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After a thirty-minute gaze at my summer shoe collection I noticed that I have many of the same styles: summer wedges, summer heels, ahem ... summer wedges, summer flats, and so on. Okay, it was about twenty minutes or so, but thirty sounds and seems more appropriate. It felt like thirty minutes too.

Listen, shifting boxes in one's closet takes a lot of time. I needed almost one and a half cups of tea. Not to mention coming across an old handbag or two in the process. Yes, now I remember, it was thirty minutes. I was on a mission--a, "Find new summer sandals, stat!" type of mission but, preferably, non-printed.

I needed something versatile that also reflected my style. An obvious deduction: my personal style precluded that I wasn't quite a Birkenstock lady nor was I a typical mule wearer. So, I decided that this shoe was a clear safety net that united both of the risk-taking aforementioned styles. I know, I know, that's not exactly fashionably living on the edge, is it?

I have not tried any of Clarks sandals before, only their boots, so I was impressed with this style from Bells Shoes. To be honest, the insole comfort is really the winning element. Although, I loved the gold metallic accent as well--the test was a day trip of walking in these beauties. They passed.

I'm certain these leather sandals will be an easy style addition to several summer ensembles, but also a great option to dress up or down (think more of a casual sophisticate meets "tomboy-chic," rather). In any event, did they do the job of comfort and style for my weekend alternative shoe? Yes.

Of course, on this particular weekend I was pretty much only brunching with friends, buying new frames for artwork, and relaxing the entire time (as if I literally had all the time in the world), and not battling fashion sales crowds. You know "we, the fashion darlings" of the world save these for special times like that. There's nothing like a proper spike 'eh?

Jokes, aside, I'm not chucking my heels and wedges, but I am pleased that I selected a new style to love. Because, I'm sorry ladies, I tried it … I'm just not the traditional flip-flops type of gal. Wait. Maybe, if they had studs, metal soles, or silk fabric intertwined in the thong somewhere I would consider them. Hmm ... okay, don't quote me on that, let me get back to you. Yes, let me get back to you.
The goods: Clarks Zena in Mae-Brown and gold-c/o Bells Shoes, Printed dress-H&M, Denim jacket-Calvin Klein (charity shop), Hat-Urban Outfitters, Earrings-Art market, Striped bag-F21, Necklace-last seen here.

 Above: 1--Zena Sandal, 2-Ranae Estelle, 3-Coral Reef, 4-Dalhart Sorbet, 5-CLA Hotel Bustle
What do you think of these sandals? Have you tried Clarks shoes?


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