asked a varied group of co-workers what type of mobile case they preferred or had. Some chose a quick insert style like the Ring, several had a Book style, but said that they’d get a new one in colours other than black, two would select a completely new style of case other than what they already had, and the others chose the same style that they have currently, which was described comparable to the Cabrio. Just like how people choose fashion accessories, I am always interested in knowing what type of style of tech accessories people use and how they choose them!

How does one decipher if a book style or even ring style mobile case is for them? It’s easy: Are you the type of person that carries a phone inside a handbag or in your hand? Is it in your back pocket, or do you have your Smartphone laying upon a tabletop and desk surface the most?

If you’re very meticulous with your phone and case then you probably would gravitate to the book style. If you carry your phone in your hand the most or back pocket (gents) then you may love the Cabrio first, as its easy access for answering and using your device may appeal to you. Perhaps, if you aren't bothered by the minimal variance in time that it takes to open your Smartphone case; then you are like me and would choose a book style case. Overall, this case receives five out of five stars!
What style of case do you use for your Smartphone? What’s your favourite CalypsoCrystal Smartphone case?

For more information on ordering a CalypsoCase or to view more colour options visit (Images): By Fashion Tales, other images via CalypsoCrystal, edited by Fashion Tales. 
The goods: CalypsoCase Book in Style: Seattle Story-Courtesy of CalypsoCrystal. *All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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  1. I love these leather phone cases,I hope it's not just fore iphones alone.I will surely buy if they got cases for galaxy. You look so chic babes. Have lovely day babes.

  2. Thank you Kim! They also have some styles for the Galaxy S4,
    /Madison :)

  3. EdgarWelty06 May, 2014

    These are pretty chic little accessories!

  4. those leather cases look very interesting.

  5. I actually really love the book case style, and used one for awhile. Unfortunately, I had to go to the thick, military-grade protection/waterproof one because the kids use the phone a lot, and I'm a klutz:P
    I really like the fact that these cases are handmade:)

  6. Jenmarie06 May, 2014

    I'm glad to see other people besides myself choosing to protect their phone with a good case! I have too many family members and friends who buy the cheap stuff and end up regretting it. These look really nice! I myself use one of the OtterBox cases and love it. It's durable and has extra padding!

  7. wow!! that looks great :)

  8. Glam up your Lifestyle06 May, 2014

    Das sind tolle Handyhüllen. Eine hübscher als die andere. Ich habe Glück, meine Freundin hat mir gerade eine neue Handyhülle geschenkt

  9. amazing cases.. really cute :D


  10. Hi Madison! Id probably pick the style book case to protect more the smartphone cause it is most of the time the bag and I want to ruine it. The one you chose is very sleek, I remember the brand from your previous post. You look style and so professional in the pic!:) Hope ur week is going well so far dear, hugs! xo

  11. I LOVEEEE! I am like you when it comes to my tech these days-- I have very sleek and "plain" cases so they match everything!

  12. Blond Duck07 May, 2014

    They're so pretty!

  13. You will surely use them for a long time since they won't go out of style and seem to be a good quality!

    Have a great day,

  14. These are gorgeous cases, looks veyr durable too!! Have a sweet day doll xx

  15. Hi Madison, I find these cases so much more sturdier and classier than the plastic ones, they look so much more professional too. Thanks for your opinion on my last post, hope you're having a great week so far.

  16. love how modern and sleek these designs are - i personally prefer thin cases much more than thicker bulkier ones. and leather is my absolute fave! :)

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)AL xxRASSPTwitterInstagram

  17. Chrissie07 May, 2014

    Absolut classy and stylish! By the way : not only the cases - your look too!!!

    LG aus der EDELFABRIK

  18. Thank you for the intro and review! They look beautiful! x

  19. Erika Sorocco07 May, 2014

    I love the Loop and Book Cases - so elegant! I usually use a Kate Spade case!


  20. Madison they all look amazing. I carry mine in my bag and I don't have a case. It's hard to pick a favorite style. The pink case loop is super cute. My old smartphone is not worthy of a beautiful case like that but I'm sure I'll buy a new one pretty soon :D

    xx Mira

  21. Definitely! I love nice cases for my phone, and this is the first book style case that I own, so I am a fan of it. :)

  22. Yes! Sleek design suits my tech gadget cravings! :) Thanks Laura!

  23. Hi Madison :-)
    Genau mein Stil diese Handy Hüllen und ich brauch auch bald ein neues. Lieben Dank für diesen post :-)

    Liebe Grüsse,

  24. I also carry two cell phones! One Singapore # (which is mostly for personal use) and one US # (which is mostly for work use)! I do uses cases, but hadn't thought to try the book style case-- although it would probably cut down on accidental calls!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  25. Daniella07 May, 2014

    I am really in need of a new phone case and these are gorgeous. Great post Madison :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  26. i really like that booklet style. when i upgrade my phone in September i would really like this. love the pink one.

  27. Very pretty!!!
    Have a nice day!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  28. Andrea Funk08 May, 2014

    Hört sich sehr gut an!

  29. Great! Well, if you do get one of these let me know before you purchase! :)

  30. I love them, they are definitely luxury aesthetic, and leather is perfect for durability. Thanks for your comment dear. xx/Madison

  31. Thanks Mira! I understand, haha, well I hope you get a Smartphone that you think is worthy of a beautiful case one day.Enjoy your week! xx/Madison

  32. Thanks Anthea, I also love sleeker mobile cases. Leather and handmade makes it even better! :)

  33. Yes, everyone has their favourites, I have a silicone one and leather ones, but this one is a recent favourite, as it's my first book style case. Thanks for your comment.

  34. Cla, Ah, Das ist toll, dass Ihr Freund hat Ihnen eine Handyhülle als Geschenk geschickt. Ich liebe Leder und dieser Stil auch!
    Madison :-)

  35. Thank you Lilli dear for your sweet words. I have found that I am liking the book style a lot more than I thought I would initially, so a change is good for my accessories for now. :) Have a lovely week. x

  36. Those are really tasteful and elegant phone covers Madison! I am so hard on mine, I need the plasticy-rubber covers because I drop my phone at least once a day...although it's really time for a new one. I was just noticing that I have paint on my leopard J Crew case that's lasted me the past couple of years.

    xo Mary Jo

  37. I have only one SmartPhone that I use personally and professionally, which means I have a series of cases that bridge the gap - sort of! - between the professional and fun look. Most are plastic or rubber, but I love the idea of a high-quality leather case for days when I'm going out to meetings. And I can't help but love that the CalypsoCases are all named after cities - it's the traveller in me, I think ;)

  38. So lux looking and very classy.

  39. Anna Martin08 May, 2014

    Rad! I'll have to check them out!

    - Anna

  40. lamodalena08 May, 2014

    great look!! :)

  41. this case so very elegant,love it
    I posted a new outfit, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  42. I'm definitely someone who loves the look of a more expensive phone case over a novelty one! I really like the CalypsoCase Book but they're only suitable for iPhones (like most companies). Such a shame!

    Tara x

  43. Dressed with soul08 May, 2014

    Liebe Madison, diese Hüllen für Smartphones sind sehr schön und elegant und passen damit auch perfekt zu Dir. Denn auch heute siehst Du wieder wunderschön aus, rot steht Dir einfach sehr gut. Ich sollte mir wirklich ein anderes Case für mein Smartphone zulegen, denn mein Case ist ein wenig peinlich, dass es knallpink mit Bling-Bling ist, aber es ist so praktisch :)

    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Start ins Wochenende!

    Alles Liebe von Rena

  44. LisaPNevarez08 May, 2014

    I carry mine in my bag and I don't have a case. It's hard to pick a favorite style. The pink case loop is super cute. My old smartphone is not worthy of a beautiful case like that but I'm sure I'll buy a new one pretty soon :D

  45. Lady parisienne09 May, 2014

    Nice cases!

  46. Actually, they do make a few for the Galaxy S4, it's under their drop menu under certain styles.Thanks for your comment Tara!

  47. Thanks for your comment. Maybe one day you will get a Smartphone that you deem worthy of a beautiful case. :-)

  48. OH, haha, I suppose if you drop it a lot then you will need a heavier, and bulkier case/plastic rubber. Thanks Mary Jo. x

  49. Thanks Cee! Yes, I thought it was a clever way to name their designs, especially since they cater to travellers~ have a great weekend. x/Madison

  50. Liebe Rena, Vielen Dank. Ja, Liebe Rena, Vielen Dank. Ja, Ich finde diese Handyhüllen Fällen sehr elegant auch! Deine Handyhülle klingt praktisch und sehr klasse! Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.
    Alles Liebe,

    Madison xx

  51. RedTagChicLA09 May, 2014

    Oh my I'm amazed by these high-quality cases ....thanks for sharing them & giving me an idea that I should switch from my rubber & plastic cases!


  52. You're welcome! Thanks for your comment Rebecca!

  53. Thanks for commenting Alexis! Yeah, the more formal case like this, I am using for work the mobile.

  54. Wow, I love these!


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    Previews Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] .A Colorful Scarf.

  55. Wow! I just love these phone cases! I think I can never have enough! I really love the booklet style one! So cute!


  56. PopChampagne16 May, 2014

    I'm always looking for a good phone case for my phone. and haha a phone for work and a phone for personal is the way to go!

  57. Nataliia Golubenko08 November, 2014

    You are really talented! Very well done! Frames look really cute!
    XOXO from Shanghai


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