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Selecting tech devices for your lifestyle is just as important as choosing the right accessories to go along with them. And, in a world chock-full of options, sometimes a minimal but straightforward design is all that you need.   

I'm back again with a review of CalypsoCrystal's designs. You may remember the luxury brand from one of the features from my Smart Traveller series. 
Luxury leather tech accessories
This design is the MacBook Case and comes in a colour variety the fashion world would call blush, tangerine, olive, and midnight.  Inspired by regions around the world, CalypsoCrystal chose the following colour names instead:  Zurich Night, Paris Glory, Sydney Morning, and Atlanta Mist (as seen here). 

This case is the Atlanta Mist, a warm dusty pink colour with a glossy finish. It's actually a preferred colour for me since I wanted something neutral but sophisticated. Fortunately, as an added bonus, this size case fits both my Mac and PC laptops, so I can use this interchangeably with my mobile workstation and personal computer.  

Just like all of their other accessories, this style exemplifies refinement within the seams, albeit acquiring it will make your Burberry wallet a little bit lighter. However, as any tech-savvy devotee will note, quality luxe pieces, handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, usually do. Durable longevity? Check.   
Calypso Crystal CalypsoCase  

The Style:
This version of the CalypsoCase is a massive upgrade with a cleverly useful element: a wide tab on the front that allows your laptop to be lifted without having to dig deep into the case with your hands—certainly helpful for those of us who wear statement rings and delicate hand jewellery. The magnetic tab can be easily pulled and slides comfortably back into its designated slit on the front of the case so that you can swiftly upload photos online or check those important e-mails. 

The case itself is very different from my usual leather messenger-esque style laptop bag but a great sophisticated alternative, especially for meetings. It's much like a large sleek clutch for on-the-go access to your MacBook. It's café-approved and airport-friendly, which is pretty much a large part of my weeks these days.  
First-class benefits: 
All of CalypsoCrystal's pieces are exclusive (only 500 are made in each design) and come with a certificate of authenticity. Each piece is handmade from premium Italian leather by masterful artisans with a specialty in crafting precision leather goods. 
I love the brand's attention to the customer, which comes with a personal touch. Each item is gift wrapped with a custom note, and booklet. Now that I am a seasoned customer, it's great to see that the company still holds true to their branding and maintains excellent customer service as well. 

What do you think of CalypsoCrystal's opulent designs?  What do you carry your laptop in?

The goods: CalypsoCase in Atlalnta Mist c/oCalypsoCrystal  
€ 249 , all opinions expressed in this article are my own. *Learn more about their process in handcrafting leather accessories here. 

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