The Stylish Foodie {Holiday Edition}


With Christmas holiday literally rolling around within weeks, there are alternative gifts and creations that I must think about. My dilemma is usually deciphering what to buy first, since I have a few family members who also have their birthdays around Christmastime.

The trick to still make it special for them, because there's nothing worse than blending everything together---my sister can testify to that one, being that she just celebrated her birthday on the past weekend. Sometimes, as you may already know, I make gifts throughout the year but this year there's not much time for that.

Fortunately, I have many foodie friends and family members, in addition to newlywed friends who are getting into the culinary spirit and foodie atmosphere in their new home.

Below are some great inspiring, and stylish suggestions for the new and seasoned foodies in your life. It's not just for the holidays. In fact, all of these are on my personal list to buy in the near future. From homemade spreads, to personalised kitchen tools, these are just a few of my favourite foodie items at the moment. And, just in case you aren't certain at all what to pick up, then a cookbook is always a great idea for any gastronome and cooking enthusiast, in my opinion.
1-Stelton-Vacuum Jug in Copper, 2-Malle w. Trousseau- Oyster Tool Kit w/ leather & knife, 3-Hey Boo-Coconut Caramel Sauce, 4-CB2-Copper Flatware, 5-Woodford Reserve-Bourbon Smoked Simple Syrup, & Aromatic Bitters.
Above: Shop custom cutting boards. You can also find cheese boards from The Cutting Board Shop.

I have a good collection of cutting boards, however I still believe that there's plenty of room for unique styles like these. When you regularly entertain as we do, then you will always need a variety of cutting boards, including tiny, curved, small, and large platter size boards. You can find these custom handmade beauties on Etsy.

Are there any foodies in your life? What do you think of these custom cutting boards?


  1. They are perfect for a home cook or hostess gift.

  2. Fabulous picks!
    Love that copper jug!


  3. What fantastic gift ideas! I too have lots of cutting boards but there is definitely room for a custom one like these! The copper flatware is a really unique gift too!