October Moments


I  had the misfortune of being unwell the past four days, and had to take care of myself through the weekend. I'm back now, but had to stay off the blog, as rest was much needed.

Even though my October was completely filled with a jumble of things, I wanted to share a few highlights with you, including a crafty project, and of course food.

My workplace did a charity benefit dinner in support of breast cancer research and awareness, which I've always supported even before my mum was diagnosed with it. Fortunately, she is a survivor. Then, I was able to be part of a couple of other campaigns including Glamulet's pink charms for breast cancer.

I also chose a custom bracelet with a few charms that express my style that the brand sent me, fittingly including an aeroplane.

There are also other brands that are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness with donating not just a portion, but 100 percent of their profits from selected products in October; brands like Ralph Lauren, EoS, and Estee Lauder to name a few.
(Above) I made two topiaries for the house (it's a messy job but surprisingly easier than I thought), Homemade vegan bbq with carrots and honey mesquite crisps, I tried out a new Chanel nail colour Ballerina #167, Memories from our Hong Kong meal, A new lip colour with a hint of orange (I am taking beauty risks in autumn), Bundled up with eyeliner and lipstick, Favourite vintage silk scarf with Happiness Boutique necklace.

(Above) An autumn Clarins beauty haul (seen here), I cooked Shakshouka (Tunisian spiced poached eggs) in my cast-iron for our weekend brunch, Cashmere, wool, and navy outfit details, Bracelets given to us for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month charity benefit.

Stay tuned, I've a few more culinary favourites coming up in the next couple weeks, including a seasonal low-sugar recipe to love. I am visiting family later this week, and finishing up a few autumn decorating crafts for an upcoming dinner party.

How has your autumn been so far?


  1. Amazing topiaries!
    Hope you are feeling better!


  2. I love DIY projects!
    I'm glad your mother is a survivor. I recently had an interview on the blog with a breast cancer survivor..