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Hi, lovelies! I hope that you have been enjoying your summer. Here's an intimate tablescape that I did with Marry Me 

For this wedding tablescape, the focus was on colour and centrepiece simplicity. To make such a small gathering like this have an elegant touch, I decided to create three floral arrangements. I have been doing more flower designing lately and it's been such a marvellous experience (I will give you some inside style tips for those in my next instalment.) The trick is to make the arrangements in a way where they can stand alone but also go along with the entire theme. Do take a look at the snapshots below for inspiration.

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Small Details & Big Statements: 
I decided to use a display suitcase in an almost Tiffany blue for this centrepiece with sola florals, moss balls and succulentsI love lanterns and used a white one to contrast the vintage teal and seafoam colour with the blush and fuchsia. If you're worried about over doing your theme or not having enough to design an elaborate table, try to use larger pieces, such as a lantern or floral bins to decorate around them. The garland with paper lanterns also helped to balance the retro aesthetic as well as add texture to the decor.

In this theme, the real statements are simply two things, flowers and colour! Therefore, my wooden rustic theme blends well with the flowers because I made the flowers several focal points. 

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Simple Accents: 
For smaller gatherings and events, one quick way to make a statement by using textures. Whether real or faux, use them to your advantage. I used real birch wood pieces to adorn the table as a runner, the small birch patterns: the plates and napkins with faux Birchwood patterns helped to bring out the vintage-inspired theme. It’s charming and slightly rustic with a dash of sophistication.  

Enjoy the rest of your week.

What do you think of this tablescape?

The goods: Shop wedding ceremony supplies, table decorations, and gifts here. Some items in this post were provided by MarryMe. As always, all content and opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Great inspiration for wedding

  2. Anonymous25 July

    The blues are so refreshing! The result looks great.


  3. Wow, what s gorgeous tablescape! I love the theme and how everything blends together so seemlessy; the colors are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  4. This is such a beautiful table set up, I wish I could put together a set up like this but my attempts never look as good.
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