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When is the last time that you had mushrooms in your coffee? Never? I thought as mucand wanted to introduce you to a brand that produces teas, coffees, and elixirs for your health. Don’t be alarmed by the thought of fungi in your morning cuppa, it actually tastes good.  

I recently tested out a few products by Four Sigmatic, some emerald-hued goods for my daily caffeine intake and otherfor focus and productivity. Mushrooms, often somewhat underrated ingredients used in cooking are powerful sources of nutrients: vitamin CNiacin, potassium, selenium (an antioxidant mineral), amongst others. 

First up was the Mushroom Matcha Drink MixIf you've never tried ceremonial grade matcha, then you've been missing out. I remember the first time that I had the ceremonial grade, the difference is distinctsmooth quality and proper deliciousness. You needn't use as much since it's concentrated. This matcha tea is made with lion's mane mushroom and L-theanine, a relaxing amino acid, and hints of ginger. I add a light spoon of ghee and use almond milk in mine. 

Not only are mushrooms amazing for our microbiome, but the fungi can help our bodies produce more healthy bacteriaFour Sigmatic was created by Finnish founder, Tero Isokauppila (sort of superfoods and mushroom virtuoso), in 2012 with friends. In his book, Healing Mushrooms, ten mushrooms are presented, including tremellareishi, shitake and cordyceps. 

Even though I grew up eating quite a good variety of mushrooms, I found myself learning about mushrooms that I had never tasted before. I’ve talked about one of my favourites mushrooms, Chaga, before on here, but lately reishi mushrooms have also been at the top of my list. have had severe allergies since I was a child. I had no idea how beneficial reishi could be for my allergies.  

The book is a revelation, a thorough guide that lays the foundation for understanding the importance of each described mushroom's health benefits and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. It’s well-written and with practical applications (& recipes) to use as a guide in daily living. 

As a foodie who also uses a lot of natural healing remedies, I was drawn to the blow-by-blow breakdown of the nutrients and power of healing mushrooms for health. It’s forthright but has enough backstory for you to grasp the founder’s passion, his upbringing and purpose for starting Four Sigmatic. Isokauppila tells you about the art of foraging—the book is something specialand gives you an entirely new perspective on mushrooms.  

Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix: A blend of reishi mushroom and hot cacao. It tastes rather good and I don't generally like hot chocolate, this is a slightly earthy and spiced version, as it's made with Peruvian cacao, cinnamon, cardamom, stevia and coconut sugar. 

Mushroom Coffee Mix: Made with Lion’s Mane, and dual extracted Chaga mushrooms, as well as the adaptogen, wild Rhodiola root or "the golden root." This coffee helps neuro and immune functions, essentially this is great for your brain and will allow you to have a wicked productive day.  

This woke me up and kept me going strong from the first start of the day. I flavour it and drink it just as I would my normal coffee. I really loved this one, and I will say that to me it simply tastes like a really (uniquely layered) good cup of coffee.    

Overall, I was impressed ball three of these but I think my two favourites were definitely the matcha and the coffee. I really have nothing to say but good, however, if I would say one thing that I wish it had was more packets in the Mushroom Coffee Mix and Mushroom Cacao Mix for the price there are only 10 packets in each flavour. Ultimately though for the health benefits and convenience of instant powder and just add water method, I still think it’s worth itChoose the one that you need the most: for focus, calming, balance, etc. 

*Of course, like any natural medicinal plant or herb, if you are pregnant or taking any medications, you may want to consult your medical practitioner before consumption. 

Do you incorporate mushrooms into your diet? What do you think of Four Sigmatic? 

The goods: Starter Kit: Mushroom Coffee Mix, Mushroom Matcha Drink Mix and Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix, Courtesy of Four Sigmatic. Shop and view the mushroom range here. * All opinions are honestly expressed and my own.

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