Casual Elegance: Muru Jewellery


As much as I adore the bold and lavish when it comes to my accessories, I have noticed that what I wear the most in recent years are dainty pieces of jewellery. My recent favourites are pieces by Muru Jewellery, a British brand that makes a collection of charm-like accessories: necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. 

Muru Jewellery makes some of the most coveted jewellery in the UK, seen by the likes of Pixie Lott, Jourdan Dunn, Zooey Deschanel, and Alice Levine, amongst others. It's not surprising that the brand has received accolades, no doubt deservingly for their designs.  

These designs are produced right in their Islington, London studio. The brand blends British culture with global theories and concepts, resulting in creative, sentimental jewellery that's also quite wearable.  

Concept & Influence: 
I selected these three necklaces that have a personal connection to me, and also carry lovely symbolism: the rose gold acorn represents new beginnings to bring good fortune to new adventures, and from the Prosperity & Success line, the coin and dream catcher necklaces both are respectfully inspired by Native American tribes, used for protection against negative energy, and help motivate you in achieving your dreams. 

The pieces are definitely unique and can be layered with each another or worn alone.
All of the jewellery is hand-made using gold vermeil, and sterling silver to positively inspire the wearer. I love that Muru Jewellery focusses on empowering women by their designs aloneeach piece with significant inscriptions and inspirationand producing pieces to be proud of. 

I have curated a few other pieces that I think you'll love from Muru's range of jewellery below, including the newly launched My Constellation collection. The coin inspired designs are also amongst my top selections because of its regal aesthetic.  

(Above): 1-Mother & Child: My Little Star Bead Bracelet, 2-My Constellation: Gemini Star Sign Necklace, 3-Wellbeing & Health: Fern Necklace 4-Wealth & Prosperity: Ancient Coin Charm Necklace. 

The goods: Prosperity & Success: Silver Prosperity Coin Necklace With Bead Chain, New Beginnings Tiny Acorn Necklace in Rose Gold, Prosperity & Success Prosperity Dreamcatcher Necklace in Gold-Muru Jewellery-c/o. Shop the brand here.

What do you think of Muru Jewellery?

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  1. Not my style but I bet plenty will like this style