Hong Kong and Curry, Gather Round


Kitchen Table Passport (KTP) is a culinary and cultural experience  the monthly subscription service allows you to learn about different countries as well as their specific traditions.

The concept is geared toward sharing a unique and authentic experience with family or friends in a fun way whilst taking an adventure to a new country each month. But, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home. KTP creators, Lisa and Murray are both fervent travellers, and have tailored each box to include a mound of up to date information that is both visually appealing and educational.

There's even a music playlist from the country given, and can be found on your welcome card. *If you really love the music, there's a special hashtag that you can use, and the company will put a CD in the box for you next time. But, the real treat is the herb or spice pack that comes with your selected country.

I received the Hong Kong box. Each box comes with four specifically focussed pack of cards, which includes a welcome card, a "Taste" pack, "Mementos" pack, and "Discovery Cards" all country specific including a recipe to cook.

A new country is added every month, and takes you around the world with your culinary passport from the selected destination straight to your own kitchen. It's a nice addition to a dinner party when having guests over. And, there's plenty to keep everyone busy (trivia questions related to the county, and random country facts), and the best part ... the food.

The Dish:
Our spice pack included Chinese curry, enough to make the recipe twice. I love curry, but I was a bit hesitant at first about this version. Chinese curry really tastes a bit different than Thai and Indian curry, etc. This was milder than what we're used to. Our recipe was fish balls with curry sauce and rice. It turned out really delicious! All ingredients for recipes are items that can easily found from your local grocer. We used cod, as recommended and I'm sure mackerel would be just as good for next time.

I could see this box also being great for parents with precocious children, because I know my little well-travelled nephew (who is only five) gets so excited learning about new cultures. Eating together and going around the table to read through the discovery cards allows everyone to engage in the activities and get the full experience.

The Details: 
The full subscription costs $24.95/month, but you're welcome to customise your box. For example, if you only want a Taste package, and Welcome Card with a different country every month, then you can deselect receiving discovery cards and mementos for $9.95 instead. Or, if you just want to do the package as a one-off, then you can select the country of your choice for $29.95 for a full pack.
The goods: Country focus: Hong Kong Box-Courtesy of Kitchen Table Passport, Candle holders-Pfalzgraf, Eco-table linens-c/o Gudrun Sjödén, Italian fruit and vegetable towel (Buy similar), Place mats-BHG, Autumn leaf platter-(Buy similar), Handmade-DIY topiaries, Flatware-Reed & Barton.     

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  1. I like Chinese Curry I agree is very different from Thai and Indian. I will not mind kitchen passport.

  2. This is such a cool concept! So unique and a great learning experience I'm sure. I don't think I've tried Chinese curry before but now I'm intrigued! Great post Madison :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Anonymous22 October

    I like the idea (it doesn't exist in my country yet) and it's nice that there's more than just the food, e.g. that one also learns about different cultures

  4. This is a great subscription service and I really like the customization part where you can choose to deselect some options. Lovely Pics and great post.