2017's Most Popular Hairstyles


As we approach the end of 2017, we can start to survey the year in general. One of the most notable changes to many people’s appearances this calendar year has been their hair. Specifically big trends have taken hold and you may have noticed loads of people sporting similar hairstyles. Let’s take a quick look at two of the year’s biggest hair trends: ombre (or balayage) and mermaid (or unicorn) hair.
You’ve probably heard the terms “ombre” and “balayage” thrown around a lot recently. You might have even tried them out yourself. This trend is not necessarily new, but this year it was big. Although they are often used interchangeably, you should be informed that ombre actually means “shadow” in French and is the term used for this style of hair: flowing intersections of brunette and blonde. Balayage is the technique used by hairdressers to achieve this look. The hair is sectioned into seemingly random parts, applying different amounts of bleach to each area. This will be removed at a different time according to how light each section is intended to be. 

This gives a much more natural look than blocky highlights. However, it is a high maintenance style and will require regular trips to a professional in order to keep your hair's appearance in tip-top shape. If you have particularly dark hair, you might not be able to achieve your desired look in just one day. 

The application of too much bleach to your hair for too long can result in damage and even breakage so should be avoided. Any good and reliable hairdresser will be able to examine your hair in an initial consultation and advise you as to how quickly you can achieve your desired look. So, make sure to book in for a meeting and a chat well in advance of any big occasions that you may want your hair perfect for.
Mermaid / Unicorn Hair
2017 has also been the year of pastel colours, in various ways. People have been embracing everything pastel toned, cosmic, mystic and ethereal. These tones have even spread globally toward food service: take a look at the profound success of Starbucks’ “Unicorn Frappuccino”, the Brooklyn Bagel Store’s “Rainbow Bagel”, and rainbow grilled cheese by Hong Kong’s Kala Toast. So it’s not too surprising that people want to add a little pastel rainbow magic to their hair as well! More and more hair artists and beauticians are being asked for the affectionately termed styles of  “mermaid” or “unicorn” influence.

This can involve anything remotely magical looking. Pastel tones are often preferred with pastel pink, baby blue and lavender all featuring heavily. More bold colours are often opted for too. Think of emerald greens, navy blues, and even bright sections of rainbow tones. You will generally see these tones used on longer hair, as it has a more stand out effect. People will also often braid them in eccentric styles or curl their locks into soft waves.

Hair trends come and go pretty quickly. But if you try something out you may realise that it suits you to a Tee and keep it for a much longer time. So, experiment and have fun!