Entertaining: In Good Company


Food brings unity. It’s a language that people from all over the globe can understand. It's all about togetherness, sharing laughter, and creating fond memories around the table. 

This time, the spotlight series is focussed around eating together. Sadly, eating a meal together is often non-existent in some families during the week, or even on weekends. Nowadays, it's quite easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, tech, or work responsibilities. Thus, it doesn't allow much time to savour kitchen creationsbe it new gastronomic experiences or most-loved childhood dishes. However, sometimes it is the art of enjoying a good meal that can make all the difference in a day’s ending. It's about having those special conversational exchanges that can be cherished the most.  

Smithey manages to upgrade a generational classic: reliable cast-iron (pre-seasoned by hand) with contemporary aesthetics—bringing rustic luxury to your culinary experience in each use. If you've ever wondered how the devil cookware could be worthy of being called chic as well as practical (with two pour spouts), the Charleston-based brand’s ironware style just might justify the vogue thought. It's probably because it gleams with a bronze interior, a polished non-stick finish that's satin-smooth with ideal hanging holes on both sides to display right in your kitchen. You know, the way your grandmother did!

Cast-irons, as we know, are generational classics and essentials for any chef, or seasoned home cook, so it makes perfect sense to feature it for a thoughtful gathering around the table. To make this intimate evening inviting, I used a colour balance of vintage blue variations along with copper, and yellow. Homemade dark chocolates in the guests preferred flavours didn't go amiss either for comfort. In fact, I'm no chocolatier, but Freshware’s silicone moulds are perfect for getting creative in the old chocolate factory (that's your own kitchen, by the way).  

The best part about eating together with friends, family, and loved ones is that they are coming to spend time with you! Remember, your guests are not there for a life-altering experience (well, unless truffles are involved and I am not talking about chocolate there). So, keep the environment relaxingthe setting stylish, and most importantly … the food well-seasoned! 


View tips below to create welcoming elegance for evening décor: 

Pass the salt, the bread, and the pot! 
  • One-Pot Wonders (OPW): Whether you use a Dutch oven, crock pot or cast-iron skillet, having one pot or one pan dishes on the menu is just smarter. Essentially, anything that involves being passed down for guests to engage more is excellent. Add generous sides to any delicious OPW and it's the perfect crowd-pleaser. We prepared two dishes and I also made two versions of blondies for guests, which caters to a familial approach that could only be viewed as a labour of love. Share plates, anyone? Try roasted duck and pork, or a spinach and artichoke farfalle and Pastalaya. 

The Art in Dexterity: 
  • Each event and entertaining occasion may call for a unique touch but occasionally, it really is all about simplicity and artwork. I used chalkboard paper to create these DIY table runners, then just wrote food-inspired text or various herbs and spices in chalk. 
  • Try to list a spice or herb not many people use in your circle, but one that you know a lot about. Foodies are always happy to learn something new when it comes to tasting and seeing.  

Heirlooms & Lost Tales:  
  • Add one special piece that is significant to you. I styled vintage pieces in this tablescape, as well as brioche tins to serve scoops of ice cream. This makes a great conversation addition for storytelling. There's nothing like hearing about the history of that vintage candelabra or the forgotten copper serving tray that was passed down from your great-grandparents after the war. 

I hope that you were inspired by our intimate gathering, and perhaps you will treasure moments spent around the table during your next meal.  

What do you think of our inviting table décor? 

The goods: Pot holder-Cuisinart, 10" Cast-iron-Provided by Smithey, Tapers-Provided by Colonial Candle, Vintage-white tablecloth, French blue bottles, Custom wine labels-c/o iCustom Label, Staffordshire Liberty Blue dinnerware, Brass candle holders-Vintage, Sobus Silicone cavity used for chocolate-Freshware. *All opinions are honestly expressed and are my own.


  1. Everything beautifully done from the meal to the table setting well done.

  2. Having dinner together is a very important moment for my family. It's the moment we gather and talk about our day and lay everything on the table, literally and metaphorically. I hope you had a happy Easter dear. Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY