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When I was a wee child, I would often ask my grandmother, “why are you using that specific pan for this, or why are you using those pots for that?” when she was cooking. I wanted to know everything and the reason why. Her answer was simple, “learn to be versatile with one pan and then you can graduate to others.” Sounds like a plan, right?  

Well, since then, I have been on a mission to be the queen of versatility. I have consistently thought about function and design when it comes to cookware because it matters to me. Fortunately, Mepra does a brilliant job at blending the two. 

I am featuring cutlery from the Titanium Collection; the Linea (rainbow) flatware is a range from the collection by Mepra, inspired by architect and designer, Angelo Mangiarotti. It’s as bold as it is gorgeous with a nod to minimalism in sleekness and designed to make a statement on a luxurious table. These pieces are definitely aesthetically more artful and modern so art enthusiasts will be content and appreciative of the conceptual design. 

One very favourable element about this Titanium Collection is that the colour is actually applied with a PVD coating that is entirely 100% dishwasher safe. With that being said, you actually could use these on a more frequent basis, if preferred. These are completely date night worthy as well. Round up your best table pieces, and candles then set the table like a pro with this range of flatware. 

The Attiva Collection does not disappoint and includes a minimalist range of pots and pans designed for high-performance. These pans don't only come with splendour but they have practicality. With a process that prevents oxidisation, corroding and staining, the metal goes through a titanium-based molecular embedding process. 

Performance + Benefits: 
Made with 18/10 Stainless Steel, the high conductivity of pure aluminium is blended with the viability and hygiene of steel. This is agreeable for any cook because unlike some pans, with this element specification, there is little alteration with your cooked food. You have better control of cooking temperature, and the heat is distributed evenly over the pot surface. The handles are strengthened and fixed with 18/10 Stainless Steel rivets and come with induction steel outside.  

Perhaps, you’re thinking these are not for weeknight meal or everyday dinners, however, they are certain pieces to cherish and enjoy with dear friends and family. Premium cookware deserves a good cosy luxe meal. I prepared a dish of squid ink pasta and Icelandic cod with farm-grown vegetables—filled with quite a bit of drama all on its own—it’s an unctuous and hearty one-pot pasta dish. Although it was unruffling to prepare, it’s essentially complexity served in a gilded tinge of elegance. 

The modern Italian design marries both exceptional simplicity and function in refined cookware. It’s a line of products suitable for any cook's kitchenfor both the chef or home cook. "Almost too pretty to use" does not apply. Remember, good cookware is an investment and created to actually be used. 

Usage + Versatile Details: 
Look for rims with a smooth and clean edge, and even better when aluminium is in the core of the pan but also along the sides of the pan. That lets you know that you have good quality cookware. The Attiva Collection has just that. 

This frying pan will function in many ways in my kitchen because I know how to use it. Not only will it moonlight as a holder of seafood-laden casseroles, and succulent white truffle pasta but it rightfully earns the honour as being a well-respected presentational centrepiece for said meals at my table ... and so much more.  

Now that you know either collection are quite practical in design and function you can choose wisely according to your needs, as I mentioned earlier. 
If you’re looking for a statement piece as well as an investment in quality cookware, here’s a thing of beauty, to put it mildly. You will make heaps of memories around the table with any of the pieces from this collection. 

 (Above) Delicious dark chocolate and blood orange tea cake.
The goodsMepra Titanium Collection in Linea, Attiva Gold Cookware-Frying Pan w/2 Handles in Oro (Gold)-Provided by The Luxury Art Mepra, Chargers-(Buy it), Earthenware-(Buy Similar), Charcoal dinnerplates-Buy it), Homeware-Beija Flor World-c/o. 

What do you think of the Titanium and Attiva collection?

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