FT Kitchen: Beets, and Biscuits


Last month, I made homemade biscotti for the first time, which was quite easy. It also reminded me of growing up, as my mum used to make homemade biscuits especially for my sister and I. These were so satisfying with coffee, milk, or tea. Since my first attempt, I've made different flavours and loved these with almond and orange the most. 

I have been experimenting more with the maqui berry powder, and I made almond-beet berry ice cream, using maqui berry powder, and red beets. It's a healthier alternative if you like ice cream (which I could never eat before when I was young because of the sugar content), so I served this to our friends after dinner a few weeks ago, and never told them that it didn't have any refined sugar in it. 

The result was an amazingly refreshing berry flavoured ice cream with coconut milk. Stay tuned for more original recipes and summer favourites!

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Do you like biscotti or have any favourite ice cream flavours?


  1. Biscotti with coffee is my favorite I never try it with chocolate.

    1. Thanks! It's good with raw dark chocolate, & sprinkle with a little sea salt! xx