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When it comes to elegant kitchenware and tableware, there's nothing like a design that makes a statement be it minimal or elaborate. Mepra, a family-owned company is no stranger to merging technology with the art of quality design, and when a brand will customise your demands, that gives a greater impression, an eternal one. 

With three generations of producing cookware and cutlery, the celebrated brand has been revered for its innovative design, tradition, and taking risks. A tale of brotherly love initially in 1901, the family-owned business (began with three brothers with a vision) developed into what is now Mepra (since 1947) and has been especially successful with their stainless-steel flatware. 

I am featuring flatware pieces in a contemporary but stately bronze. These pieces are for the ultimate dining experience, not exactly for a run of the mill impromptu stopover from random guests. Rather, it's for those whom you know will appreciate the art of design with quality artisanship. Although, I wouldn't blame you if you havan urge to use any of Mepra's pieces on a weeknight dinner for entertaining or solely for yourself. Regal dining experiences are generally always worth it. 

If you're wondering where one finds such jewels, you have likely seen Mepra's exquisite works if you've stayed in prestigious hotels. You can find speciality pieces in award-winning restaurants and some of the best luxury hotels around the world. 

Distinguished by their meticulous combination of beauty, functionality as well as high-quality, there is such a distinction in their pieces, amongst others in the luxury tableware market 

Fortunately, the iconic brand's cutlery and other opulent pieces can be venerated by all right in the comfort of one's own home. With being said, I love that Mepra's stamp of confidence is embedded in each designed piece fitted with the addition of a lifetime warranty.   

This bronze set is from the Casablanca collection, beautifully designed by English architect, Louise Jenkins. The line is inspired by the Edwardian and Victorian eras; during times when ornate tableware were essentially majestic gems at place settings.  

If you look closely, you can see the hand-painted design on each piece, which is done with an electronic laser engraver, in the same skilful methods and likeness as ancient craftsmen. This Casablanca cutlery set also comes in black gold, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, gold, and brushed gold. 

If you're looking for other styles, you needn't worry—plenty of cookware and tableware, including serving pieces are available in the online shop. You can expect to see a new collection annually, and in a world where technological advancements are happening constantly, it helps to stay ahead of industry trends and market styles. 

Mepra also advocates collaborative designing, partnering with esteemed Italian designers as well as emerging talent to lend their efforts in the design and development process. 

What do you think of Mepra's period-inspired designs?

This five-piece bronze cutlery set comes with a dinner fork, dinner knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, and coffee spoon. 

The goods: Mepra Casablanca cutlery set 024 in Bronzo-Buy it here-Courtesy of The Luxury Art Mepra. You may also buy these pieces in polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, gold, brushed gold, and black gold. Copper tray-Vintage (Buy it), Shop dinnerware here. Handmade DIY-Gold leaf tablecloth. *All opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own. 
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  1. These are beautiful silverware even though they not silver