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Style Adjustments

When you’re a spontaneous person just as I am, then it generally doesn’t get you flustered if a friend asks you to grab your handbag and swiftly head out to a (spur-of-the-moment) gig or art show.

Some time ago, this is exactly what happened. It was an occasion to remember—I had enough energy to dance the night away, my body did not feel bushed by lack of sleep, and I finished a work project far earlier than expected. The “i’s” were dotted, and the "t's" were crossed! And, these rather winning types of moments during the week called for an unprompted happy hour of almost anything worthy of a favourite lipstick reapplication!

Even though I had plenty of things to wear, I wasn’t up to completely changing my clothes, so I brought out the pastels. Have you experienced this feeling, when you could really think about your outfit, but you really don’t want to think about your outfit? Of course, you have!  
Since I had no time to waste, I kept the tulle skirt and shoes that I wore earlier in the day, and swapped my blazer and blouse for a teal tank paired with a pastel pullover. I needed accessories and wore a statement necklace. Although, at first I had on a seafoam-beaded necklace, I switched to this ivory fashion piece. I did buy a couple of art pieces, which I will likely show at a later date.

This outfit was fine for the event, because I was determined that it was going to be just that … fine! There was no need to second-guess myself, and no time for messing about. So, I confidently dressed partly summer and mildly autumn, which worked since a cool summer night breeze graced us with its presence.

Sometimes, spontaneity is all you need to keep your style versatile and sharp!

What is the last thing that you did spontaneously?
The goods: Vintage camera bag-Hinson, Beaded Necklace, Pastel stitch jumper, and Retro-style sunglasses-c/o Oasap, Glitter heels-DIY, Tank-H&M, Tulle skirt-F21.

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