Pastel Splendour


I had truly wanted pastel frames for quite some time, and I think I even dedicated a few Pinterest images to this desire. So, with great enthusiasm, I got really excited when I heard that these eyeglasses were waiting for me in a parcel. Thankfully, I finally received them safely, and went journeying on in route to meet up with a colleague. I could not wait to try them on to get the full effect, surely fellow eyeglasses wearers would understand.

Just as any fashion garment or accessory these particular eyeglasses are certainly not for a self-doubting, conservative, or shy type of fashionista. Although, I will tell you a secret … I used to be painfully shy in my youth, believe or not! But, when it comes to fashion … not at all. I always enjoy artsy statement pieces of expression.

Yes, I would say that now, I have a proper eyeglasses collection—everything from classic cat eyes to tortoise style frames are included. One for any type of outfit or day of the week, it’s no problem! But, these are more of a playful fashion statement. Ah, the glory! Can you feel my excitement?
Derek Cardigan #lookambassador

I tried to capture these frames with an easy outfit, but even in the photos they looked a wee bit different than they actually do in the sunlight vs. indoor lighting. Up close and personal though, they are more of a light lavender colour, and it works well with neutrals. Anyway, I am very happy with these frames and have been wearing them so far most of the week.

Will I be acquiring pastel shoes with a matching pastel bag to wear along with these frames? Hmm, not a chance! But, if you somewhat know my style at all, then you already knew that. Perhaps, I will style them differently (think, something printed and vibrant) with another outfit very soon.

Have you tried a new style of sunglasses or eyeglasses recently? 

The goods: Derek Cardigan matte frames Style#7003-c/o Coastal. View new frame options hereDenim mini skirt-Refuge/SF-thrifted, Tank, Cardigan-Express, handbag-Vintage. *Special thanks to my friend Dahlia for dyeing my hair with a few streaks of blue. 
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  1. francesca r27 June

    I like these frame a lot, I have a crush on pastels!! They look great on you!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  2. These look so cute on you!! I had a pair of pastel frames when i was a teenager, though they weren't so in fashion as they are now, haha! But, i loved them, very pretty. Have a lovely weekend doll xx

  3. I can feel your big excitement! And the pastel frame you got is utterly cute and suits you very well Madison! I like how you styled them, a cozy and fresh look for summer!:) Happy weekend dear, kisses! xo

  4. Lovely everything sweetie

    but especially those glasses am dying to have


    - make up storing ideas up on my blog on :

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  5. chicncheapliving27 June

    The frames are gorgeous! I can definitely see these as the perfect glasses for a fun, pastel filled bright day! I hope you get to wear them a lot!


    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. I've never seen this colour on sunnies before, Madison. I like it a lot! I do think it would go with almost anything.
    Have a great Friday:)

  7. Kiara Schwartz27 June

    Lovin those blue glasses!


    Tobruckave Blog

  8. It's such a great feeling to finally get an item you've been wanting for awhile. There's something so fun and happy about pastel frames. I'm currently coveting a pink pair :) You made a lovely choice and they look great on you Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Glam up your Lifestyle27 June

    Ich freue mich mit dir. Ich weiß, wie dass ist wenn man länger auf was wartet. Die farbige Brille ist klasse. Ich mag farbige Brillen sehr gerne, die peppen jedes Outfit auf.

  10. Maisha Sharma27 June

    ohh such a sexy the color a lott..follow u babe

  11. Couture Carrie27 June

    Hi gorgeous!
    Love the frames!


  12. Love your look - so cute! <3 All the best from Munich,


  13. Ivana Džidić27 June

    I totally agree....the frames are perfect for you...and this is a really cute summer outfit:)

  14. Daniella28 June

    Oo Madison these new frames of yours are great! I love the pastel colour and the neutral outfit is a perfect compliment :)

    Take care and have a lovely weekend,

    Daniella xox

  15. I used to be shy, too! Are your glasses prescription? I've had to wear glasses since the 4th grade and though they used to be uncool, I've grown to love them and have built a nice collection up myself. They're truly a fabulous accessory!

  16. Thanks so much Lilli. I'm so happy with them. :) happy weekend.

  17. Thanks Vanessa!
    LG, xx

  18. These are eyeglasses actually, but I have seen some great styles in sunglasses as well. thanks Emmy. :)

  19. I'm sure you will find a pair soon Stanislava. There are many options out there. :-)

  20. Thank you. Yes, I think i will get plenty of wearing time from these, especially this summer. :-) xo

  21. Thanks Daniella. :) x

  22. Yes, I wear prescription glasses. I started wearing frames around about my teens, maybe 13/14 age period, but of course, now frame styles are sooo much better today! :) Thanks Stephanie!

  23. Exactly, sometimes all you need is a good waiting period ... I've seen pink frames, so I'm sure you will find a great pair soon. I actually have a cateye (light pink) frame that I bought from Coastal a year ago --> Thanks Rowena.

  24. Danke Cla, Haha! :-) Ich liebe diese Farbe, und ja ich stimme Brillen, ideal für Outfits!
    Schönes Wochenende.

  25. Jenmarie28 June

    These are too cute on you! The color couldn't be more perfect for the season :)

  26. RedTagChicLA28 June

    Actually I've really been trying out new shapes & colors of sunnies for Summer & I'm loving those mirrored ones.....they're so much fun!!!


  27. miss b28 June

    These frames really suit you. The lavender shade is such a summery colour and so different from all the dark heavy frames which are being worn at the moment. The right choice of glasses can make such a difference. Have a great weekend!

  28. Love the lavender hue of your glasses, they look so pretty. I appreciate your kind comment <3

  29. Erika Sorocco28 June

    I am in LOVE with those frames! They seriously brighten up your entire face / outfit. Gorgeous!!


  30. I like your casual relaxed look and these frames are so pretty! Love the transparency of the material :)


  31. LOLZ....I don't know why I wrote "sunnies":D Brain fart!
    Have a great weekend!

  32. What a cute look today, the glasses are fun and suit you!

    Have a fantastic day,

  33. The last pair of sunglasses I got was in November. Your glasses look great; definitely suit you!

  34. I really love the blue pair. :D

  35. very glad you got your pastel wish, Madison! These frames look awesome on you! <3

  36. Dressed with soul29 June

    Liebe Madison, ich verstehe Dich so gut! Deine neue Brille ist absolut toll und steht Dir einfach nur hervorragend! Ich habe nur eine normale Brille, die ich täglich trage, denn wenn ich mehr Brillen hätte, dann würde mich die Auswahl der richtigen Brille am Morgen auch noch überfordern :) Du bist hier viel besser und ich mag auch Dein Outfit wieder sehr gerne <3

    Ich wünsche Dir eine wunderschöne Woche!

    Alles Liebe von Rena

  37. Lola Finn29 June

    Diese Brillen sind so toll!!! Sehr schöne Farben!! :)
    Liebe Greüße aus München

  38. What a pretty color! These are really lovely and fun frames!!!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  39. Tatiana Bezgodova30 June

    Lovely look, dear! Have a nica day!





  40. Ms Madge30 June

    Cool...I like the purple ones :D x

  41. Thanks miss b. Yeah, I'm very happy with the pastel colour. They're so different than my usual dark cat eye frames. :) Enjoy your week.

  42. Thanks so much Jenmarie. Yes, it's very summery--even though I will likely wear them all year, lol. :)

  43. petra lorietta30 June

    great find!:) The eyeglasses look amazing on you!♥

  44. Oh to Be a Muse30 June

    I also used to be painfully shy as a kid. I'm better at it now, though. I don't wear glasses, but I kind of want a pair (non sunglasses). They just look so cute on everyone.

  45. Liebe Rena, danke, dass Sie meine Brille lieben. Haha, ja, es kann auf den ersten überwältigend sein. Ich liebe es, verschiedene Stile mit meinen Outfits zu wählen. Ich hoffe, Sie haben eine schöne Woche.
    Alles liebe,
    Madison xx

  46. Mary Jo01 July

    Those look great on you Madision, I adore the color! You may inspire me to venture beyond my clear Paul Smith frames one day...haha, but probably not. I'm fairly boring when it comes to my glasses but make up for it in sunglasses ;)

    xo Mary Jo

  47. Thanks! I'm a fan of pastel hues! :)