Bundled Up Style: Outerwear


Now that you've probably sorted your holiday outfits, did you remember to include what overcoat or jacket would be suitable with them? Or, perhaps you're one of the fortunate fashionistas who will be basking in the sun during the holiday, so you needn't worry about heavy layering!

One thing about my wardrobe that isn't surprising to many who have followed this blog over the years is that I wear loads of jackets!

I was contacted by Lyst to create my favourite collection, so I decided to share my top picks for outerwear. Most importantly, these styles are perfect to have a warm, fashionable, and versatile winter.

These styles seen below cover most occasions for my autumn-winter, and I would probably add an obvious trench coat somewhere in-between as well. I have everything from retro-classics to modern embellished designs, and there will be plenty of occasions to wear pieces like these to dress up or down.
Lyst Designer Jackets
Above: 1-Elevenses, 2-Y-3, 3-Cusp, 4-Rebecca Taylor, 5-J.Crew, 6-Ichi, 7-Stefanel, 8-Stefanel, 9-Vivienne Westwood 

In my personal wardrobe, jackets are the most worn pieces. But, blazers and leather moto-jackets in particular are my favourite styles to wear. I don't fancy too many silhouette changes when it comes to jackets, but I've occasionally taken a few risks in the past (some examples above). However, there's a constant lean toward specific style lines, and lengths.

Key ingredients of my favourite jackets: style, durability, quality, and versatility. Of course, there's always that one jacket in your closet that has a certain je ne sais quoi, one that stands out amongst the group. And, if that's the case, then for me it just as well be some form of leather, or full-length luxe covering. 

You can create your own collection on Lyst.co.uk 

What's your favourite style of outerwear to wear?