Framed: DIY Decorating


I have put together a few crafts for the not-so-typical DIY enthusiast. These DIYs are all quite affordable and easy to modify to suit any stylish space. All you'll need at the most is scissors and glue with a few notions. I hope that you are inspired to create your own and if you do, don't forget to share what you create!

1. DIY Embellishments
Picture frames (2)
Text Art or printables on card stock 
Sequins and/or marble beads
E6000 or craft glue

  1. Find printables that you love or create your own text to print out. 
  2. Buy affordable frames or use old frames that will fit the scale of your print(s). (I bought a wholesale bundle of frames and shadow boxes from a design store because I used some for a styling event).
  3. Take measurements from the frames and your card stock, then cut any excess off the edges of card stock so that your paper will fit inside the framing. Test the fit and remove the paper to a flat working surface. 
  4. Use beads, or sequins to design your artwork. Next, adhere and secure the beads and sequins with glue or E6000. Set aside to dry according to the glue/E6000 directions.
  5. Carefully place the finished artwork inside the frame and enclose. Repeat steps 1-5 for your next art piece.

Notes and gift ideas: 
  • These are easy and stylish ways to dress up your vanity area, any décor space or with special frames, this makes a lovely personalised gift. 
  • I made small wedding gift baskets for a client and put Mr. & Mrs. custom frames in rose gold. The options are endless and with a good embellishing eye, you can make these budget-friendly accents look like elegant art pieces, gift favours, and wall décor.

2. Mini Floral Wreath
There are numerous ways make a traditional wreath but what better way to welcome the season of newness and being a tad unconventional than a miniature wreath? Not to mention, I am not using this wreath for its main functionality for the final result, instead, I created this velvet rose wreath to be used as a centrepiece for an upcoming gathering (more to come on that project later, so stay tuned).

Floral foam ring (small: approx. 
Velvet or silk roses (9-12 pcs.)
Floral accents (pine cones, dried berries, or baby's breath, etc.) 
Jute twine
Wire cutter
Glue stick with glue gun (Optional)

  1. On a flat working surface, use a wire cutter to separate all of the roses, 
  2. Arrange the roses on the floral foam in your preferred design by piercing the ends each rose and floral accent into the foam. (Check that the edges are not sticking out on the bottom of the foam, if they are, use the wire cutter to cut excess off or stick the edge into the foam by curving the ends).
  3. Take yardage of the jute twine and wrap it around the entire side of the foam ring, forming layers on top of each other with every interval until there is no visible green shown of the foam (At this point, you can use the hot glue gun to securely adhere the twine to the foam, otherwise just tie a knot at the end of the last wrapped layer, then cut off the excess with scissors.
  4. If you want to hang this on the wall or door, then add a loop of jute twine to the back of the wreath with hot glue. Set aside to dry.

What do you think of these small décor accents?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 


  1. I love your home decor DIY idea! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY