In Your Ear: Music // Summer Interludes


There are literally millions of different recording artists amongst us. Therefore, how could one possibly know them all? And, if you only find your music simply by mainstream platforms, then you're probably missing out on a whole other lot of talent.

As a person who is in love with music as much as I adore fashion, I am always on the hunt for something different, and thankfully (because of having great musician/DJ friends) never have a problem finding fresh tunes to give a listen. Of course, there are moments of bringing back archived records from my youth, or even memorable track favourites that will obviously forever be embedded in my mental music library.

There's an art in discovery. It's quite an exciting feeling of listening to the "unknown" for the first time. Sometimes, it's a mere lyric that stays with you or a song that might be on repeat from your friend's playlist. Let's be honest, someone can tell you about a band countless times, but until you actually discover that particular band or artist for yourself, it's just not as personal.

There are musicians and singer/songwriters who are constantly in your face, whether it be on commercial advertistments or on the "Top 50" charts. However, there are others who might have a decade of experience or more under their belt. Those that are sprouting up the industry ladder at a pace of their own, and making a name for themselves amidst the conventional flood of bouncing beats and sensational rhythms. Some may not exactly even be a (global) household name yet, but that could very well be the reason why they're so special to you.  

It was very difficult to narrow down this list to six, but here's an inspiring diverse lineup of artists that will help to get your summer started a little differently with a fresh tune-up. I do hope you enjoy some of these talented artists, both emerging and well-seasoned.

Special Concoctions, On The Rocks:
Hurrican Love: After a friend of mine put me on to the Swedish pop/rock band, Hurricane Love last year after he saw them live, I immediately wanted to hear more music from them. They have a very unique and melodic sound. Here's an acoustic session of the song, "Nowhere To Go," which you can hear the harmonious blendings of both of the lead singer's vocals very well. Although, formed in 2008 the band has managed to edit themselves just right and find their signature sound. The track, "Only Human" is a great song that also captures the essence of the band's alternative range.

That's a Wrap: take five
Sango & Waldo: AGO is a provisional collective from the creative works of solely Michigan-based artists, and in the track "Channel-8," it features Waldo & The SEVENth, which was produced by sharp-crafting talent, Sango. From high-frosted lyrics to distinct cutting edge production, even if you remember the quality from the pleasingly softer side of creativity like in "Above us" (from Dpat's In Bloom record), there's a little bit of everything for the hip-hop listening devotee in Sango & Waldo's new five-track project entitled, "Until Then." You can check out some of the other works from Sango here, as well as Waldo here. 2014 sounds like it will surely be a flourishing year for them.

Night-life Lounges, and Cocktails:
Nao vs. A.K. Paul: the soulful voice offerings from London-based singer, Nao is the perfect companion to the polished production chops of Anup Paul, (known as, "A. K." rather) in the new track, "So Good." If A.K. sounds familiar, that's probably because he's the brother of known British singer/songwriter, Jai Paul.

Benoit & Sergio: you can count on this Washington DC/Berlin house duo to create tunes that you can either dance or even work to as you listen. If you're into bits of high-functioning electric tunes added with a few synth. and piano bits, then you may have heard their track, "Shake Shake," of the "Adjustments" EP last year. Now, the producing pair returns with a three-track EP, "Your Darkness." The record's digital release date is July 28.

Tender Soul:
Jessie Ware has actually been around for some time, but she's been gaining much deserved recognition and a dedicated fan base lately for a reason. Ware recently released her new single, "Tough Love," which is beautifully carried with breathy whispers and full-on emotion. If you've heard her initial album Devotion, back in 2012, chances are you will love what she's been cooking up in the studio after listening to this track. Stay tuned for her next album to launch hopefully soon, as there is no set release date, but is said to include collaborations with Kid Harpoon, and Ed Sheeran, amongst many others. 

Are you planning on attending any live shows this summer?

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  1. Morning Madison! I always think music and songs are something very personal, the moment when the first time you listen a band and fell in love with it, just love it! And to be honest I didnt know the ones you listed here, Ive listened the song, the first and the last ones "caught my ear" soon!:) Happy July Madison, enjoy the summertime! Kisses! xo

  2. I'm familiar only with Hurricane Love, thanks for sharing I discover new songs. :)

  3. francesca r01 July

    Interesting artists! I didn't know any of them!

  4. Awesome tunes doll, some of them I didn't know. Hope you have a great Tuesday x

  5. Vix Brearley01 July

    They look fantastic, the colour really pops! x

  6. Glam up your Lifestyle01 July

    Musik ist sehr individuell, jeder hat einen anderen Geschmack. Deine Auflistung hört sich interessant an. Danke für die Vorstellung,
    Liebe Madison, ich hatte heute bei mir 24 Kommentare von dir. Hat was beim kommentieren nicht geklappt?

  7. Liebe Cla, Vielen Dank! Oh, Ja, sagte es, dass ich nicht kommentieren, da sie nicht auf Ihrem Blog,. Ich hatte Problem heute mit meinem Computer. hehe. :)

  8. Thanks for your comment Rowena. What music language do you listen to? I listen to loads of other music, in Spanish, German, Arabic, etc.

  9. I haven't heard of any of these artists... :( I am not going to attend any gigs until September.

  10. Thanks for introducing me to these artists!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. Rosalind jana01 July

    Oh wow, how brilliant - lots of new music artists to come back and check out. These all look like excellent recommendations. I look forward to listening...

  12. I'm like that too, you can tell me hundred times about some band but I have to discover it on my own ;) thanks for sharing ;) xo

  13. lamodalena01 July

    good music :)))

  14. Allie Mackin01 July

    I know it is so true. When I was younger I was so in to music and was up on new emerging bands but now I don't know squat. Thanks for posting I do like to try and stay in tune with things...excuse the pun

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. Madison, your knowledge of music is extensive. I can't wait to listen to these. My wifi is limited right now, so I've been commenting by cell phone. I have a habit of listening to the usual. I definitely need to expand. Thanks!

  16. I love discovering new artists, too, though it does take me a while... :) Thank you for the introduction and the music! x

  17. ElleSees.blogspot.com02 July

    these are all new-to-me, so thanks for the intro!!

  18. Elsie Davies02 July

    Gorgeous eyewear Madison. love it. xoxo

  19. Erika Sorocco02 July

    Digging the Nao - awesome sound!

    I'm not going to any live shows this year. Maybe next summer...


  20. You weren't kidding when you said you like glasses! These are really cool, quite an interesting colour. I tend to stick to wayfarer shapes, feel comfortable in those.

  21. I love discovering new music Madison, this is such an excellent post! I never listen to mainstream artists that you would find on the radio, I prefer the more obscure and unknown artists, hidden gems, just like these! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  22. minnja style03 July

    I love good music. thank you for this selection !!!

    Love Minnja

  23. You're absolutely right Madison, and I love the way you phrased it - there is an art in discovery. I think this is particularly true when it comes to music, which is without a doubt one of the most subjective things out there. I'm giving Hurricane Love a listen right now and really liking what I hear - thanks for the introduction!

  24. Oooh, these ones are such a cute colour! :)

    Tara x

  25. Nice post :)
    I'm into house music, getting ready to chill in a beach bar with my feet in the sand :P

    Lu |

  26. Wouwww wie cool die farbigen Brillen! Deine steht Dir ausgezeichnet und ich liebe lila :-)))))

    Kisses Kira

  27. I love being introduced to artists that I am unfamiliar with! And yes--- I definitely need a new summer playlist :)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  28. Mary Jo03 July

    I love your eclectic music tastes Madison, and thank you for sharing your picks--I don't keep up with music the way I used to so it's nice to find some new great bands.

    xo Mary Jo

  29. Great! I hope you like the list Sam. :) xx

  30. Thank you Kim! I love music, so I'm happy to share new discoveries. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  31. Sounds great! Enjoy! :)

  32. tia_cherie04 July

    Great post, they are new to me. I love this because I also adore music (almost) as much as I love fashion.

  33. You're welcome! It's great that you saw Snowmine, I really like them as well. have a great weekend. :)

  34. Thanks Cee. Yes, Hurricane Love is really great live, glad that you enjoyed them. :) Have a lovely weekend. xx

  35. Music can help every mood. Glad that you appreciate music too. Thanks Imogen.:)

  36. Yes, I had a ton to choose from, but I think six artists were plenty to share for a summer playlist. Thanks Alexis!

  37. Liebe Rena, Danke. Ja, genau ... Musik bereichert das Leben. Ich liebe es, viele Künstler zu hören. Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende! :)
    Alles Liebe,
    Madison xx

  38. Hey lady! I can't wait to check out more from these artists. No concerts for us, though a nice outdoor one may tempt us;) Enjoy your summer!


    I love sunglasse, but I never wear glasses otherwise.
    You look fantastic.
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much for joining the growing family of Share-in-Style
    Tons of love dear Madison