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Travelling is pointless if you aren’t going to stop by the sights and say ‘yeah, it’s okay.’ Let’s face it – it just wouldn’t be a holiday! Sadly, the tradition is a risk thanks to greedy operators trying to make a quick buck. Nowadays, it isn’t rare to pay $35 per attraction, also known as €28 or £25. If one place has plenty of sights to see, the average person can fork out hundreds of dollars, euros or pounds to marvel at the view. Unfortunately, the majority of holiday-makers don’t have the cash and knock sightseeing on the head.
Here’s how to beat the man and save a small fortune in the process.
Buy In Advance
The World Wide Web is a wonderful place, and it’s your best friend regarding cheap tickets. Online vendors always have better deals than the promotions at the front desk. Why this is the case is neither here nor there – just focus on the cutthroat costs. The trick is to focus on sites that specialise in the area of the world in which you are visiting. My Concierge is an UAE-based platform, which is why it makes sense to buy tickets to Burj Khalifa there and nowhere else. You can also try Groupon and voucher websites.
Get A Group Ticket
If you have ever been to New York, you will know that there are many skyscrapers. Trying to scale them isn’t just tiring but expensive also. Thankfully, the powers that be have packages that make sight-seeing slightly cheaper. For example, if you buy an all-inclusive ticket, the entrances to different attractions are included. The amount may be $80-$100, yet it’s inexpensive than paying per skyscraper, especially if there is a credit card charge.
Pick The Freebies
Of course, there is no need to pay when there isn’t an entrance fee. You may think this is unlikely, but plenty of sites are natural and easily accessible. The UNESCO World Heritage program looks to maintain the world’s wonders and does so with government funding. As a result, the entrance charge is either minimal or non-existent. The Taj Mahal is a prime example as it costs less than £10 to enter for foreigners. Considering it’s a notorious mausoleum, it’s not a bad price to pay to witness an incredible feat of engineering. 
Forget About Add-Ons
So, you’ve paid for entry and now you’re inside. The temptation will be to fork out for anything that catches your eye but hold your horses. A picture is nice yet unnecessary nowadays thanks to digital cameras. It may not be in front of a green screen, and that is fine. Genuine actions shots are ten times better as they tell a story. Remember that souvenirs are a rip-off inside, too. Instead, wait until you get out on to the street and walk up to a street vendor. They normally have an exact replica (or keychains, and tokens, etc.) at half of the cost.
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