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For this global spotlight series I wanted to share with you a brand that embodies ethical sensibilities with a romanticised attitude.Murphy & Daughters is a sustainably motivated brand inspired by the aromatics and beauty of Australian flora and fauna. The Melbourne based brand was founded by Sarah Murphy, a former home wares buyer. Deeply rooted by family, the brand's name stems from Murphy's great grandparent's general store (Murphy Brothers), but influenced by (Sarah) Murphy's two daughters, from which Murphy and Daughters (M&D) was born.With vibrant colours catching my eye in a wee glance, I was immediately drawn to Murphy's wide-range of products—from lip balms to deliciously sweet-scented hand creams. Plus, since most things in my life equate to food in some way, I love the fact that spices, fruits, and plant-based extracts are used. If you fancy being struck by senses in the best possible way, namely the sense of smell, then these products will instantly appeal to you. The entire range is made with love, and a visual treat with an impressive tug on your nature-loving soul. The Difference: Murphy and Daughters believe in making their products sustainably and ethically as possible. All products packaged are hand done by Ability Works, an organisation with devoted intentions of empowering and hiring people with disabilities.What to ExpectM&D's offerings have a sense of opulence, as well as a genuine cosiness that will have you wanting to cuddle up in your favourite blanket. And, with the plant-based scent blends of frangipani, honeysuckle, orange blossom, and tuberose (amongst many others), this can be done so with ease.  The Bon Bon Soaps are famed for their sumptuous fragrance and colourful wrappings that are in the form of a crackers (think, Christmas crackers). There is home elements like hand poured candles, and beeswax tablets (that can replace your linen sachets) in the M&D shop as well. I recently tried the Box O'Treats, which includes: Cloudstreet Candle: 270g - Vegetable soy wax candle gently scented with lemon, orange blossom, jasmine, green tea, mandarin, bergamot, pear and musk. It's a refreshing aroma, and also the perfect guest hosting candle, or burn it whilst reading your favourite novel.Bon Bon Soap: 100g - The triple milled rectangular lathering soap bars permeated in the succulent aroma of mandarin orange, rose geranium, or pink grapefruit. Ethically sourced ingredients of glycerin, certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernal oil, and enriched with shea butter. "Just Rub It In" Hand Cream: Paraben & Sulphate free and no PEGs. 75ml/2.6 oz.  This hand cream is enriched with bergamot, pink grapefruit, rose geranium shea butter, carrageenan, and rosehip oil. Other key ingredients: macadamia oil (natural emollient and restorative properties), meadow farm oil, aloe vera, rosemary, green tea, and avocado oil. It's a thick and hydrating hand cream with a somewhat pungent burst of rose geranium, but the first note comes in as an earthy aroma enveloped in rosemary, rose, and bergamot. The scent smells more of rose geranium as it wears, with underlining notes of pink grapefruit. You needn't much, and it goes on velvety with a non-greasy silky finish. Scented Wax Tablet: Made from beeswax, the elegantly scented tablets are hand made and embellished with pieces of star anise, orange blossom, hawthorn, and roses. Fragrances: orange blossom, tuberose, and green tea, or roses and geranium. Packaged with a hanging printed liberty (lawn fabric) ribbon, and comes in a charming box with gold stamping. These smell good enough to eat, and so will your wardrobe! Stow it away in your closet, dresser drawers, or suitcase. Hand & Body Wash: Paraben free and no PEGs. 500ml - This translucent liquid soap was freshly scented in green tea. Active ingredients: aloe vera, shea butter, and green tea. It's great for sensitive skin, and washes without being harsh. Hands were soft and clean after use, yet remained moisturised with using the hand cream.   I loved these products, and the beeswax tablets, and milled soaps have a special place in my heart. The quality of each product was excellent, and you don't lose the homey feeling of both comfort and luxury with each piece. Shop the range or view other products at do you think of Murphy & Daughters products?


  1. I like the concept behind Murphy Daughter great products the packaging looks very luxury have a great weekend.

    1. I agree, the products are lovely, and the packaging is so beautuful! xx

  2. Beautiful packaging! That candle and hand cream sound lovely :)

  3. These products look absolutely amazing! Not to mention the beautiful packaging too <3 Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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  4. I havent heard of this brand before but sounds awesome! Love the packaging :)