Style Adjustments


When you’re a spontaneous person just as I am, then it generally doesn’t get you flustered if a friend asks you to grab your handbag and swiftly head out to a (spur-of-the-moment) gig or art show.

Some time ago, this is exactly what happened. It was an occasion to remember—I had enough energy to dance the night away, my body did not feel bushed by lack of sleep, and I finished a work project far earlier than expected. The “i’s” were dotted, and the "t's" were crossed! And, these rather winning types of moments during the week called for an unprompted happy hour of almost anything worthy of a favourite lipstick reapplication!

Even though I had plenty of things to wear, I wasn’t up to completely changing my clothes, so I brought out the pastels. Have you experienced this feeling, when you could really think about your outfit, but you really don’t want to think about your outfit? Of course, you have!  
Since I had no time to waste, I kept the tulle skirt and shoes that I wore earlier in the day, and swapped my blazer and blouse for a teal tank paired with a pastel pullover. I needed accessories and wore a statement necklace. Although, at first I had on a seafoam-beaded necklace, I switched to this ivory fashion piece. I did buy a couple of art pieces, which I will likely show at a later date.

This outfit was fine for the event, because I was determined that it was going to be just that … fine! There was no need to second-guess myself, and no time for messing about. So, I confidently dressed partly summer and mildly autumn, which worked since a cool summer night breeze graced us with its presence.

Sometimes, spontaneity is all you need to keep your style versatile and sharp!

What is the last thing that you did spontaneously?
The goods: Vintage camera bag-Hinson, Beaded Necklace, Pastel stitch jumper, and Retro-style sunglasses-c/o Oasap, Glitter heels-DIY, Tank-H&M, Tulle skirt-F21.

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  1. lovely look!

  2. So loving that tulle skirt, Madison. Such a versatile piece:)
    I honestly think everything I do is spontaneous since I don't plan anything...heehee....

  3. Vix Brearley05 August

    What a pretty colour combination, you look lovely. x

  4. Sometimes it is the look we choose on a whim that ends up being a favorite! Pretty colors :)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  5. Ich liebe deinen Tüll rock Madison und die Schuhe erst! Wouwwwww!!!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse,

  6. francesca r05 August

    Of course i have!! I like the way you have thrown this outfit together, the tulle skirt is gorgeous!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  7. Ivana Džidić05 August

    so well put together! sometimes the best thing we do are the ones we do without things. Being spontaneous is often my way (or my choice) because when I plan things never work out...I've learned to just go with the flow sometimes.

    You look super cute and very stylish! love the heels, the vintage bag and the pink earrings...perfect accessories for that lovely yellow sweater and that adorable tulle skirt!

  8. Hi Madison, wow you look so glamorous. I love the cute tulle skirt and the way you styled it. I would take me hours to think of a look like that. I have to admit I'm not a spontaneous person. So I can't even remember one thing I did spontaneously. Have a happy Tuesday!!

    xx Mira

  9. thechilicool05 August

    Lovely look, I adore this necklace!


  10. Erika Sorocco05 August

    That Pastel Stitch Jumper is divine!!


  11. Closet Fashionista05 August

    Ooh, such a cute look! I'm usually pretty good at getting ready at the drop of a hat, but sometimes I just can't think fast enough :p

  12. such a gorgeous look! adore the accessories

    from helen at

    ps. win some Raybans of your choice + a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here.

  13. Glam up your Lifestyle05 August

    Da ich oft an Zeitmangel leide, plane ich lieber im Voraus. Aber gerne bin ich auch mal spontan. Es kommt auch darauf anm um was es geht.
    Liebe Madision, dein Look gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. LG Cla

  14. Ramona05 August

    oh, what a gorgeous look. Those shoes are amazing, what a color.

    xoxo Ra

  15. I'm usually the sort who doesn't really like to think about my outfit which is why I have a number of fail safe looks. You look amazing as always Madison! Loving your jumper and glittery heels.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. This is such a cute look! Love it!

  17. mustwearthat05 August

    Loving the pastels and the color combos are so pretty, the vintage jumper is very cute. I, too, have those feeling sometimes even though you've plenty in the closet and those packaged you just ordered and came right in front your door, don't even excited to open:).
    Wish you a lovely day and week:).

  18. You look wonderful! Love the clever layering and bright shoes! x

  19. I love pastels more and more. You look really great in this outfit; it really goes with your look.

  20. Missy May05 August

    Super girly and beautiful! Those accessories are awesome. :)

  21. Daniella05 August

    Your outfit turned out beautiful Madison. I love the pastel colour pallet and then the punch of stronger colour with your pretty metallic shoes. I really adore your tulle skirt :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  22. Allie Mackin06 August

    Oh loving the soft matching tone on tone pastel palette. Very nice. Gosh I have not been dancing in forever!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  23. can't answer your question, oops :P but I love pastels, they just automatically create a positive, happy vibe and make an outfit look pretty. your sweater is lovely, I like it how it includes different shades in it. and it goes beautifully with the necklace.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  24. ElleSees.blogspot.com06 August

    i love when that happens--it rarely does, but yes!! lovely as usual :)

  25. I like the pastel colors in this outfit, ahhhh reminds me of Mad Men :D

  26. I love seeing you in softer pastels hues, you look so pretty! Love the accessories and heels. I appreciate you stopping by :)

  27. Oh to Be a Muse06 August

    Always enjoy a pastel look. And those retro sunnies--to die! Kudos to you for being so spontaneous. I'm not as good at that. The last spontaneous thing I idea, lol.

  28. Dressed with soul06 August

    Liebe Madison, wie toll, dass Du das spontan gemacht hast! Zuletzt haben wir spontan einen Urlaub gebucht und noch ein paar Dinge mehr :) Ich wäre sehr glücklich, wenn meine Outfits so gelungen wären wie Deines, wenn ich sie spontan zusammenstelle! Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wundervolle, restliche Woche <3

    Alles Liebe von Rena

  29. I am loving this look on you babe! :)

  30. Thanks Ramona, glad that you like them. The shoes are an old DIY that I created a couple years back. :) xx

  31. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Ivana. Being spontaneous has its advantages! Going with the flow sometimes is all that you need/or can do! Have a great week. /Madison :-)

  32. Cla, Danke! Ja, vor allem, wenn Sie nicht viel Zeit haben. Aber, um spontan sein ist gut, manchmal auch. :) Viel eine tolle Woche! x

  33. It happens every blue moon to all of us, I'm sure. Thanks for your comment.

  34. Exactly! Thanks Alexis!

  35. Ha! :-) you're so funny. Thanks for your comment Emmy.

  36. Thanks so much dear! xx

  37. Liebe Rena, Danke, dass du mein Outfit gefallen. Klingt wie Sie beide gut darin, spontan! Ich immer schätzen Deine Blog-Besuche sind. Auch, ich Wünsche Dir noch eine wundervolle, restliche Woche! :) xx / Madison

  38. tia_cherie07 August

    Very beautiful. I seriously need your shoes in my life, they are perfect!

  39. I love this outfit, the color of the shoes is perfect!

  40. Thanks so much Mira! Hope you''re enjoying the week.

  41. Liebe Kira,
    Dankeschön! x

  42. Ileana08 August

    Beautiful look! Love ur sweater's texture and the cute necklace :)



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  43. minnja style10 August

    You look amazing. I love yellow.



  44. melody10 August


  45. I really like how you combined the skirt with your jumper!


  46. Glamoury armory11 August

    Nice look, i love being spontaneous, but now with two littles ones everything must be plan in detail, a haha, you look great!!

  47. Indian Savage12 August

    You look amazing babe
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  48. Loving your post & pics ,

    & those shoes are just WOW


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  49. Yes, I'm sure it's qute difficult with little ones! Thank you very much for your comment! :) /Madison

  50. Shamu Boo15 August

    You look so gorgeous. Such a sweet and lovely outfit :)

  51. You did a great job with this outfit, I think it works great for some happy celebration after getting a job well done. I really love the pastel colors!