3 Ways To Prep For Spring


If you’re stuck in a sluggish mood or don't exactly know how to transition into the new season, sometimes it’s best to give yourself a jolt of inspiration. When going with the flow isn't enough, the most helpful way to get myself motivated for the season is by shifts in my daily life be it fractional or major.

I am sharing a few ways to help inspire you for spring, most importantly, you can actually use these tips to transition into any new season.

 #1: Interiors: open to change 

I find that redecorating my interiors (even by the season) is a continuous inspiration—style revamps or minimal fabric/colour changes not only brightens your living spaces but lifts your mood instantly. Perhaps, experiment by blending diverse textiles for your pillows on a favourite chair or sofa. 

If you’re not that adventurous making simple changes, such as adding leafy plant in a corner space, a floral bouquet for coffee tables and vanity spaces, or monochromatic framed artcan make a huge difference.  

Carefully rearranging the furniture can help as well. I am always up for trying new things so the occasional slight move of furniture every so often allows me to view the room differently. Thus, small waves of inspiration usually follow immediately. 

#2: Culinary Influence 

I typically like to eat by the season, in that prep, organise fruits and vegetables, and use fresh herbs and produce straight from our garden according to what is seasonally harvested. I also freeze foods and dehydrate seasonal ingredients, which helps if you have a craving for certain foods during off-peak season. 

People always ask me, how do you have time to prep? I look at it differently, even though life is very busy when it comes to priorities we typically will find time for what is important. And, since I have to travel for business, it helps to be organised.

Sometimes the most exciting thing for me is creating foods for the upcoming season. I set aside time in the year to do fermenting, prepping, pickling, and preserving a handful of my favouritebe it preserved lemons, vegetables, or even fish. Preserving your favourite ingredients does have advantages: it's time-saving for food prep and also saves money (as pricing at times for some seasonal foods fluctuates). 

Even if you're not so savvy in the kitchen, try visiting a farm to table restaurant. We recently attended a large family-style dinner outside with friends, literally at a ranch and they served regional home-grown goods. It was a great restaurant alternative and a fun way to taste locally grown food. This will enliven your taste buds and have them ready to embrace the new season.  

#3: Nature made 

There’s nothing like a peaceful walk about amongst Mother Nature. My favourite is taking deep breaths and having moments of gratitude. Even by stepping outside and looking around, taking in the surrounding beauty can motivate you for the new season. 

Being encompassed by elements of nature is a very free way to get inspiredYou might be surprised what influences you, it could be the sound of the wind, birds chirping, ojust people watching.  

After the effects of the holiday season, I needed to creatively think of mood-boosting and motivational ideas for productivity. It was especially difficult at times when I'd work remotely but getting outdoors entirely gave me immediate inspiration. 

I hope you were inspired by these ideas. How are you getting ready for spring? 

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