DIY: Centrepieces and Table Numbers


I recently used a few different centrepieces and wanted to share one idea that I loved involving photo frames. Getting creative for events doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

You can make one of these frames to use for the following: escort cards, table seating cards, or wedding table numbers by adding fewer pieces to design one entire centrepiece. I decided to make several of these for name cards for the table settings, where guests could take their card with the appropriate number directing them to the table.

This worked well because it was a small intimate event (under fifty attendees). I am in the process of making a different version with larger frames but I was quite pleased with this result due to the occasion. Essentially, if you have plenty of moss, (which I did from my topiaries last season) then this is right up your street.

For larger events, you can use a larger (square) frame and create this in rows or singular columns. For an upcoming event, I used a rectangular frame with gold tacks, which worked well. Sometimes, adding a special handmade touch to an event can make all the difference. Take a gander below at my results.

Moss Framed Board
1 Baroque-style frame in gold
Moss sheet or 1 bag of moss
Moss rocks (optional)
Blank guest cards or name cards
Key charms (1 per guest card)
Gold jewellery wire or Baker's twine, cut the width of the frame.
String or miniature clothespins
Glue gun with glue sticks
Pen or thin marker
4-6 Paper flowers, dried flowers
1-2 faux succulents
PrepMeasure the inside of the frame, then cut cardboard to the measurements, or the insert that came with the frame itself as a guide to create a flat surface that will fit right inside the frame. Make certain that it is one piece without any gaps or holes in the centre.
  1. Attach the cardboard insert to the frame by placing hot glue around the inner part of the frame. Then, set the insert atop the frame. Press firmly. Set aside to cool. 
  2. Next, in small amounts add moss to the insert, forming a thick layer approximately 2 cm or so high. Let some of the moss protrude beyond the cardboard edges so that the moss slightly covers the inner edges of the frame (view images.) 
  3. Add jewellery wire horizontally along the frame in three spacious rows. *As a guide, just section the moss frame in thirds to make it easier. Attach each jewellery wire end into the moss by curving the ends and sticking them through the moss/cardboard. Use hot glue to set the ends of the wire in place. 
  4. Now, start to position your flowers, and succulent(s) to your desired area. Hot glue each piece to the moss surface. At this point, add other elements: branch pieces or moss rocks, if you prefer.
  5. Write on your guest cards: table numbers or the guest names, etc. Then, use a hole punch to create a hole for hanging. 
  6. Feed twine or string through the hole of each guest card and add a key charm on top of each guest card. Carefully tie each card with the key charms, to the jewellery wire on the moss frame. Now you have a centrepiece. Hang this on the wall or use this on the table for guests. 
Tip: This project is very affordable because moss is not that expensive if you go to décor market shops or wholesale suppliers. I typically buy in bulk for certain event supplies, especially if I know that I will use it for a future event.

What do you think of my guest framed centrepiece?

The goods: Shop the supplies for this DIY here. Some items in this post were provided by Oriental Trading. 
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