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I hope you’re hungry because I have a couple of mouth-watering foodie options to keep your taste buds happy and satisfied.  

I will preface this next section by saying, in my utmost Oprah tone of voice, “I love bread!” Let me be clear … 
There are times when you just need a good French baguette with a comforting meal. Whatever your preference: traditional French-style, multi-grain seeded or whole wheat, etc.  

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Founded in 1850, Emile Henry is a French heritage brand made out of pure passion and with six generations of producing quality ceramics, all handmade (in the workshops) in Burgundy, France. 

The French baguette mould and ceramic tagine are two pieces that I had the pleasure of reviewing. I used these for a recent evening with friends, and in my kitchen for weekend supper.

Details to Love: 
The quality of engineering is one to appreciate, especially if you cook and bake a lot like I do. From the weight and product size to the smallest detail such as air holes or handle positioning. These are thoughtfully designed with the company's motto in mind; designing products to generally make cooking easier and more efficient. 

For the tagine, this particular style is a larger one, which is most suitable for entertaining. We will most certainly get plenty of uses from it. Firstly, the high-fired glaze finish is simply beautiful. The lid self-bastes; allowing steam to catch internally to keep the food moist and full of flavour. This flameproof cookware retains heat and cooks much like a Dutch oven, and it's made of natural clay from Burgundy. 

I used mutton and lamb, although you can make this tagine meal a vegetarian-friendly or pescatarian dish. I usually opt for red snapper or aubergine as those are my two favourites. I have also used Icelandic cod, a great alternative in the tagine dish. Use whichever strikes your fancy.  

I was worried at first, even though I have made loads of bread, this was my first French baguette. I was so pleased to find out that baking fresh French baguettes are actually surprisingly very easy, especially with this mould. This mould allows you to prove the dough all in one vessel, I decided on creating three versions: everything seasoning, rosemary, and a zaatar spiced baguette. The result was heavenly, to say the least.  

Smartly designed with positioned holes to release excess moisture right from the lid, the ceramic baker retains and absorbs heat to evenly disperse steam produced from the dough when baking. 

Above: a medley of spices & flavours from Marrakech to Tunisia: saffron, fresh herbs & savoury blends of slow roasted vegetables, mushrooms & toasted almonds. Below: basmati rice with fresh coriander, smoked paprika, currants and almonds.

This tagine is quite unique, because of the craftsmanship and design it can be used directly on the flame, or grill and on any modern heat sources, including induction, which is ideal.  
The tagine is not solely for entertainingI reckonthis could indeed be family-style essential. And, why not? It's completely versatile for cooking 

If you have a gastronome cooking foodie friend or special person in your lifeyesas you’ve probably guessed now, they will completely salivate over any of these two productsIt will likely come down to their needwhat will they use more of, and are they heavily into baking or cooking? I honestly highly recommend either of theseIt's purely fine bakeware. 

Have you had Moroccan cuisine? What do you think of these Emile Henry pieces? 

The goodsTagine-in Charcoal, Baguette Baker mould-in Burgundy-Provided by Emile Henry. View the collection or shop other kitchenware and crockery here. Get inspired by more French and culinary recipes hereAll opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

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