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Cleaning Haus

I have taken a bit of time to regroup, get more sleep, and simply think about future ventures. I know, I am always either seeking a holiday or working non-stop, but I make it a point to enjoy life. To me, having balance is just as important as finding the right fitting jeans! Add a workout schedule, a fabric or window shopping trip, and a good gourmet meal, and then you have one of our typical summer weekends at the moment.

Recently, I had the pleasure of housesitting for a friend as she took her husband away on a surprise weekend excursion. It was perfect because it also gave me a chance to catch up on reading, and finally getting around to deleting social platforms that I never use anymore. I even went through my Rolodex to revise my personal and professional contact list: updating new e-mails, addresses, and minor additions and deletions, etc. Alas, all is well and in fine order now.

Do you remember when you signed up on those sites that seemed like a great idea at that moment? You know, even those exclusive fashion memberships and virtual hubs that you thought you’d actively use, but don’t use at all? Right, I'll admit it, I do! A summer cleanout session commenced. I will probably get ninety-percent less junk mail from now on!

It’s good to know what platforms work best for you. Now, I mainly use Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus (G+), because anything else regularly seems too muddled for my everyday use. And, sometimes those three together are a feat in itself to maintain. But, everyone is different. I know people who don’t fancy Twitter or G+ at all. 

What I’ve learnt is that when you know your strengths, especially for social networking, the upshot is generally favourable. So, pick one platform or select a few and learn to tailor them to suit your needs. But, you mustn't be afraid to have a good cleaning done occasionally either, if ever one is needed. 

What's your favourite platform for online engagement?
Style Inspiration:
Although this outfit has nothing to do with the post frankly, it was just a fun dress that I wore a couple of days before my birthday to a late evening tapas dinner. I bought this dress at a charity shop over four years ago, and it still makes me smile in all of its (fluffy and feminine) glorious tiers.

I combined vintage and contemporary pieces with this outfit, as it tied in the old with the new—not all that is aged is unbefitting and not everything that is modern is better. For me, a mixture of them both will always suit my style and personality best, which is probably why I still love to write snail mail, yet adore the convenience of my Smartphone, and love virtual music radio platforms, yet there’s still nothing like listening to music on vinyl, in my opinion.  
The goods:  Shoes-Hervé Léger, Handmade headpiece-DIY, Polka dot dress-charity shop, Belt-taken from another dress, Vintage bracelet-family heirloom.

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