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I typically have a good number of tech cases to choose from; however, last month I upgraded my personal Smartphone to an iPhone 7, which makes my work mobile feel so ... archaic. Of course, I'm joking, it's not old but that's how it feels with every new upgrade right? So far, I have loved most of the new features that it provides.  

This time I decided to use a few of my blog images for my mobile case design, namely from my Alice in Wonderland themed shoot. 
With that being said, I did need new cases, so I designed one playful case and the other I just modified from the roster of pre-made options from Caseapp. I've mentioned before that I was impressed with their prompt customer service.  

was also thinking about how great it would be to gift guests with custom holiday cases at an intimate Christmas gathering. This obviously works if you already know the style of phones that your friends may have (which I do). 

Why not create a themed bag chock-full of fun tech-savvy gifts and stylish treats inside? (Think, ugly-sweater mobile cases for a party, inspiring foodie cases for gastronomes, or something jewelled and pretty in pastels or rose gold for fashionistas). I have conjured a great deal of different takeaway-style swag bags for dinner guests, and I think versions of these in some form would be a fun way to change things up. 

What style of mobile case(s) do you have? Do you stick to the same style? 

The goods: Custom mobile cases-c/o *All opinions are my own and honestly expressed.
Here's a Caseapp holiday discount to save 20% off your order use code: "FASHIONTALES20CHRISTMAS"  *The code is valid until the 25 December 2016.  

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  1. Its so cool that youve used the images from your shoot to design your own phone case! It looks great

    Rachel xx